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On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Toys R Us

Toys R Us Logo Small

We are starting to suspect that these toy sales are just going to keep coming right up until Christmas eve. Toys R Us are just about to kick off another sale with selected sets reduced.

This sale runs from tomorrow (26th November 2014) through until Tuesday 2nd December.

You can view the catalogue here, and check out the offers below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
10659Vehicle Suitcase$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
10660House Suitcase$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
10675Police - The Big Escape$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
10672Batman: Defend The Batcave$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
60061Airport Fire Truck$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
60060Auto Transporter$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
70727X-1 Ninja Charger$47.99$59.99$12.0020%
70728Battle For Ninjago City$135.99$169.99$34.0020%
10226Sopwith Camel (VIP Price)$99.99$129.99$30.0023%
10220VW T1 Camper Van (VIP Price)$149.99$169.99$20.0012%
42007Moto Cross Bike$29.99$39.99$10.0025%
42022Hot Rod$29.99$39.99$10.0025%
42025Cargo Plane$179.99$199.99$20.0010%

As well as the offers list above they also have Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price on the LEGO Mixels range

Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price Mixels

There are also discounts of 20-30% on selected LEGO Storage products.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W


This sale from Big W may seem a little underwhelming in terms of sets included, but there are some good discounts on the few sets that listed.

This sale runs from Thursday 20th November 2014 through until Wednesday 3rd December.

You can check out the catalogue here and view a list of the sets on offer below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
75051Jedi Scout Fighter$78.00$99.99$21.9922%
75055Imperial Star Destroyer$148.00$199.99$51.9926%
70165Mission Headquarters$94.00$139.99$45.9933%
70162Infearno Interception$28.00$39.99$11.9930%
70161Tremor Track Infiltration$19.00$29.99$10.9937%

On Sale: 25% Off With Toys R Us Family & Friends Sale

Will our poor wallets ever make it to Christmas? That’s right, there is another sale on. These non-stop sales are starting to completely eclipse the mid-year toy sales we had.

The latest offer is a Family & Friends coupon from Toys R Us, offering 25% off full priced items. You will have to get in quick to take advantage of this offer, as it is available for four days only; Thursday 20th November 2014 through until Sunday 23rd. The offer is available online and in-store.

Click on the image below to view the voucher in full



Via Toys R Us on Facebook

On Sale: 20% Off City & Friends At David Jones, Today Only

David Jones LOGO

It seems that one-day sales are the latest attempt to get us to part with our money before Christmas. Unfortunately this latest offer from David Jones is pretty lacklustre.

Today (18th November 2014) only David Jones are offering 20% off LEGO City and Friends sets.

Considering that Target has 20% off all LEGO, I doubt there will be many fans specifically making the trip to David Jones. If the sale included some of the rarer sets, like the modular buildings, it would certainly be more interesting.

You can view the offer here

On Sale: Buy 2 Get 1 Free At Myer This Tuesday

Myer logo

Myer are having a 12 hour Christmas event tomorrow (Tuesday 18th November 2014) from 9am to 9pm.

As part of this event they are offering your 3RD TOY FREE when you buy 2 TOYS

If you are buying three identically priced items that is a fantastic 33% saving.

You can view the flyer here (PDF link)

On Sale: 20% Off LEGO At Target

Target Logo 2014

Surprise, another LEGO sale! We’re not sure how much more our current sales page can handle.

The latest offer is from Target, and while it is fairly standard it is also better than some of the recent selected set or selected theme sales.

From today (13th November 2014) until Wednesday 26th November Target are offering 20% off all LEGO.

You can check out the catalogue here.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced To $15 At Big W


The pre-Christmas sale bonanza just keeps on going. In their latest catalogue Big W are offering a range of sets reduced to just $15.

This sale runs from today (13th November 2014) until Wednesday 19th November.

There are no regular prices listed for all of these sets, so we have looked up the Australian RRP for each. Most have a $5 discount, while some are $8 off.

