On Sale: 25% Off At Myer

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Myer likes to roll out weekend offers and call it a Super Weekend or a Super Saturday. Well this weekend offer doesn’t get a fancy label but it is still a solid offer.

From today until Sunday October 7th you can get 25% off most of their LEGO. There is as expected a list of exclusions; Creator Expert, Harry Potter, Ideas, UCS Millennium Falcon and Death Star.

Don’t tell Myer I told you but the Harry Potter sets are actually being included in the sale online.

You can check out Myer’s full LEGO range here.

Two Sets Pass The Latest LEGO Ideas Review

The LEGO Ideas team have just revealed that two new sets will be hitting shelves in the future after passing the latest review.

Here are the two successful projects…



I really didn’t expect this project to pass the review stage based on the size of it. The image above is the original submission so obviously there will be some changes for the final design.



One of the most iconic television series of all time is now getting the LEGO Ideas treatment. I can’t wait to see what the final version of this set looks like. Hopefully lots of printed elements for the detailing.

Note: Images are the original Ideas submissions, not the final set designs.

There were of course 10 projects in the review, so 8 didn’t make the cut. You can see all 10 below.

Darth Vader’s Castle Unveiled

After all these years your Darth Vader minifigures finally have a place to call home with today’s announcement of 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle.


First seen in Rogue One, Darth Vader’s Castle is located on the planet Mustafar. The LEGO version includes brick-built lava, an underground hangar and a Sith shrine. The hangar includes a TIE Advanced Fighter model that can fit the Darth Vader minifigure. Also included in the castle is a bacta tank, meditation chamber, and a meeting platform at the top.


The set features two versions of Darth Vader, one classic and a bacta tank version. Also included are 2 Royal Guards and an Imperial Transport Pilot.


The set will cost us $199.99 here in Australia. It is available for pre-order now and ships December 1st. View the product page here.

You can check out the full gallery of pics below.

On Sale: 30% Off Friends At Myer

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I’m not sure exactly why – as it’s not outlined on the Myer website – but right now Myer are offering 30% off their regular price on LEGO Friends sets.

I’m not sure when this offer ends so you may want to check it out sooner rather than later.

Just be aware that Friends sets are often sold below RRP at other retailers so Myer may still not have the best offer. For example 41347 Heartlake City Resort is down to $111.99 at Myer, but only $98 at Amazon.

You can check out Myer’s Friends range here.

Thanks to everybody who let me know about this.

Free Mud Trooper Han Solo Now Available

A new month often means a new promotion on the Australian online LEGO store, and this one is likely to be popular with those of you who enjoyed the Han Solo movie.

Free Mud Trooper Han Solo with Star Wars orders over $45


With the lower shipping threshold it’s more tempting than ever to take advantage of these offers. If you are looking for something to buy to get you over the threshold here are a few sets you might want to consider.

Porg 75230 - New for October.
X-Wing Starfighter 75218 - LEGO are offering double VIP points on this set at the moment.
Yoda’s Hut 75208 - Another set LEGO are offering double VIP points on.
Betrayal at Cloud City 75222 - Now available to non-VIP customers.

You can learn more about the promotion here.

Bricktober Perth This Weekend

It’s that time of the year again where those LEGO fans over in the west get together for the annual Bricktober Perth LEGO show.


Bricktober Perth will take place on October 6th and 7th at Curtin Stadium, Located on the grounds of Curtin University.

This is a family friendly event that brings the community and fans of the brick in Perth together. Bricktober is a project of The Rotary Club of Ascot (Inc). in conjunction with The West Coast LEGO Users Group.

The show will feature raffles, minifigure building & exclusive minifigures for sale, a ‘guess the number of LEGO pieces in the jar’ competition, various building challenges, LEGO costume characters, interactive displays including LEGO trains and technic models you can drive, play Brickpit, food & drink, plus LEGO for sale.

Single tickets are just $10 (including booking fees) or you can get a family ticket for 4 people for $30 (including booking fees). Children under 2 are free. You can get your tickets online from TryBooking.

You can find more information about the event on the Bricktober website.

Play Test: 10874 Steam Train


Duplo doesn’t get a lot of coverage here on Bricking Around but I recently got my son a Duplo set I have had my eye on for a little while and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

For this review I am just using the official set photos – mainly because I didn’t want to steal my sons set so I can take my own photos of it.

The Duplo Steam Train is a remarkably simple design. The part that does all the work is a single element that combines a LED light, speaker, colour sensor, train motor and batteries into a single and very robust unit. The battery compartment is nicely secured with screws so you don’t have to worry about things getting swallowed if your child is into that sort of thing. There’s also no wires or loose components to get broken off.


