Is It Time For Retailers To Limit Quantities During Sales?

In case you didn’t know already the Myer 2015 Toy Sale has kicked off today. It looks like a pretty decent sale, with 20% off all LEGO and a few items with a slightly better percentage discount. The flagship sets are the new Detective’s Office modular building, and the Myer exclusive UCS Slave I. The Myer sale officially runs from June 10th to July 12th 2015, though if you were planning on picking up one of those flagship sets you may already be out of luck. Stock is disappearing fast, and it’s a phenomenon not exclusive to the Myer sale.

Recently LEGO has been more popular than ever. This may still be an after effect from the LEGO Movie, or may just be a general increase in popularity. Regardless of the source – the increased popularity means that there are more people out in the shops looking to save money on LEGO.

“What’s the problem?” you may be thinking. Surely a large company like LEGO can easily meet demand for their products. They’re one of (if not the) largest toy companies in the world. Unfortunately the delicate balance between supply and demand is easily messed with.

Myer Slave I Superfan Cropped

2015 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Myer

2015 Toy Sale Logo Myer

Myer don’t seem to be a fan of making catalogues available too far in advance. Their 2015 toy sales kicks off tomorrow, and we have only just seen a catalogue (thanks to Leslie for sending the link).

There is an old Myer sale favourite returning (10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van) and a new UCS Star Wars exclusive to hunt down (75060 Slave I). Overall their sale seems to cover a good range of themes. Hopefully there will be something there for everybody.


Sales Period

This sale runs from Wednesday June 10th 2015 until Sunday July 12th.


This year Myer will be offering the following;

  • 20% off all LEGO
  • 20% off all Duplo

There are a range of sets included in the catalogue. We’ll update the post with a table of those sets later today.

Statement On Recently Deleted Post

Some people may have noted that an article we posted online last week mysteriously disappeared on Thursday night.

Without going in to too much detail of the post in question – it related to an upcoming sale and featured pages of an unreleased catalogue.

As any Bricking Around reader will know, the mid-year toy sales are one of the busiest times of the year. With most major retailers dropping prices Bricking Around is committed to making sure LEGO fans know all there is to know about the sales.

Every year during the sales period we spend hours going through every catalogue and compiling comprehensive lists that can be sorted and compared. We are quite proud of our mid-year toy sale coverage. It was one of the first things that Bricking Around did when launched in June 2013.

It is this commitment to saving our readers money that lead to the recent situation. Bricking Around was anonymously sent some scans of the LEGO section of a catalogue and, as we would have done with any other catalogue, we compiled a list of sets on sale. We did not stop to consider what might happen from sharing this information ahead of the official release of that catalogue.We just like posting about sales.

The day after the post went live we received contact from lawyers requesting that the post in question be removed. After extensive consultation with our crack legal team (pictured below) we decided that it would be best to comply with the request and remove the post.

Bricking Around Legal Team

Yes, Bricking Around does have ads on the site, but that revenue barely covers the annual hosting charges. We don’t have the resources to take on one of Australia’s largest retail companies.

So what does this mean for the future? We don’t hold grudges; our coverage of the retailer in question won’t change so our 2015 toy sales coverage will go ahead as it should. Once the catalogues are released online we plan to share that information.

We have seen a few posts online with the same content that we posted, from other sources. Even though the information is now readily out there, to avoid escalating the issue we won’t be posting that catalogue until it is released online. Hopefully that will be soon.

Finally to clear up any rumours (I haven’t actually heard any of these, but you can’t be too safe);

  • We didn’t remove the post to cover up a fake.
  • This was not a viral marketing campaign to drum up interest in the sale.
  • Yes I still intend on using “Friends & Family” vouchers from the retailer in the future. They probably won’t check if we’re actually friends.

Reminder: Townsville Brick Event This Weekend

If you happen to find yourself in the northern part of Queensland this long weekend, don’t forget to check out the Townsville Brick Event.


The Townsville Brick Event will be the biggest event of its kind held so far in Townsville and will feature over 25 different exhibits all made from LEGO bricks. Themes on display encompass Space and Star Wars, City (with working trains), Ships, Robotics, Dinosaurs, Wild West, Duplo City, operating Technic vehicles and much much more. Build and play tables will also be popular with children and the adults of all ages and Lego retail outlets will offer fans all the latest in LEGO® products, games, merchandise and jewellery creations.

You can find out more about the event via the event page below, or via Facebook

On Sale: Outer Rim Trading Co Drops Prices On A Range Of Sets

Outer Rim Trading Co

The mid-year toy sale period can be tough on small LEGO retailers, but one Brisbane based retailer has decided to take on the big retailers by dropping prices on a range of sets.

