Watch The Hilarious Out-Takes From The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie may be an animated, but that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t still happen. You know how the saying goes – never work with kids, animals and minifigures.

We have watched the clip and there is only one very minor spoiler in there, but definitely nothing that will spoil the plot of the movie.

On Sale – 20% Off Star Wars And Superheroes At Target

Target 20 Percent Off Star_wars Super_heroes

From this Thursday 13th of February Target is taking 20% off of all their Star Wars and Superheroes LEGO sets.

Some of the new sets are actually featured in the catalogue at prices lower than 20% off.

76011 Man-Bat Attack for $30, save $9
76013 The Joker Steam Roller for $59, save $20
75037 Battle On Saleucami for $23, save $6
75040 General Grievous Wheel Bike for $30, save $9
75038 Jedi Interceptor for $30, save $9

The sale ends on Wednesday 19th February.

You can check out the catalogue here 

Expressions Of Interest – Exclusive AFOL Screening Of The LEGO Movie


At Bricking Around we are extremely excited for the release of The LEGO Movie, and we think this is a great chance for LEGO fans to get together. We are currently considering organising some special adult only screenings of the film in the luxury of Gold Class. We want to know if that is something our readers would be interested in?

Gold Class screenings would cater for 30 – 40 guests, and cost between $40 – $60 per ticket depending on day, time and any food and drink packages. We have created a survey below to get some feedback on the idea.

If the survey above does not load, you can fill it out here

LEGO Takes Over Ad Break In UK

As part of promotion for The LEGO Movie a UK television station has converted an entire ad break’s worth of ads into LEGO. The end result makes us wish for a world where all ads are LEGO; It might make ads a little easier to tolerate.


Almost Everybody Loves The LEGO Movie


The LEGO Movie is officially released in the US tomorrow, and the reviews are starting to come in. According to review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes the film is looking like a hit.

Currently, with 32 Critic reviews recorded there are 31 positive reviews and just a single negative one.

Warning: As Joel points out in the comments the negative review mentioned contains spoilers for the end of the movie. It’s going to be a tough two months folks.

With the official release of the movie there are going to be a lot of reviews coming out. We wish you the best of luck staying spoiler free until the Australian release in April.

The Simpsons House Coming To Local LEGO Retailers

LEGO Simpsons House Full

Have you been holding off getting the Simpsons House set in the hopes of seeing a local Australian release? Well it seems your patience has been rewarded.

Two independent Australian LEGO retailers have confirmed that they will be stocking 71006 The Simpsons House. No official prices have been released yet, but these should be around the standard Australian RRP of $329.99, and possibly even a little cheaper.


Outer Rim Trading Co

First up is Brisbane based retailer Outer Rim Trading Co. who today announced via their Facebook page that they are expecting stock in April/May. They will also be receiving the all 3 LEGO Minecraft sets, the Back to the Future DeLorean and recently released Mars Curiosity Rover.

Click here to view the original Facebook post or view their store here.


Shop For Me

The second retailer that has confirmed they will be receiving the Simpsons house is Shop For Me. The Melbourne based store will revealed the news in their regular newsletter.

You can view the newsletter here or view their store here.


We haven’t heard about a more general release, but will keep an eye out for news. If anybody knows of other retailers that will be stocking the set please comment below.

LEGO Online Offer – Free LEGO Movie Set

Spend $45 or more at the LEGO Online store and receive The Piece of Resistance (Set 30280) absolutely free.

Free LEGO Movie Piece Of Resistance Set

Please note that we just tested this offer and found the following message on the checkout page

If your order qualifies for promotions, they will be applied, but will not be shown in the checkout.

We will continue to monitor this and update when the site has been updated.

Interview: The Australian Behind LEGO Ghostbusters

This morning we got news about the latest product to come from the LEGO Cuusoo website, but that news was particularly exciting for one Brisbane LEGO fan. Brent Waller is the man behind the project, and he has spoken to Bricking Around about his creation. 

LEGO CUUSOO Fall 2013 Review Results


The official LEGO CUUSOO  blog has just released a video with a detailed overview of the latest review. This was the largest review yet, and while some people may be disappointed that some things didn’t pass we do have a new set to look forward to!

LEGO Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary has passed the review and will become a product

LEGO Ghostbusters 30th Car

When this project first hit 10,000 votes we said that this would have a high chance of passing review and we are really excited to see what the final product will be.

Other results are contained in the video below.

Unlimited LEGO In Your Browser – Build With Chrome

LEGO Build With Chrome

Have you always wanted to stake a claim to a block of land and use it to build a huge LEGO construction? Who hasn’t! Well now is your chance.

Some readers may remember that in 2012 Google Australia partnered with LEGO to create Build With Chrome. The site allowed LEGO fans to build whatever they wanted on a small part of Australia in their browser.

Two years later and the project has gone global

Head to using the Chrome browser (any modern browser should work) and get building.

Here are the official details of the new version of this fun tool

Think back: you’ve just dumped a bin of LEGO® bricks onto the floor with a satisfying crash, and you have the whole day ahead of you to build whatever you want. There’s something pretty amazing about being able to piece together your ideas with just a collection of colorful bricks.

Well, we think the creative freedom of LEGO bricks shouldn’t be limited to plastic bins—which is the idea behind Build with Chrome, a collaboration between Chrome and the LEGO Group that brought these colorful bricks to the web using WebGL, a 3D graphics technology. It was originally built by a team in Australia as an experiment, and now we’re opening it up to everybody. So now you can publish your wacky creations to any plot of land in the world.

We’ve added a few new features to make it easier to build and explore this digital world of LEGO creations. To start, you can now sign in with a Google+ account to help find stuff that people in your circles have created. A new categorization system for completed Builds will help you sort and filter for specific types of structures.

To hone your engineering skills and prepare for the upcoming “THE LEGO® MOVIE™ ,” you can explore the Build Academy, a series of short tutorials and challenges featuring characters and structures from the film.

If it feels more natural to use your hands—rather than a mouse—you can build your creations using a touchscreen on your phone or tablet with Chrome for Android support for WebGL on devices with high-end graphics capabilities.

As big fans of LEGO, we’re excited to see what you come up with to fill this new world. Share your creations on Google+ and we’ll reshare the most inventive ones.