A large single moulded element goes on top to form the body of the train. It is topped off with an opening roof so that the driver – or in my son’s case maybe a Duplo cat – can be placed inside. The second carriage follows a similar design with a solid base, large single piece body and opening roof.


There are also three sub-builds. The first is a fairly simple tree comprised of 6 elements. I like the use of sloped bricks to give the tree some shape.


The second of the sub-builds is a tipping bucket loaded up with some coal for the steam train.


The third of the builds is a small train station. The clock face on the roof is a nice decorative element and I think the station looks good with the window and seat. The station gives kids a place for the train to stop and pick up passengers, adding an extra element of make-believe.


To help add some personality to the set you get a female Duplo child and an adult Duplo train driver. There is also a grey squirrel that can be placed in the tree.


The included 16 pieces of track form a fairly decently sized oval.

Getting It Going

There are two main ways to control the train. The first is the most simple – a gentle push and the train will start going. This works in either forward or backwards directions. It’s simple but effective.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer When You Buy Two Toys

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A new Myer sale started today but it happens to be one of those sales with an annoying qualifier.

If you buy two or more toys from today (September 28th) until Monday October 1st you get 20% off.

The usual exclusions appear to apply: Creator Expert, Ideas, UCS Falcon, Death Star and Harry Potter.

Myer has the new Porg set listed but it doesn’t seem to be applying the discount. If you can find it in-store they should give you this discount.

You can find the full online range here.

LEGO Forma Is A Crowdfunded LEGO Set With Bigger Implications

LEGO have today announced something that is equal parts interesting and confusing. It’s called LEGO Forma, and it launches today via Indiegogo. But the stuff going on behind the scenes is potentially interesting.

LEGO is launching this new product via a crowdfunding platform as a pilot program for LEGO’s Creative Play Lab. I’ll get into that more in a minute but here’s the set itself…

LEGO Forma


The LEGO Forma building set features a Technic framework and decorative skins that are applied to the outside to create a Koi model with lifelike movement. Sound a bit strange? That because it is. The idea behind the set is that the decorative elements can be swapped out to create different creatures around the same base model. There are 4 skins in total; the original koi, the colourful ‘splash’ koi, a black and white ink koi that can be decorated yourself, and finally a shark.


Unfortunately according to the Indiegogo page this project is only available for UK and US customers. That may make you wonder why I’m bothering to post this. Well it’s because this whole thing is just weird. The press release that sent out had this to say…

Rather than concealing its new innovations inside its Creative Play Lab, the LEGO Group today announced a new strategic approach that will help foster open innovation and test ideas and concept experiences through pilot projects, the first being LEGO® FORMA on Indiegogo.

A series of pilots are being planned to run in various locations and formats over the coming year to float new ideas, crowdsource others, and receive real-time feedback from consumers to evaluate whether concepts should be developed and scaled.

Over time, this more transparent approach to product development is hoped to de-risk and accelerate innovation by validating and iterating new ideas, helping to fast-track the time that new products go to market and not least to pave way for unique product launches that sit outside normal procedures and reach new audiences.

Breaking through the corporate lingo the general message seems to be that LEGO are looking at new ways to test and experiment with different ideas -ways that are more open to the general public. This could be the start of a lot of weird products being launched in weird ways. As this Indiegogo launch is just a pilot, it’s hard to tell what the response will be. I like the idea of the set and I don’t hate using something other than bricks to add to a set – in this case foil skins.

I am interested to see what comes next. If the pilot is successful will we see Forma as a new theme? Or will it forever be a limited set released in selected markets. What will the next pilot have in store for us? As I said, LEGO Forma is a product with some bigger implications behind it.

LEGO Announces 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine

LEGO have once again opened up the vault to bring you an updated version of an old set. This time it’s the Vestas Wind Turbine getting the refresh.


10268 Vestas Wind Turbine celebrates LEGO’s on-going commitment to better environmental practices. The set has been designed in partnership with the world’s leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, Vestas, who have installed 65,000 wind turbines in around 80 countries. Through investment in wind power the LEGO Group balances 100% of the energy used to make LEGO bricks with energy from renewable sources.

To further show LEGO’s environmental agenda the set is one of the first commercial sets to include the new Plants From Plants elements. Made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane, the inclusion of these elements is part of the first steps in the LEGO Group’s ambition to use sustainable materials in products by 2030 and packaging by 2025.


The set measures 100cm high, 72cm wide and 31cm deep. The turbine towers over a small house with featuring working lights. A female minifigure, two Vestas servicemen minifigures, a dog and work van are included in the set.

A selection of Power Functions elements provide motion to the massive adjustable turbine blades.

The set will cost us $329.99 here in Australia. It is officially release November 23rd (no VIP pre-release for this one).

You can check out additional images below, as well as the full press release.