On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

eBay 200

It’s back – the classic eBay 10% off.

This is a pretty standard offer from eBay: $120 minimum spend,  maximum discount of $200 per transaction, maximum of 4 transactions.

Enter the code PLOT10 at checkout for your discount.

The end date is as usual “when we decide to end it”.

View the eBay LEGO portal here.

On Sale: 20% Off At Target

Target 200x200

It feels like far too long since we’ve had a 20% offer from Target, but with Easter and school holidays here it’s a perfect time for a sale.

From today (April 4th) until April 28th you can get 20% off all LEGO.

This offer is online and in-store.

You can view Target’s online range here.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer


Myer are switching things up by opting for a Wednesday deal rather than doing another Super Saturday offer.

They are doing 20% off most LEGO from today (April 3rd) until Sunday April 7th.

The usual exclusions do apply: Creator Expert, Ideas, Harry Potter, Wizarding World, and Lego Movie 2.

You can find the Myer LEGO range here.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up

On Sale: 15% Off Selected LEGO At eBay

eBay 200

eBay have a new code specifically for LEGO. Unfortunately it’s not everything but the range is quite extensive and should include something across most themes.

As always with eBay codes be careful that the seller hasn’t jacked up the price before the discount.

To get your discount you’ll need to use the code PBRICK15 at checkout. There is no minimum spend but the maximum discount is $200 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions.

The offer ends April 7th.

View the included items here.

Sydney Brick Show Is On This Weekend

The Sydney Brick Show is returning this weekend (April 6th & 7th) for it’s 8th consecutive year. This year’s show will take place at Penrith Panthers Exhibition Marquee (123 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW 2750). The Sydney Brick Show is a community event created by volunteer LEGO fans for LEGO fans of all ages, show casing unique creations from over 100 Australian and New Zealand AFOLs.

Sydney Brick Show 2014

The Sydney Brick Show is a not-for-profit event, presented in support of NADO (Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation). Since 2012 The Sydney Brick Show has raised over $110,000 for 5 charities. The 2018 event raised over $22,000 for NADO, and they hope to surpass this amount in 2019.

The show will feature displays including City, Star Wars, Trains, Superheroes, Pirates, Castle, Technic, Friends and many more. You will also be able to chat to the creators of the MOCs about their impressive work. Those looking to get hands on will enjoy the huge LEGO and DUPLO play areas, brick graffiti wall and LEGO RC cars.

There will also be a range of retailers selling newly-released sets, collectable minifigures, hard-to-find items, parts packs, jewellery, clothing, engraved bricks and vintage sets.

Tickets to the event are $20.15 for adults or $15.05 for kids (4-16 years). Kids under 3 are free. There is also a family ticket (2 Adults, 2 kids) for $64.10. You can grab your tickets from Ticketek.

April’s New Sets & Promotions

This April there are quite a few exciting new product launches.

Star Wars fans will be excited to see the release of the 20th anniversary sets, as well as a few others. With Endgame hitting cinema this month we’ve also got the new Avengers sets released. Last but not least is the release of Steamboat Willie. Interestingly all of these sets are actually Disney sets.

I’ve done a quick look around at pricing for these sets, but if you are interest in the current promotions then you’ll need to go for the LEGO Online option. At the time of publication I can’t find any of these sets on the Big W website. The Amazon pricing is also likely to change.

New Sets

Set #
75243Slave l 20th Anniversary EditionStar Wars$189.99$169.99$149.00$189.00
75240Major Vonreg's TIE FighterStar Wars$109.99
75241Action Battle Echo Base DefenseStar Wars$99.99$99.99$79.00$99.00
75242Black Ace TIE InterceptorStar Wars$89.99
75259Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary EditionStar Wars$59.99$49.00$49.00$59.00
75261Clone Scout Walker 20th Anniversary EditionStar Wars$49.99
75238Action Battle Endor AssaultStar Wars$44.99$44.99$39.00$44.00
75239Action Battle Hoth Generator AttackStar Wars$44.99$44.99$39.00$44.00
75258Anakin's Podracer 20th Anniversary EditionStar Wars$44.99$39.00$39.00$44.00
75262Imperial Dropship 20th Anniversary EditionStar Wars$34.99
75236Duel on Starkiller BaseStar Wars$29.99$29.99$25.00$28.00
76131Avengers Compound BattleMarvel Super Heroes$169.99$149.99$139.00
76126Avengers Ultimate QuinjetMarvel Super Heroes$139.99$119.99$119.00
76125Iron Man Hall of ArmorMarvel Super Heroes$89.99$77.50$89.00
76124War Machine BusterMarvel Super Heroes$49.99$49.99$49.00
76123Captain America: Outriders AttackMarvel Super Heroes$39.99$39.99$39.00
21317Steamboat WillieIdeas$129.99

