LEGO Announces Star Wars Helmet Series

When it comes to Star Wars, LEGO has always given consideration to the adult fans. Today 3 new sets join the line-up of AFOL friendly display pieces. Introducing the Star Wars Buildable Helmet range.

There are 3 sets announced today (hopefully with more on the way): Stormtrooper™ Buildable Model Helmet, Boba Fett Buildable Model Helmet and TIE Fighter Pilot™ Buildable Model Helmet.

All 3 will be available for pre-order here in Australia on March 18th, with official availability set for April 19th. Each model is priced at US $59.99/€59.99. Australian pricing is $89.99 each.

Here’s a better look at all 3 models.


Recreate the iconic look of a Stormtrooper with this striking 18cm tall model before displaying it as a tribute to the epic Galactic Empire ground force.


Boba Fett

Pay tribute to the legendary bounty hunter by recreating the distinctive shape of the Mandalorian helmet with this awesome, 21cm tall brick-built display model.


TIE Fighter Pilot

Create the notorious contours of the TIE pilot helmet with LEGO bricks to complete this 18cm tall model and receive the glory of the Empire


Check out additional images and the full press release below.

Another Look At LEGO Mario

LEGO & Nintendo have posted another teaser for the Super Mario sets and this one gives us a better look at what we are going to get.

It appears the sets will feature an interactive game component using screens within the LEGO Mario figure and I assume a camera or colour sensor to detect specific bricks.

Mario prod

A game part of the experience certainly makes sense. Hopefully we get a full reveal soon.

Updated with additional images. You can find the full press release here.


LEGO Teases Super Mario Sets

On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

David Jones sure does love a 20% off sale. They had one just last week and here they are offering it up again.

You can get 20% off all LEGO products without any of the annoying exclusions. The offer runs from today (March 12th) all the way through until March 29th.

The full David Jones LEGO range is here.

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up.

LEGO Teases Super Mario Sets

As a recognised LEGO fan media site I sometimes know about stuff before it happens. Sometimes. This however just blew my mind when I woke up this morning.

Overnight LEGO has teased a brand new licenced theme or set – Super Mario.

LEGO Teases Super Mario Sets

A LEGO Nintendo partnership is the last thing I expected. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

David Jones have just gone live with a surprise 20% off sale.

You will need to get in quick as this is a 48 hour only sale, ending on Thursday night.

Like most David Jones sales there are no exclusions which is great.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

Thanks to everybody who let me know about this.

Review: Xtra 2020 Sets

For the first half 2020 the LEGO Xtra theme returns with two new sets. Late last year LEGO sent me both to check out. After a bit of delay of I’m here to give you the verdict on these little cart fillers.

40376 Botanical Accessories


I am going to start with the better of the two sets. You can never have enough foliage when you are building LEGO scenes and for that reason alone I really like this set. There is a good mix of trees, flowers and general greenery. I also appreciate that they have included two fence elements.

Your view of this product may depend on your proximity to a LEGO Store, as the PAB walls have been doing a pretty good job of making plant elements available in high quantities. A small PAB cup is going to get you a lot more plants than this set (it will cost more too though).

The brick-built tree is probably not going to blow anybody away in terms of design and execution but I do likethat it is included.

If you aren’t near a PAB wall or just after a cheap pack with a good mix then I highly recommend this set.

40375 Sports Accessories


LEGO is a Northern Hemisphere company, so it makes sense that while we are sweltering through our summer they release a bunch of wintery sets. Even with that in mind I find this set to be a weird mix of elements.

The Sports Accessories set seems to feature some kind of modified biathlon with skiing and archery instead of shooting. There is also street/ice hockey. It’s weird.

The actual elements are all pretty good and I like the archery stand mini build but honestly who is crying out for these elements? Who is building a moc and thinking “This really needs some hockey goals and/or archery”.

Overall there is one set that’s great and one that is weird. I really want the Xtra theme to continue but hopefully the range in the future can include packs that are more generic. How great would a Castle Xtra set be?

If you are after either set they can be found online here [affiliate link]. You should also be able to find them in your local LEGO store, if you have one.

The LEGO Xtra sets were provided to me by LEGO for review. Opinions expressed are my own.

40th Anniversary Train Promotion Now Live

I know a lot of people have been hanging out for this one…

The LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary promotional set is now available at LEGO online.

LEGO Train 40

To get your set you will need to spend $199 or more. The newly released Fiat 500 will get you part way there.

You can find the details of the promo here.

The promo set is also available at LEGO Certified Stores Around the country. The same minimum spend applies.

You can also get this at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne.

This article features affiliate links.

LEGO Announces 10271 Fiat 500

When it comes to the Creator Expert line, LEGO loves to recreate iconic vehicles. The latest addition to the collection is this little yellow beauty.

Introducing 10271 Fiat 500


This Creator Expert set features 960 pieces. Beyond the body of the car you also get a luggage rack, suitcase, detailed interior, engine, spare wheel and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. There’s even a ‘painting’ of the car by the Colosseum to complete the Italian feel.

As regular Bricking Around readers will know, I am not a huge car fan. But I think this model looks pretty cute and will obviously go well with the other Creator Expert vehicles.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

The Fiat 500 will be available March 1st for $139.99 here in Australia.

Check out the image gallery and product description below.

On Sale: Up To 30% Off At Myer


Myer are having a surprise sale to celebrate that this year is a leap year. I don’t know about you but using your extra day buying LEGO seems like a great plan to me.

There are two separate offers today only.

30% off City, Friends and Duplo

Yes these aren’t the most AFOL targeted themes but they are evergreen themes for a reason, and it’s hard to argue with 30% off.

You can check out LEGO City sets here, the LEGO Friends range here and Duplo can be found here.

20% off all other LEGO

If you aren’t interested in one of the other themes then this is your consolation offer. The 20% off range doesn’t, from what I was told by Myer, have any exclusions. The lack of exclusions is just as rare as February 29th.

You can check out the full LEGO listing here.

This might be a great time to stock up on some of the Ideas or Creator Expert sets that are usually excluded. Maybe a Hogwarts Castle too.

This article features Myer affiliate links.

On Sale: 20% Off Creator And Duplo At Target

Target 200x200

It seems that nobody is will to just give us a flat 20% off. Target have a new offer kicking off today and they are doing a discount on just two themes.

From today (February 27th) until March 4th you can get 20% off Creator (including Creator Expert) and Duplo. Not the greatest selection but it’s better than nothing.

You can check out the Creator sets here and the Duplo range here.

Target also has the Technic Land Rover on sale for $259 (RRP $329.99). There is also the Mindstorms EV3 set for $399 (RRP $499.99).