10265 Ford Mustang Now Available

The awesome looking Creator Expert set 10265 Ford Mustang is now available and there’s a little extra bonus for VIPs.

Ford Mustang

The set will cost you $199.99 here in Australia.

If you are a VIP you will also get a special VIP Ford Mustang keyring.


You can get your set here

LEGO Retail Design Team Looking For AFOL Insights

Dreamworld LEGO Store Thumb

The LEGO Retail Design Team have put out a survey looking for feedback from the Adult LEGO fan community.

They want to hear your thoughts about the shopping experience that is currently offered and how they can make it even better.

This relates to both LEGO Brand stores as well as LEGO Certified stores so it should be relevant to us here in Australia too.

You can find the survey here.

On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

Big W has a new catalogue out with a limited range of sets included.

This is definitely not going to go down as a memorable Big W sale but there are discounts on new City sets.

In the list below I’ve only included the items that are actually on sale and excluded the ones that are regular price but still featured in the catalogue.

The sale runs from today (February 28th) until March 13th 2018.

You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
60210Sky Police Air BaseCity$85.00$119.99$34.9929%
60208Sky Police Parachute ArrestCity$35.00$49.99$14.9930%
70668Jay's Storm FighterNinjago$49.00$69.99$20.9930%
70670Monastery of SpinjitzuNinjago$99.00$139.99$40.9929%
41160Ariel's Seaside CastleDisney Princess$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
41161Aladdin and Jasmine's Palace AdventuresDisney Princess$29.00$39.99$10.9927%

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

Myer eBay 200

A new eBay code has just started and while it’s specific to just Myer, it’s one worth checking out.

Using the code PMY20 you can get 20% off all items on the Myer eBay store. The 20% off code runs until March 3rd.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Where this gets interesting is that at the moment the Millennium Falcon is currently 20% off. With the code this will come down to just $831.97 which is a fantastic price.

You can find the Falcon listing here.

If for some reason you don’t want to go with Myer’s eBay store then you can get the Death Star and Millennium Falcon for a flat 20% off from Myer.

This offer has been running for a little while so far today so I’m not sure how stock levels will be. Myer does have a habit of cancelling orders.

Thanks to Niklas for the information.

10265 Ford Mustang Announced

Creator Expert cars are without a doubt some of my favourite sets. Today, LEGO officially announces the latest addition to the collection – 10265 Ford Mustang.


This stunning set recreates an iconic 1960s muscle car using 1471 pieces.

The set includes a range of extras that allow you to modify your Mustang. These extras consist of a supercharger, rear ducktail spoiler, exhaust pipes, front chin spoiler and a nitrous oxide tank. The rear wheels can also be raised to give a different look to the car.


For those of you in NSW, you may be excited to see that there are optional NSW license plates included.

You’ll be able to get yours from March 1st for $199.99.

Check out the extra images and official set details below.

On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

eBay 200

I think I just need to save a copy of this post in a text file somewhere so that whenever eBay rolls out this offer I can just copy and paste it.

This is a pretty standard offer from eBay: $150 minimum spend,  maximum discount of $50 per transaction, maximum of 2 transactions.

Target is still excluded. The end date is as usual “when we decide to end it”.

This code does combine nicely with Myer’s 20% off sale. 

View the eBay LEGO portal here.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

Myer Super Weekend March 2015

Myer is having a Super Weekend sale this weekend with 20% off LEGO.

The sale is active online now but won’t start in-store until tomorrow. Unsurprisingly for a super weekend sale, the offer ends 11:59 PM AEDT on Sunday (February 24th).

There are some exclusions to point out: Creator Expert, Ideas, Harry Potter/Wizarding World, and unfortunately Lego Movie 2.

Interestingly some large sets like the Millennium Falcon and Bugatti Chiron are not excluded.

You can find all the sale sets here.

UPDATE – Extra eBay discounts

I completely forgot to check if the discount was active on the Myer eBay store too, and it turns out it is. There are a few different discount codes that you can add to save a bit extra.


  • 7% off when you spend between $120 and $199.99;
  • 10% off when you spend between $200 and $299.99;
  • 12% off when you spend $300 or more


  • 10% off

You’ll need to work out what offer is best based on how much you are spending. PSAVEIT has a max discount of $75.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Thanks to everybody who made sure I hadn’t missed this, and thanks to those who pointed out the eBay codes.

On Sale: Creator Expert Reduced At Target

Target 200x200

I was quite surprised when Target started selling a range of Creator Expert sets, but I’m even more surprised by the discounts they are now offering on these sets.

There are four sets with discounts around 30% off RRP. While these sets have been out for a little while now if you haven’t already grabbed them then these prices are very tempting.

You can find the listings here.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
10251Brick BankCreator Expert$179.00$249.99$70.9928%
10247Ferris WheelCreator Expert$199.00$289.99$90.9931%
10242Mini Cooper MK VIICreator Expert$99.00$149.99$50.9934%
10246Detective's OfficeCreator Expert$169.00$229.99$60.9927%

Thanks to Niklas for the heads up

The Latest LEGO Ideas Review Results – Two Sets Pass

While we are still discussing our thoughts on The Flintstones Ideas set, LEGO has been hard at work on the next review.

In a bit of a surprise two sets have made it through the review and will become official LEGO sets at some point in the future.

Here’s a quick recap of the projects that were in the review…


Here are the results…

On Sale: 7 to 12% Off At eBay

eBay has launched a new offer today, with a scaling discount depending on how much you spend.

On offer is 7% off when you spend between $120 and $199.99; 10% off when you spend between $200 and $299.99; or 12% off when you spend $300 or more.


The maximum discount is $75 and the code can be used for 2 transactions in total. This offer runs until eBay decides not to run it any more. Target is also excluded again.

To get the discount you’ll need to enter the code PSAVEIT at checkout.

View the eBay LEGO Portal here.