BrisBricks 2014 LEGO Fan Expo October 4-6

October kicks of with a long weekend in Brisbane, and we all know that there is no better way to spend a long weekend than with some LEGO.

Brisbane LEGO group BrisBricks agrees, and are using the three days to host their largest event of the year; the 2014 BrisBricks LEGO Fan Expo.

BrisBricks 2014 HeaderThe event will include a huge collection of LEGO displays, Star Wars characters courtesy of the 501st Legion and plenty of LEGO to buy.

The even will also feature a raffle with a money can’t buy prize; you can win a 21108 Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 set signed by the LEGO Ideas team and Brent Waller, the Brisbane local who made it happen.

A special Autism Community Session will take place on Sunday 5th October at 09:00 AM

Tickets can be purchased via TryBooking, with limited tickets available at the door.

For more information see or

More information can be found on the event page

21109 Exo Suit Back In Stock

21109 Exo Suit Thumbnail

If you are after an Exo Suit but missed out early you may want to head over to the Australian online LEGO store quickly.

Currently the set is listed as Available. If history is any indication it may not be around for long.

Bionicle To Return In 2015

LEGO Bionicle 2015

It was not exactly a well kept secret, but LEGO has officially revealed that Bionicle will return in 2015.

We suspect that reaction to this news is going to be quite mixed. There are some very dedicated Bionicle fans out but there, but there are also a lot of people that don’t like the style. It will certainly be interesting to see how these sets are received once they hit the shelves.

There should be more information released at New York Comic Con in October. Until then all we do know is that these new sets will revolve around a new mask called the Mask of Creation, which is made from from raw magic and solid gold.

LEGO Bionicle 2015 Mask of Creation


We’d love to know what you think of the return of Bionicle. Let us know in the comments.

Reminder: Gold Coast Brick Event This Weekend

If you are from the Brisbane or Gold Coast area and looking for something LEGO related to this weekend then you are in luck. The Gold Coast Brick Event kicks off on Saturday morning.


The Gold Coast Brick Event, will be the biggest event of its kind held so far on the Gold Coast and will feature over 40 different exhibits created by the talented brick builders from QLUG – Queensland LEGO® User Group.

Themes on display encompass Space and Star Wars, City (with working trains), Friends, Harry Potter, Medieval, Castle, Duplo City, operating Technic vehicles, Pirates, and much much more. Build and play tables will also be popular with children and the adults of all ages and LEGO retail outlets will offer fans all the latest in LEGO® products, games, merchandise and jewellery creations.

The most popular display with fans is the Space/Star Wars space station, painstakingly created over many years by a local Gold Coast member. The sheer number of minifigures in this display is impressive and one not to be missed.

Opening hours for entry will be Saturday 9am to 4:30pm and Sunday 9am to 3:30pm. Admission for Adults $12.00, Children $6.00 (3-15), Family (2adults & up to 4 children) $40.00, Children under 3 FREE with tickets being available at the door (cash & EFTPOS available).

Check out the event page for more information

10245 Santa’s Worksop Now Available For VIPs

10245 Box

It may seem hard to believe but there are under 100 days until Christmas.

To help LEGO fans get in the festive spirit the 10245 Santa’s Workshop set has been released for VIP customers.

You will need to be signed in to your VIP account to view the offer.


All The September Deals Compared

LEGO In Store

With so many different sales starting this week we thought it would be helpful to compare the various deals on offer.

We have combined everything that was featured in the catalogues into a single list, sorted by set number. From this list you should be able to determine who has the best price for a particular set.

There are also a few things to take into consideration before looking through the data

  • Myer has 20% off all LEGO, so if a set you want is listed with a discount lower than 20% you may want to check the Myer price.
  • Target has 20% off City and Star Wars, so if a set in either theme is listed with a discount lower than 20% you may want to check the Target price.
  • Kmart and Big W discounts less than 20% may still be cheaper than Target or Myer, as they have slightly lower regular prices.
  • The Kmart and Big W sales are for selected sets only, not a broad percentage off sale.

Check out the table below

On Sale: 20% Off Star Wars & City Sets At Target

Target Logo 2014

It looks like this is the last of our school holiday sales, and unfortunately it’s not quite as good as some of the others.

From Thursday 18th September 2014 until Wednesday October 1st Target are offering 20% off Star Wars and City sets.

There are also two Friends sets listed at a discount in the catalogue, but the 20% does not appear to apply to that theme more broadly.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view a list of the highlighted items below.

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %
Friends41032Jungle Bike$19.00$5.0021%
Friends41038Jungle Rescue Base$59.00$20.0025%
Star Wars75053The Ghost$103.00$26.0020%
Star Wars75049Snowspeeder$47.00$12.0020%
City60035Arctic Outpost$47.00$12.0020%
City60034Arctic Helicrane$30.00$10.0025%

On Sale: 20% Off All LEGO At Myer

Myer logo

Another retailer hoping to cash in on the school holidays is Myer, who are are offering a flat 20% off all LEGO.