Brisbane based online retailer Outer Rim Trading Co sent out an email to their subscribers informing them of the price reductions. Here is what Michael from the store had to say in the email;

June is here, and it’s the season of big LEGO savings! We’ve scoured the market so you don’t have to, and have matched or beaten all currently advertised LEGO sales from the major retailers on items that we currently range. Some items are even price matched BEFORE their sale even starts!

Sale products are located throughout our entire range of products. Stocks are limited, and purchasing limits may apply.

As mentioned – the savings are spread throughout the store, so we don’t have a full listing. It might be worth doing some browsing around.


Thanks to Brad for letting us know about this news.


Official Details Of 21302 The Big Bang Theory

After getting a sneak peak of the minifigures yesterday, the LEGO Ideas blog has released the official details of 21302 The Big Bang Theory.

The set features all 7 of the main cast in minifigure form, and a fantastic recreation of Leonard & Sheldon’s living room. This set looks packed with detail and a great display piece for the Big Bang Theory fan.

21302 Set Large

The set contains 479 pieces and will be available starting August 1 for a recommended retail price of $59.99 US. No word on Australian RRP at this stage.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced To Clear At Big W

BigW 200x200

This one is just a few sets, but the prices certainly make this worthy of a post.

This sale runs from tomorrow (Thursday June 4th 2015) until Wednesday June 17th 2015.

Here are the sets on sale:

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
75048The Phantom$17.50$39.99$22.4956%
75037Battle on Saleucami$14$29.99$15.9953%
70164Hurricane Heist$34$89.99$55.9962%

You can check out the catalogue here.

Book Review: LEGO Friends – The Adventure Guide

LEGO Friends Adventure Guide Cover

RRP $24.99
Available at most retailers

I am going to start this review with a confession – I know very little about LEGO Friends. I am a 29 year old man with no children. Currently the only children I spend time with are my two nephews who love Ninja Turtles and Superheroes . Of course this site covers LEGO Friends products in our regular sales coverage, and I know about the initial controversy that came with the launch, but beyond that my knowledge is limited.

With that in mind, this review is going to be a little different than one you might read from a hardcore LEGO Friends fan. This book is my introduction to the world of Heartlake City. Will it make me a lifelong Friends fan?

First Look At Big Bang Theory Minifigures

We know that The Big Bang Theory is making it’s way to the world of LEGO thanks to a successful LEGO Ideas submission, but things have been pretty quiet since the original announcement.

Today, LEGO has given us our first look at some of the minifigures from the up-coming set via a Facebook post.

Hopefully the official set details will be released soon, but in the meantime you can check out the LEGO versions of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard and Raj below. The Big Bang Theory can be very polarising – some people love it, while others hate it – but we think they have done a great job of capturing the characters.

Click on any of the images to view a larger version.


On Sale: Various Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

Toys R US Logo 200px

Early June can sometimes be tough on LEGO fans, as retailers hold off for until late June or early July for their big mid-year toy sales. Luckily Toys R Us have decided that there is no need to wait; their new catalogue features a heap of sets on sale, and most at 20% off.

This sale starts today (June 3rd 2015) and runs until Saturday June 20th.

Here is a list of all the sets included in the catalogue.

Take note of the “huge” savings on the Ecto-1 and Raptor Rampage sets (yep, that’s sarcastic). Toys R Us are advertising these as “on sale” and selling them at RRP. We hope that is just an error, and not indication their regular pricing is above RRP.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
60083Snowplough Truck$23.99$29.99$620%
60043Prisoner Transporter$23.99$29.99$620%
60057Camper Van$23.99$29.99$620%
70413The Brick Bounty$111.99$139.99$2820%
70410Soldiers Outpost$23.99$29.99$620%
70411Treasure Island$23.99$29.99$620%
10693Creative Supplement$24.99$29.99$517%
10694Creative Supplement Bright$24.99$29.99$517%
75081T-16 Skyhopper$31.99$39.99$820%
75074SnowspeederAny 2 for $25$15.99
75073Vulture Droid$15.99
75076Republic Gunship$15.99
60075Excavator and Truck$47.99$59.99$1220%
21108Ghostbusters Ecto-1 [VIP Price]$69.99$69.99$00%
75917Raptor Rampage$79.99$79.99$00%
71006The Simpsons House$297.99$329.99$3210%
60047Police Station [VIP Price]$119.99$149.99$3020%
10532My First Police Set$34.99$39.99$513%
6136My First Zoo$34.99$39.99$513%
10618Creative Building Box$34.99$39.99$513%
41074Azari and the Magical Bakery$39.99$44.99$511%
41073Naida's Epic Adventure Ship$39.99$44.99$511%
41075The Elves' Treetop Hideaway [VIP Price]$64.99$79.99$1519%
41072Naida's Spa Secret$24.99$29.99$517%
Simpsons Series 2 Minifigures - Buy 4$15.00$19.96$4.9625%

You can check out the catalogue here.