Possible Leaked Details Of 71016 Kwik-E-Mart

We just spotted this image on Facebook, and asked if we could share this with our readers.

Update: We have changed the title of this article to more accurately reflect the details of the leak. See this post for further clarification.

Kwik E Mart

This is a preliminary image, which can be different from the final production model. UPDATE: The image appears to come from a LEGO Ideas submission, and is likely just a placeholder.

As for the price – this does seem quite high based on the picture we can see here, however this could be the New Zealand price. As an example 75060 Slave I is $349.99 in New Zealand and only $299.99 in Australia.
UPDATE: According to a Toys R Us employee, this set is listed in their system at $329.99.

As more information becomes available about this set we will be sure to post it.

Thanks to Mark H for allowing us to share this image.

2015 City Sets In Stock And Reduced At Shopforme

60072 Small

A selection of new 2015 City sets are now available at Australian LEGO retailer Shopforme, and they are all 20% off.

We suspect this is a limited offer, so if you want to get some of the latest City sets at a good price you may want to get in quickly.

Via Shopforme.com.au

Will The LEGO Movie 2 Be About The Dark Ages?


Empire Magazine in the US have done a large spread on The LEGO Movie, including an interview with the directors of the first film Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The full article isn’t accessible online but there is a snippet of the interview; and it may give us a huge hint about the plot of the sequel.

Warning: There are spoilers for the first movie past this point

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W


It seems that most of the retailers are turning their attentions to “Back To School” and as a result the LEGO sales are hard to come by.

Hopefully these offers from Big W are the first of many for 2015.

This sale runs from Thursday 8th January 2015 until Wednesday 14th January.

You can view the catalogue with these offers here, or check out the specific offers below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
70162Infearno Interception$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
42022Hot Rod$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
31024Roaring Power$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75038Jedi Interceptor$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60034Arctic Helicrane$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60060Auto Transporter$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60042High Speed Police Chase$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
60033Arctic Ice Crawler$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
70161Tremor Track Infiltration$23.00$29.99$6.9923%
75037Battle On Saleucami$23.00$29.99$6.9923%

Sydney Opera House And Fairground Mixer On Sale At David Jones

We have just learnt that two of the larger sets stocked at David Jones have both been reduced. This doesn’t seem to be a widespread sale; according to the website there are only two items reduced.

10234 Sydney Opera House
10234 Small
RRP: $399.99
Sale Price: $299.99
Saving: $100.00, 25%
Available in store and online.

10244 Fairground Mixer
Fairground Mixer 10244
RRP: $199.99
Sale Price: $149.00
Saving: $50.00, 25%
Available in store only.

Thanks to Brad C for letting us know about these offers.

On Sale: $10 Off For Every $50 Spent At Myer

Myer Logo Small

We can’t find the details of this particular offer online ourselves, but the information comes from long time Bricking Around supporter Brad.

From now (2nd January 2015) through until Sunday 4th January Myer are offering $10 off for every $50 spent.

At first glance this may seem like a 20% off sale, but it does have one major difference; this is $10 off for every $50, so if you spend $80 you will still only save $10. To make the most of this deal you really need to spend as close as possible to multiples of $50.

The offer is available online and should automatically apply at checkout.

The Most Anticipated New Sets Finally Available

After a series of wide-spread problems with the official online LEGO store, three of the most highly anticipated new sets for 2015 are finally available.

Here are the links for those that are still experiencing problems.

21301 Birds
Price $69.99
21301 Small

75060 Slave I
Price $299.99
75060 Small

10246 Detective’s Office
Price $229.99
10246 Small

January Offer Now Available

Just as we predicted, a new offer is now available from the Australian online LEGO store.

Orders over $100 will receive 40140 Flower Cart.


This set is actually related to the Detective’s Office modular that should be available soon. The story with the Detective is the clandestine distribution of baked goods, and this flower cart is hiding a secret shipment of sweet treats.

Click on the image above to view the promotion details.

Welcome To 2015

Happy New Year from Bricking Around. We hope that everybody had a great night last night, and aren’t too sleepy today.


2015 looks like another great year for LEGO, but we wanted to take a moment and reflect on 2014.

Here are some interesting facts and figures about 2014…

Bricking Around was viewed about 210,000 times in 2014
That figure is just amazing. We are humbled that so many people come here for LEGO news. Hopefully it was worth the visit.

The busiest day of the year was September 17th with 2,237 views.
Usually the mid-year toy sales dominate the views, but this year we had a batch of sales in September that took everybody by surprise. The most popular article was was All The September Deals Compared. where we compared the sales.

The Simpsons House was a surprise hit.
Our most viewed article for 2014 was 71006 The Simpsons House Priced For Australia with over 4500 views in 2014.

Bricking Around was viewed by people in 141 countries.
While Bricking Around is an Australian website, that didn’t stop other people from around the world stopping by. Greetings to all our international readers!

Top commenters
This site would be nothing if not for the fantastic community of readers who contribute so much. Here are our top commenters of 2014:

  • Jules – 39 COMMENTS
  • Niki – 29 COMMENTS
  • Ashley – 21 COMMENTS
  • Glen – 17 COMMENTS
  • Brad – 15 COMMENTS

Here’s to a great 2015!

Bricks At The Bay 2015 This Weekend

It’s unlikely that there is a better way to kick off a new year than with LEGO and our readers in the Hunter region of New South Wales have an event that will let them do just that.

This weekend (January 3rd – 5th 2015) Rainbow Bricks LUG are holding the 5th annual Bricks At The Bay LEGO event.

Bricks At The Bay

The event will be held at the Tomaree Education Centre from 9am – 4pm each day. Tickets are just $10 per family.

There will be a Free Play Area for the kids to build after being inspired to build.

More information can be found on Facebook and the Bricks At The Bay website or via the event page below.