The Myer sale actually runs slightly longer than the other retailers; the offer is available from Thursday 18th September 2014 through until Sunday 12th October.

There are a few items highlighted in the catalogue, but everything not included below will be 20% off.

Click here to view the catalogue

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %
Star Wars75053The Ghost$109.00$30.0022%
Star Wars75048The Phantom$29.95$10.0025%
Star Wars75049Snowspeeder$47.95$12.0020%
Star Wars75054AT-AT$135.00$34.0020%
Friends41038Jungle Rescue Base$63.95$16.0020%
Friends41036Jungle Bridge Rescue$31.95$8.0020%
Friends41033Jungle Falls Rescue$23.95$6.0020%
Friends41032Jungle Bike$19.95$5.0020%
City60036Arctic Base Camp$99.00$30.0023%
City60035Arctic Outpost$47.95$12.0020%
City60034Arctic Helicrane$31.95$8.0020%
City60033Arctic Ice Crawler$15.95$4.0020%
City60032Arctic Snow Mobile$7.95$2.0020%
The LEGO Movie70802Bad Cop's Pursuit$29.95$10.0025%
The LEGO Movie70805Trash Chomper$29.95$10.0025%
The LEGO Movie70814Emmet's Construct-o-mech$69.95$20.0022%
The LEGO Movie70816Benny's Spaceship$119.00$30.0020%

On Sale: Big W School Holiday Sale On Selected Sets


The school holiday related sales just keep on coming. Yesterday we shared the Kmart sale, and today we have some discounts from Big W.

This sale also runs from Thursday 18th October 2014 through until Wednesday 1st October.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view our list of the sets on offer below.

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %
City60056Tow Truck$20.00$8.0029%
City60058SUV With Watercraft$20.00$8.0029%
City60059Logging Truck$20.00$8.0029%
City60034Arctic Helicrane$29.00$6.0017%
City60035Arctic Outpost$45.00$13.0022%
City60036Arctic Base Camp$98.00$20.0017%
The Simpsons71006The Simpsons House$298.00
The LEGO Movie70814Emmet's Construct-o-Mech$75.00$13.0015%
The LEGO Movie70815Super Secret Police Dropship$98.00$20.0017%
The LEGO Movie70816Benny's Spaceship$118.00$30.0020%
Friends41032First Aid Jungle Bike$24.00
Friends41036Jungle Bridge Rescue$34.00
Friends41038Jungle Rescue Base$72.00
Ultra Agents70161Tremor Track Infiltration$20.00$8.0029%
Ultra Agents70162Infearno Interception$29.00$6.0017%
Ultra Agents70165Mission HQ$98.00$27.0022%
Star Wars75048The Phantom$29.00$6.0017%
Star Wars75049Snowspeeder$45.00$13.0022%
Star Wars75053The Ghost$98.00$30.0023%

On Sale: Kmart School Holiday Sale On Selected Sets

Kmart LOGO

We haven’t seen a heap of toy sales recently, and now it looks like we know why; retailers have been waiting for the school holidays to capitalise on all those bored kids.

First up in our array of September School Holiday sales is Kmart. From Thursday September 18th 2014 until Wednesday 1st October they are offering discounts on a range of sets. This isn’t a flat percentage off sale, so we have compiled a list of the various discounts below.

You can check out the catalogue here

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %
City60056Tow Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60043Prisoner Transporter$23.00$5.0018%
City60059Logging Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60002Fire Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60058SUV With Watercraft$23.00$5.0018%
City60033Arctic Ice Crawler$19.00-0%
City60034Arctic Helicrane$25.00$10.0029%
Disney Princess41054Rapunzel's Creativity Tower$39.00$9.0019%
Disney Princess41050Ariel's Amazing Treasures$15.00$4.0021%
Friends41059Jungle Tree Sanctuary$49.00-0%
Friends41034Summer Caravan$29.00$6.0017%
Friends41030Olivia's Ice Cream Bike$12.00$3.0020%
Friends41031Andrea's Mountain Hut$12.00$3.0020%
Friends41026Sunshine Harvest$25.00-0%
Friends41036Jungle Bridge Rescue$29.00$6.0017%
Friends41015Dolphin Cruiser$79.00$10.0011%
Chima70141Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider$25.00-0%
Chima70144Laval's Fire Lion$49.00$20.0029%
Ultra Agents70162Infearno Interceptor$35.00-0%
Ultra Agents70163Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown$45.00$10.0018%
Creator31017Sunset Speeder$15.00-0%
Creator31018Highway Cruiser$15.00-0%
Creator31026Bike Shop & Cafe$74.00$15.0017%
Star Wars75048Rebels The Phantom$35.000%
Star Wars75049Snow Speeder$49.00$6.0011%
The LEGO Movie70800Getaway Glider$19.00-0%
The LEGO Movie70801Melting Room$19.00-0%
The LEGO Movie70814Emmet's Construct-o-Mech$69.00$20.0022%
The LEGO Movie70808Super Cycle Chase$75.00-0%