On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W


As we get closer to Christmas the quality of the sales seems to be dropping slightly. This sale from Big W has some very minor discounts; some sets are listed at their regular price.

This sale runs from today (Thursday 11th December 2014) until Wednesday 24th December.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view the items included below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
76010The Penguin Face Off$19.00$19.99$.995%
76014Spider-Trike VS Electro$19.00$19.99$.995%
60042High Speed Police Chase$19.00$19.99$.995%
60019Stunt Plane$19.00$19.99$.995%
60033Arctic Ice Crawler$19.00$19.99$.995%
31005Construction Hauler$19.00$22.99$3.9917%
31020Twin Blade Adventures$19.00$22.99$3.9917%
75034Death Star Troopers$19.00$22.99$3.9917%
75035Kashyyyk Troopers$19.00$22.99$3.9917%
75036Utapau Troopers$19.00$22.99$3.9917%
60060Auto Transporter$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
60061Airport Fire Truck$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
60034Arctic Helicrane$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
60050Train Station$75.00$79.99$4.996%
60051High Speed Passenger Train$198.00$229.99$31.9914%
70135Cragger's Fire Striker$48.00$59.99$11.9920%

Toys R Us VIP Night – Get 10% Off Storewide

If you are a Toys R Us VIP it may be worth heading out to your local store tonight – they are offering an extra 10% off storewide for one night only.

The event is tonight only (Tuesday 9th December 2014) from 6pm to 9pm.

Toys R Us VIP Night December 2014You will need to have your VIP Club card and a copy of the voucher in order to take advantage of the offer.

Via http://www.toysrus.com.au/i9622670

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

Toys R Us Logo Small

Like clockwork we have a new sale getting started just as another comes to a close. Unfortunately this one isn’t really that exciting, but there may be something of interest.

From tomorrow (Wednesday 10th December 2014) until Wednesday 24th December you will be able to get 20% – 30% off a limited range of products at Toys R Us.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view the included offers below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
31023Yellow Racers$31.99$39.99$820%
75048The Phantom$31.99$39.99$820%
31022Turbo Quad$23.99$29.99$620%
70142Eris' Fire Eagle Flyer$39.99$49.99$1020%
70143Sir Fangar’s Saber-tooth Walker$47.99$59.99$1220%
70144Laval's Fire Lion$55.99$69.99$1420%
75035Kashyyyk Troopers$17.99$22.99$522%
75034Death Star Troopers$17.99$22.99$522%
75041Vulture Droid$29.99$39.99$1025%
75039V-Wing Starfighter$29.99$39.99$1025%
41034Summer Caravan$31.99$39.99$820%
41050Ariel’s Amazing Treasures$15.99$19.99$420%
-The LEGO Movie Storage Brick$34.99$49.99$1530%
-Star Wars Microfighters (2 for $25)$25.00$31.98$6.9822%

Win A Trip To LEGOLAND Malaysia With Lifestyle Channel

To celebrate this Christmas season the Lifestlye Channel on Foxtel are giving away a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Merry Memories

All you have to do to enter is upload a photo of your favourite Christmas memory. The major prize is a trip for 4 people including return airfares, 6 nights accommodation plus $2,000 spending money. There are also weekly $1000 Myer Gift Cards to be won.


Your humble Bricking Around editor would love to head to LEGOLAND. If you don’t want to enter the competition yourself you can still win a $1000 Myer Gift Card by voting for my personal entry.

For those that want to vote, head to this link and vote for M. Dolley

Wouldn’t it be great to see a Bricking Around review of our nearest LEGOLAND?

Via http://www.lifestyle.com.au/merrymemories/

On Sale: 20% Off LEGO At David Jones

David Jones LOGO

David Jones have decided to join in the Christmas spirit and are offering 20% Off LEGO for 4 days only.

This sale runs from today (4th December 2014) until Sunday 7th December and is available online and in-store.

David Jones is currently the only retail store selling the Fairground Mixer set, so this may be your last chance to get it on sale before Christmas.

You can view their LEGO range online here

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Kmart

Kmart LOGO

Another “selected sets” sale kicks off today for Kmart and while it may not have a huge range there is one set that stands out; 70816 Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!!! for just $109.

Benny’s Spaceship is one of our favourite sets of 2014 and we suspect that the stock will move pretty quickly at that price.

This sale runs from today (4th December 2014) through until Wednesday 10th December.

You can check out the catalogue here, and view the offers included below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
41034Summer Caravan$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
41039Sunshine Ranch$89.00$99.99$10.9911%
70816Benny's Spaceship$109.00$149.99$40.9927%
70806Castle Cavalry$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
70811Flying Flusher$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60042High Speed Police Chase$19.00$19.99$.995%
60033Arctic Ice Crawler$19.00$19.99$.995%
31023Yellow Racers$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
31024Roaring Power$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
60047Police Station$119.00$149.99$30.9921%

On Sale: Selected City Sets Reduced At Big W


This one is a somewhat limited sale, but there may still be something of interest to LEGO fans.

From today (4th December 2014) through until Wednesday 10th December you will be able to get discounts on selected LEGO City sets.

The biggest item listed is the 60052 Cargo Train for $275. Alternatively you could buy this set from Amazon in the UK for around $205 AU.

You can view the catalogue here, and check out the discounts below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
60056Tow Truck$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60043Prisoner Transporter$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60059Logging Truck$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60058SUV With Watercraft$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60057Camper Van$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60062Arctic Ice Breaker$128.00$149.99$21.9915%
60052Cargo Train$275.00$299.99$24.998%

Note: Amazon price based on using Amazon exchange rate as on 4th December 2014. Based on shipping to our Brisbane address

On Sale: 20% Off Toys At Target

Target 20 Percent Off December 2014

Don’t be fooled by the front page of the latest Target catalogue – it may be labelled as a fashion sale but it also contains a great surprise for LEGO fans; 20% off all toys.

This sale runs from today (4th December 2014) through until Wednesday 10th December.

You can check out the catalogue here

Official Australian Price For 10246 Detective’s Office


The latest modular building – 10246 Detective’s Office – is now listed on the Australian online LEGO store and that means we have an official Australian price.

Adding a detective to your modular street will set you back $229.99.

The Australian price is actually a bit of a pleasant surprise; based on the current state of the Australian dollar that is just a 9% markup.

For those planning to get this set day one, it will be available January 1st.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Detective-s-Office-10246

On Sale: Second Set Half Price At Myer

Myer December 2014 B1G1 Half Price

While doing our regular check of retailers we spotted this 5 day offer on the Myer website.

From today (3rd December 2014) until Sunday 7th December you will be able to receive 50% off your second item.

This works out to a decent 25% off you are buying two identically priced items. As usual with this type of sale the discount will be applied to the lower priced item.

The website does not indicate if this is in-store only. We added two items to our cart on the Myer website and the discount was not applied, but it may just not be activated yet.

You can check out the offer here (PDF link)