On Sale: 10% Off For eBay Plus Members

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Have you signed up for eBay’s premium subscription service eBay Plus? If so you probably received an email today letting you know that they are offering 10% off eBay Plus items.

The sale runs from today (August 20th) until 11:59 PM on August 22nd.

10% off may not be the best sale but it might be enough for something you’ve had your eye on. As a Plus sale this is only available on Plus eligible items. There are still plenty of items covered but it’s not everything.

To get the discount enter the code PLUSIT10 at checkout.

You can find eBay’s LEGO page here.

Note: eBay Australia’s LEGO page is a collection of authorised LEGO sellers, not items sold by LEGO directly.

Free Cute Pug From LEGO Online


The Cute Pug polybag has technically been available at Woolworths stores for a while now but I know that a lot of you have had trouble tracking it down.

If that’s you then you may be interested to know that it is now being given out for free with LEGO Online orders over $55.

This offer is valid for orders online at shop.LEGO.com and telephone orders from 18th August to 2nd September 2018, or while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than $55 in LEGO merchandise only. This offer is not available at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne or Dreamworld LEGO Store.

More details can be found here.

On Sale: Two Different Offers At Myer

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Myer are having two slightly different sales at the moment. Here are the details…

Until Sunday August 19th you’ll get 50% off the second item when you buy two toys, excluding Creator Expert, Ideas, UCS Millennium Falcon and Death Star.

Until Sunday August 19th you’ll get 20% off when you buy two or more. This is the lesser discount but it works out better if you are buying three or more sets. This offer has the same exclusions: Creator Expert, Ideas, UCS Millennium Falcon and Death Star.

You can view the online range here.

Thanks to Brad, Wade and Al for the information.

On Sale: Up to 36% Off When You AfterPay At David Jones

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Sorry everybody, while you can select AfterPay as a payment option and see the discount it seems that LEGO is excluded from the offer. You’ll get the message “The following products are excluded from Afterpay.” and won’t be able to finalise your order.

Thanks to Wade and Paco for the correction.


As mentioned a few days ago David Jones are offering 20% off LEGO at the moment (except the UCS Falcon).

Well for today (August 16th) only they are also running a special AfterPay promotion – 20% off when you pay via AfterPay.

The good news is that these offers stack to create a total discount of 36% off RRP.

Obviously you will need to pay via AfterPay but it might be worth it for such a good discount. AfterPay is already a popular payment option anyway. This is likely to be an online only offer.

You can view the online LEGO range here.

Thanks to Chris for the information about this offer.

71043 Hogwarts Castle Now Available For VIPs

I know you’ve been mashing the refresh button all day, but 71043 Hogwarts Castle is now available for LEGO VIPs.

Until an owl shows up with your acceptance letter this giant LEGO set may be as close as you get to Hogwarts, so don’t miss out.


You can get yours here for $649.99.

Review: 70657 Ninjago City Docks

The LEGO Ninjago Movie may not have been a phenomenal success but I am incredibly glad that it got made – because it has lead to some truly outstanding LEGO sets.

In my opinion one of the best sets of last year was Ninjago City. It was a set packed with details and a sense of epicness (thanks mostly to it’s towering height). When LEGO announced that there was a companion set – Ninjago City Docks – on the way I knew that I had to review it.


The Build

The build is broken down in to 19 sections, with each having one or two corresponding numbered bags. No single section is overly taxing with the build spread out fairly evenly over the 19.

The build starts off in a similar way to Ninjago City, with a series of plates laid out on the two baseplates. If you haven’t built Ninjago City this may seem a little odd but the use of different colours is a very clever way of adding a sense of depth underneath the water.

It’s not until section 3 and 4 that you really get all of the “water” (i.e clear tiles) in place. There are a lot of tiles to place but it’s broke up enough that it doesn’t become a chore.


On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

Here’s something to help ease you into a new working week – A 20% off sale at David Jones.

From today (August 13th) until Sunday August 19th you can get 20% off all full priced LEGO. The only listed exclusion is the UCS Millennium Falcon (but if you add it to your cart it’s applying the discount, shh don’t tell anybody).

You can view the David Jones LEGO range here. I am not sure if this offer is online only or if it applies in-store too.

Also, the David Jones website still doesn’t display discount prices until an item is in your cart.

Thanks to Nichole for letting me know about this offer.

71043 Hogwarts Castle Designer Video

The LEGO VIP release of 71043 Hogwarts Castle is this week and if you were unsure whether to get one or not this designer video may help you make that decision.

The set will be available from here on Wednesday August 15th


Exclusivity Information For August 2018


August features some popular releases but as usual there are few sets that you’ll have to go to a little extra effort to track down. Here’s your guide to what sets are exclusive to what retailer for August 2018.

Big W manages to snare two interesting exclusives. First is the latest UCS Star Wars set 75181 Y-Wing Starfighter. The second is 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile. I suspect that these sets won’t show up until after the 20% off sale ends.

The Bugatti Chiron should be available from Myer, David Jones and specialty toy stores this month. Hopefully Myer don’t exclude this one from their sales.

As usual the new BrickHeadz are exclusive to Myer, David Jones and specialty toy stores.

Interestingly the data that I was provided said that Hogwarts Express is an August release to the mass market – meaning everyone. I am not sure when this will actually arrive in stores and if this information overwrites the November date I had heard previously.

Of course the question that everybody keeps asking (I think LEGO are sick of me asking them) is what is happening with Toys R Us exclusives. The answer unfortunately is that there is no answer. The only update on Toys R Us exclusives at this stage is that 75955 Hogwarts Express is now available at mass (meaning all LEGO retailers). All other products are still in planning and negotiation.

You can see the full list of exclusives below.

On Sale: 25% Off LEGO At Myer Online

Myer Logo Generic 200px

To be perfectly honest – I have no idea what is going on here.

Currently the Myer website is offering 25% off most of their LEGO range but I can’t find anything about when it ends or what is excluded.

The only information I can see is that this is an online only offer. Creator Expert and Ideas seem to be excluded as usual.

You can view the Myer online range here, and if anybody can find some details let me know.

Thanks to Wade and Chris for the info.