LEGO Online Promotions

Free Chicken Skater Pod with purchases over $60


Free Kessel Mine Worker with Star Wars purchases over $80


You can find the details of both promotions here.

Coles To Roll Out In-Store LEGO Zones – Including Pick-a-brick

If you are regular user of Flybuys you may have spotted an interesting offer recently – 700 bonus points when you purchase The LEGO Movie 2 sets. It seemed like a weird offer from Coles because they aren’t known as a LEGO retailer. Well the news that I received over the weekend helps explain the promotion.

UPDATE: Sorry everybody! Unfortunately this is an April Fool’s Day post. It would be great if it was true though. I’ve had to pull the plug on this a little early because apparently Coles has been getting calls about this.


Coles is going to be rolling out special LEGO Zones nationwide. The LEGO Zones will form a small section of the store and offer a limited selection of LEGO products and most interestingly a Pick-a-brick experience.

Unfortunately this is not every store. The LEGO Zones will be taking the place of Coles Mix clothing sections (which is going online only). You can see a list of stores that currently stock the Mix range here.

The LEGO Zones won’t be opening until the second half of 2019 so there are still plenty of details we don’t know, such as pricing or selection for the PaB offering.

Here’s what Coles had to say about the plans:

The success of our Coles Little Shop™ and Coles Fresh Stikeez™ promotions has shown us that families are always looking for ways to add a sense of fun to their grocery shopping trips. This new partnership with The LEGO Group will give LEGO™ fans young and old a chance to purchase a great range of sets in-store. The in-store pick-a-brick experience is sure to be another popular addition.

Stores have started stocking an improved range of LEGO™ sets now with the new LEGO Zones to roll out in the second half of 2019. We can’t wait to share more details with our customers soon.

For those of you already looking for some LEGO™ fun we are currently offering a great flybuys promotion on The LEGO Movie 2 sets, with 700 bonus points available.

- Rebecca Leeds, Coles In-Store Experience Manager


More information can be found here https://www.coles.com.au/about-coles/news

On Sale: 25% Off Selected Themes At Myer

Myer Super Weekend March 2015

Myer are back with another Super Weekend.

On offer is a better than usual 25% off. Unfortunately the higher discount also comes with a wider range of exclusions.

The 25% off sale only covers City, Duplo, Friends, Ninjago, Juniors, Jurassic World, Creator, Classic, Super Heroes, Disney Princess and Minecraft.

As this is a Super Weekend offer it will start in-store tomorrow (March 30th). Ends Sunday.

You can find the included sets here.

On Sale: 30% Off At Shopforme

Melbourne based LEGO retailer Shopforme have just sent out details of their latest daily blitz, and it’s a doozy.

Until 11am AEDT tomorrow they are offering 30% off all LEGO.


You can find all the details here.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up.

The Bulbous & The Beautiful – Reviewing The Systar Starship


What would you say if I told you that my top pick for spaceship of the year was a spunky little ball from the Systar System? I almost don’t believe it myself.

While local factories have been closing across the sector the Systar shipbuilders have started to gain ground as more pilots seek out ships that are fun without sacrificing any performance. While the traditionalists are still clamouring for the latest yellow windscreened cruiser, this ship is innovating in some really exciting ways. Look beyond the heart shaped accents and you’ll find something really interesting.


With its bold curves this ship is not going to appeal to everybody – I admit it does kind of look like an onion. The overall shape is very bulbous and a big departure from the sleek designs of other companies. I found that the reduced aerodynamics did have an impact on takeoff times when you are launching within an atmosphere, but once you are in open space the shape makes very little difference.