You can check out the sets below, or view the catalogue here.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
60042Police Chase$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
60033Arctic Crawler$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
60019Stunt Plane$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
31020Twin Blades$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
31005Construction Hauler$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
76010Batman: The Penguin Face off$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
76014Spider-Trike vs Electro$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
75035Kashyyk Troopers$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
75034Star Troopers$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
75036Utupau Troopers$15.00$22.99$7.9935%

On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us

A Christmas gets closer the sales just keep coming.

Even though their previous sale is still running Toys R Us are kicking off a new offer; Buy one, get one half price. This offer runs from today (12th November 2014) until Monday 24th November and applies to selected themes only.

Toys R Us November B1G1 Half Price

For those who can’t see the image above the included themes are City, Creator, Juniors, Duplo, Star Wars, DC Comics Super Heroes, Friends and Disney Princess.

We aren’t sure how this offer combines with the existing sale; there is nothing in the terms and conditions that says it applies to full priced items only. We have sent a message to Toys R Us requesting clarification.

You can check out the catalogue here

On Sale: Buy 2 Get 1 Free At Myer Tomorrow Only

Myer November Third Item Free

Myer are having a Super Saturday sale tomorrow (8th November 2014 only) to help celebrate the launch of their Christmas Giftorium.

We’re not sure exactly what a Giftorium is, but we do know that they are offering LEGO fans a great deal;  3RD TOY FREE when you buy 2 TOYS

If you are buying three identically priced items that is a fantastic 33% saving.

You can view the flyer here (PDF link)

Pre-Christmas Sale Comparison [Updated]

In case you hadn’t previously noticed, there are a lot of sales on at the moment. This time around each retailer is offering slightly different sets in their sale, but with so many sales on it is inevitable that some sets may appear more than once.

At Bricking Around we love it when a set appears in more than one catalogue, because it means we can do price comparisons. We have pulled all of the sale data into one big spreadsheet and narrowed it down to the sets that appear more than once.

UPDATE: Big W have kicked off a new part of their sale with more sets included. We have updated the comparison to include those sets.

Be sure to check our Current Sales page, as different sales run for different periods.

Set #
Set Name
Discount %
31023Yellow RacersBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
31023Yellow RacersMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
31023Yellow RacersToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
31024Roaring PowerBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
31024Roaring PowerMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
31024Roaring PowerToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
41035Heartlake Juice BarKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
41035Juice BarBig W$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41037Stephanie's Beach HouseMyer$49.95$59.99$10.0317%
41037Stephanie's Beach HouseBig W$54.00$59.99$5.9910%
41040Friends Advent CalendarMyer$39.95$49.99$10.0320%
41040Friends Advent CalendarToys R Us$39.99$49.99$10.0020%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallKmart$129.00$159.99$30.9919%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallToys R Us$129.99$159.99$30.0019%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallBig W$148.00$159.99$11.997%
42028BulldozerBig W$48.00$69.99$21.9931%
42028Technic BulldozerKmart$55.00$69.98$14.9821%
42029Pickup TruckBig W$98.00$139.99$41.9930%
42029Customised Pickup TruckKmart$99.00$139.99$40.9929%
42029Customised Pickup TruckToys R Us$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
60058SUV With WatercraftBig W$20.00$29.99$9.9833%
60058SUV With WatercraftMyer$24.95$29.99$5.0417%
60060Auto TransporterKmart$25.00$39.99$14.9937%
60060Auto TransporterBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60060Auto TransporterMyer$29.95$39.99$10.4025%
60061Airport Fire TruckKmart$25.00$39.99$14.9937%
60061Airport Fire TruckBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60063City Advent CalendarMyer$39.95$49.99$10.0320%
60063City Advent CalendarBig W$48.00$49.99$1.994%
70162Infearno InterceptionBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
70162Infearno InterceptionMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
70165Mission HQMyer$109.00$139.99$30.9922%
70165Mission HQToys R Us$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
75038Jedi InterceptorKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75038Jedi InterceptorToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75039V-Wing StarfighterKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75039V-Wing StarfighterToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75040General Grevious' Wheel BikeKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75040General Grievous' Wheel BikeToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75041Vulture DroidKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75041Vulture DroidToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%

We hope that this table helps everybody get the best price for the LEGO they are after.