On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

eBay 10pc Off Everything Feb 27 2017

This is one of those sales that will take a little bit of work to find a good deal, but if there is something that you’ve had your eye on at eBay this is your chance to get it a little cheaper.

Using the code C10 you can get 10% off everything at eBay when you spend $75 or more.

This code is valid from now (February 27th) until 11:59pm AEST on March 2nd 2017.

As always when you are looking at eBay be sure to check the value of what you are buying and don’t forget to factor in postage costs.

Head over to eBay and have a look around.

Batman LEGO Dimensions Pre-Order Offer From EB Games

Unfortunately the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions has suffered the same fate as the film itself, with release being delayed until March 30th.

To ease the pain slightly EB Games are offering a deal for anybody that pre-orders before release. If you pre-order the LEGO Batman Movie story pack you will receive the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack for free.

LEGO Dimensions Batman Preorder Bonus EB

The EB price for the story pack is $79.99 and their price on the Fun Pack is $24.99.  For the sake of comparison the previously released Story Packs are currently $69 at Big W, while fun packs are $22. Those prices make the EB offer look pretty good.

Thanks to Wade for sending this through.

Assembly Square In Stock At Dreamworld


I know that there were a few people specifically asking about this set, so I am pleased to let you all know that I received an email from the Dreamworld LEGO Store manager informing me that 10255 Assembly Square is now in stock.

If you want to get one of these sets immediately (and live close to the store) here is your chance.

I wasn’t given stock numbers but there is a good chance that stock will move quickly.

There are also other new sets in stock but I don’t have a full list.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Kmart

Kmart LOGO 200px

The latest Kmart catalogue is all about fitness and not LEGO. Luckily the good people at Kmart got in touch and let me know that they do have a few LEGO offers on.

Most of the items on the list are advertising their new stock at the regular price, but there are a few sets that are genuinely on sale.

The discounts run from today (February 23rd) until March 1st 2017.

The flyer was emailed to me directly so I don’t have a link, but you can see the list of sets included below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
60148ATV Race TeamCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
601494x4 with CatamaranCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
70348Lance's Twin JousterNexo Knights$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
41300Puppy ChampionshipFriends$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
10851My First BusDuplo$7.00$7.99$.9912%
10849My First PlaneDuplo$7.00$7.99$.9912%
10706Blue Creative BoxClassic$7.00$7.99$.9912%
41302Puppy PamperingFriends$7.00$7.99$.9912%
70906The Joker Notorious LowriderThe LEGO Batman Movie$88.00$89.99$1.992%
70901Mr. Freeze Ice AttackThe LEGO Batman Movie$34.00$34.99$.993%
70910Scarecrow Special DeliveryThe LEGO Batman Movie$34.00$34.99$.993%

Australian Price For 71042 The Silent Mary Confirmed

If you liked the look of the new Pirates of The Caribbean set when it was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair then you were probably hanging out to see the Australian RRP. Well LEGO have just activated the product page for the set… The Australian RRP will be $349.99 when the set is released April 1st.

71042 The Silent Mary AU Price

There may also be a VIP pre-release for this set in March.

Via https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Silent-Mary-71042

On Sale: 20% Off Two or More Items At Myer

Myer Logo Generic 200px

Following on from last week’s sneaky 20% off sale Myer are once again offering 20% off – this time with a bit of a catch.

From today (February 22nd) until February 28th 2017 you can get 20% off at Myer when you buy two or more items.

Unfortunately this offer excludes LEGO Minifigures and The LEGO Batman Movie sets.

I am unsure if this is an in-store offer or online only. The terms on the website don’t make that clear; “20% off when you buy 2 or more selected toys or kids books. Purchased in one transaction. Cannot be used with other offers. Excludes Lego Minifigures, Lego Batman Movie, hot price books and clearance. Ends 11:59pm AEDT 28/02/2017, unless sold out or otherwise stated.”

You can view their online range here.

Thanks to Tony for letting me know about this

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne Looking For More Staff

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne Logo Thumb

If you watched LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne’s Brick Factor competition and thought “I’d love to work there, but I’m not a master builder” then you are in luck.

Merlin (the company that runs the attraction) are currently looking to fill several front line positions before the grand opening in April.

The roles on offer include Retail Assistants, Admissions Assistants, Food and Beverage Assistants and Guest Experience Hosts.

If any of those sound like something you would be interested in then you can check out the Seek advertisement for more information.

Via Seek.com.au

Village Roadshow Addresses The LEGO Batman Movie Delay

Angry Batman Thumb TLBM

After months of silence Bricking Around’s least favourite co-CEO Graham Burke has responded to criticism of The LEGO Batman Movie’s release date.

Speaking to CNET Mr Burke said “When certain films go out in non-holiday periods, our audiences get very cross because the kids are not available to take them to them.”

I am going to assume that Mr Burke means movies targeted to kids. I don’t know what evidence Mr Burke has of audiences getting very cross as he didn’t provide any specific examples. In my research I wasn’t able to find any evidence of Roadshow releasing a kids movie outside of school holiday periods.

I understand that Roadshow Films would have people running the numbers and making decisions based on information that isn’t publically available but from an outsider’s perspective it seems strange that they can definitively say that a February release would be bad, when there doesn’t actually seem to be any kids films released in February – ever. Right now the only kids films on are ones that have been out for quite a while. It’s practically a slot with zero competition. It also doesn’t seem to be a school holiday period in the US (I could be wrong there).

I’d also question the very premise that the film wouldn’t be available for school holidays if it was released now. The LEGO Movie was released in Australia on April 3rd, and according to Box Office Mojo it was still playing on June 8th. That is 67 days. A February 9th release date would, in theory, see the film still in cinemas until mid-April. The relevant school holidays start in early April. The Force Awakens was in cinemas for 97 days for what it’s worth.

It’s possible that The LEGO Batman Movie could be have been released at the same time as the US and still been available during the school holidays.

Mr Burke has also addressed his previous comment that all films would be released the same date as the US. What he actually meant was the same date as the US except when they don’t.

The issue of piracy was addressed; “We’ll still lose a lot of money to piracy at this point in time. But it was a trade off. There will be more money lost by having it released in a non-holiday period as opposed to releasing it when the people want to see it.”

Firstly, people want to see it now. Secondly, based on other statements made it seems Mr Burke is overly confident in the new anti-piracy site blocking laws that are in place. In theory popular piracy sites are blocked, and that will stop pirates in their tracks. Except that the site blocking is absurdly easy to get around. The top result when googling “The Pirate Bay” is literally a site that features a list of alternative mirrors to the blocked site. According to Village Roadshow they are working with Google to literally change the search ranking of sites like that. They also plan to block a further 40 sites this month. Even if you couldn’t Google your way around the block you can very quickly change your DNS to an option that doesn’t block the sites. Google’s DNS servers are open and not subject to the same blocking rules as your ISP. You can learn more about Google DNS here.

TLBM Torrents

After having a quick check it seems that there are also multiple cam copies of the film already available – because access to the torrent sites isn’t blocked in countries where the film is available. So the film is being uploaded and it’s really easy for Australians to download it. What’s the next weapon Village Roadshow has? Lawsuits.

Village Roadshow have said that they are going to start suing individuals who illegally download their content. This was not specifically directed at The LEGO Batman Movie but it will be one of their biggest films of the year. It’s hard to know for sure how those lawsuits would play out. There were attempts to sue people who downloaded The Dallas Buyers Club but after a long and drawn-out process the case fizzled out and nobody had to pay anything. Village Roadshow may handle the cases in a more successful way – it’s too early to know.

With the threat of lawsuits and the fact that online copies are horrible cam versions I am by no means saying that you should go and download The LEGO Batman Movie.

Mr Burke seems to think that he can tackle this problem with blocks and lawsuits because most people are happy to wait – after all he did only get 14 emails about the issue (He seems to have missed the petition I created with over 200 signatures. I didn’t even promote that very well).

Myself and Bricking Around readers may be in the minority in wanting a February release but the parents that I spoke to would gladly have taken their kids on the weekend. Generally when a film is released the ticket sales stay steady for a few weeks and then drop off over time. A February release most likely would have resulted in a different pattern of ticket sales, but it’s a balancing act with piracy on one side and traditional release schedules on the other. I think the weight of piracy has reached a point where it’s time to consider what is on the other side of the scales, considering how much work seems to be involved in fighting the pirates in other ways.

Quotes via https://www.cnet.com/au/news/lego-batman-movie-australian-release-delayed-piracy-school-holidays/ and additional information from http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/piracy/village-roadshow-announced-an-aggressive-fivepoint-program-for-combating-piracy/news-story

Series 17 Features Some Awesome Minifigures

More news out of NY Toy Fair – an all new series of minifigures to go crazy over.


LEGO haven’t given out official names yet so we’re just going to have to guess for now…

Front row: French Man, Butterfly Girl, Atlantis Warrior (that trident seems very Atlantis to me), Corn Suit Guy (amazing), Vintage Space Explorer (that ray gun is very 60s spacey), Gym Junkie, Angry Dwarf? (No idea what this one is meant to be) and Rocket Boy (going to be a popular one.

Second row: Surfer, Pastry Chef, Diner Cook (the Hotdog and Milkshake are great), Elf Warrior Woman, Strongman (classic sideshow/circus style strongman), 1980s guy? (love the flip phone), Vet (love the new bunny).

Finally, there is some sort of mystery minifigure!? Could this be another Mr Gold situation? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via The Brick Show

71042 The Silent Mary Unveiled

LEGO have used the NY Toy Fair to announce a new, and massive, Pirates Of The Caribbean set – 71042 The Silent Mary.

71042 The Silent Mary

The ship appears to have an interesting design without a solid hull. The trailer hints that this ship can rise up out of the water and consume other ships. That particular feature seems replicated here.


The set features over 2,200 pieces.

Hopefully LEGO will release some more details soon.

71042 The Silent Mary 03

Via Yahoo