Overwatch Sets Confirmed As Amazon Exclusives


The Overwatch theme was completely missing from the Australian catalogue, which meant one of two things – either they weren’t going to be released here at all, or they were going to be a retailer exclusive.

I have today received confirmation that these sets will be exclusive to Amazon Australia, with a February release.

This is probably a blow for anybody hoping to get these sets on sale. While Amazon does have some great sales, they very rarely include exclusives.

There are no listings for these sets on Amazon yet but I’ll be checking back at the start of February to see when they get listed.

On Sale: 20% Off Selected Items At eBay

eBay 200

eBay has just launched a new offer that will give you 20% off a huge range of LEGO listings.

To get your discount you’ll need to use the code PLAYFUL20 at checkout.

This offer is fairly broad so please double check prices on a listing before you spend your money. Some sellers will jack up prices before an offer like this so you don’t actually save any money.

The offer runs from today (January 8th) until January 14th.

View the applicable items here.

Thanks to Chris for the info.

Announcing 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

The LEGO Ninjago Movie lead to two large sets that were both absolutely fantastic and it seems that The LEGO Movie 2 is following in the same footsteps with this outstanding looking set.

Introducing 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!


The set features Apocalypseburg, as seen in the trailers for the film. This post-apocalyptic setting features a Planet of the Apes inspired Statue of Liberty setting with a whole bunch of fun additions such as the Coffee Unchained coffee shop. There is also Scribble Cop’s office, armory, barber’s/tattoo parlor, Lucy’s hideout, Fuse’s workshop, rooftop diner, gym, spa and lookout platforms.

Filling out the set are 12 amazing minifigures. There’s post-apocalyptic versions of heaps of characters from the LEGO Movie, including a battle hardened “Where are my pants?” guy and chainsaw Dave (formely surfer Dave).

70840_1to1_mf_11_1 70840_back_lineup_05

The set will officially be released on January 16th online with an Australian RRP of $499.99.

Read on for a heap of additional pictures and the official press release.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer When You Spend $50 or More

Myer Logo Generic 200px

It looks like Myer really liked their Boxing Day sale, because the same offer is live again!

Spend $50 or more on toys and you will get 20% off your total order. Unfortunately we are talking about Myer so there’s a long list of exclusions - selected LEGO Ideas, Creator Expert, Technic, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Death Star and UCS Millennium Falcon.

As this is a minimum spend offer it won’t be active on their eBay store.

This offer runs until January 28th.

You can find the sets included in the sale here.

LEGO Confirms The Chinese New Year Sets Won’t Be Sold Online


LEGO have officially confirmed that the hugely popular Chinese New Year sets won’t be available on the Australian online store.

Both sets (80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner and 80102 Dragon Dance) will only be sold via Myer, David Jones, Specialty toy stores, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne and the Dreamworld LEGO Store.

I have spoken to David Jones and they have told me they won’t be stocking the item until January 22nd and were unable to confirm if they would be sold online or not.

Myer has not got back to me yet but I have heard that some stores are taking down names. Your best bet is to try the larger stores.

LLDC Melbourne has not started selling the set yet but should be doing so soon. Unfortunately they don’t have a phone number to call. The sets are now available for purchase from LLDC Melbourne, with a limit of 2 sets per person.

Dreamworld has received stock and was selling the sets yesterday with a limit of one per person. I suggest calling the store on (07) 5588 1151 before you head in to check stock levels. These sets are going to go quickly.

You can also try contacting your preferred independent toy retailer and have a chat to them about stock.

For those curious, here’s the official reasoning given by LEGO (paraphrased, not a direct quote). These sets were originally planned for China only, and the production was based around that. Other regions then requested to also stock the sets. As the production had already been finalised the stock was spread among the additional markets without additional sets being produced. It was determined that if the Australian online store was included that there would not be enough product for the original market.

Exclusivity Information For January


The 2019 sets should start making their way on to store shelves this week but there are a few sets that won’t be available everywhere.

Here’s the list of the exclusives for January and where you can find them.

There’s an interesting new option in this list – Grocery Channels. I am not sure exactly what that means but I assume that it means those sets will be available at Coles and Woolworths, possibly Costco too. This is a bit of a strange change as they aren’t the stores that you normally think of for LEGO. The grocery exclusives all seem to be the smaller end of the scale so this could be what happens to the Benny’s Space Squad set.

This list also includes the retail release of 71043 Hogwarts Castle at Myer, David Jones and specialty toy stores. Anybody want to take bets on whether Myer excludes this from their sales or not?

You can find the full list below.

Review & Giveaway: 40341 Xtra Sea Accessories


A new theme that went a little under the radar last year was Xtra. These small sets included a wide variety of accessories to add to your builds. The theme returns in 2019 with 40341 Sea Accessories a small polybag style set with 24 elements to add to your nautical play.

There isn’t a lot to this set so this is going to be a quick review but be sure to read to the end for details on how to win a copy of this set.


The set features three different animals. First up is the classic LEGO shark. You can’t have something LEGO themed with water and not have a shark.

Next up is a wonderful two-tone parrot, to add a little pirate style to any minifigure.

The final animal is a small fish.

Water Activities

The set features a few accessories to help your minifigures with their aquatic activities. There is a standard surfboard as well as some flippers – both in lime green.

You also get a spear for spear fishing and a single paddle, I guess to use with the board for stand up paddle boarding.

Treasure Hunting

The set features a great mix of treasures of the deep and the tools to find them. The treasure consists of a chest, three diamonds and a clam with a gold star in it (I’m not sure why either). As for the tools there is a printed treasure map tile and a pair of binoculars


Finally the set also includes an orange brick built buoy and a barrel. The buoy feels a bit like filler but the barrel is useful.


This is a fun little bunch of accessories. If you are building a MOC that has anything to do with the sea there should be some useful parts. If you have a younger builder then this pack can add some additional story telling options for their imaginative play.

At just $6.99 this is a great little extra to add to your LEGO Online orders. This set will be available from LEGO Online from January 10th.

This set was provided to me by the LEGO AFOL Engagement team for the purposes of review. Opinions expressed are my own.

Retail Release Schedule For The First Half of 2019


It’s become somewhat of a New Years tradition that I spend ages hunting down the newest retail catalogue so that I can share with you all of the details on what sets are released when.

Well here it is – the release schedule for the first half of 2019. These are all the sets coming to general retail.

Firstly there are a few observations from the catalogue…

The LEGO Movie 2 sets coming in March

Yes, they are available online now but the retail release is delayed just like the film itself. You won’t be seeing any of the sets in-store until at the very least late February.

No Benny?!

Benny’s Space Squad is probably one of the most highly anticipated sets of 2019, and it’s nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This means that it’s going to be some sort of retailer exclusive. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to find out who that set is going to until February.

First look at The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure series


This new Minifigure Series looks great and will be available to buy from February. There certainly doesn’t appear to be any sort of chase figure in this series which is great. I love the classic Wizard of Oz characters.

No Overwatch

A few people have been asking about the retail release of the Overwatch sets and they are nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This may mean they are a retailer exclusive but I haven’t heard anything about that at this stage.

Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets coming soon


No pictures yet, but a tease for new sets coming in April to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars

You’ll find the full release schedule information below.

January Releases And Promotions


While a heap of new sets were released on Boxing Day, there are over 30 sets that have been made available today including the latest LEGO Modular.

The themes with new sets for 2019 are Overwatch, Creator, Duplo and Speed Champions. The individual Power Functions elements are now available too.

The Chinese New Year sets were meant to be a January 1st release here too but they still haven’t appeared on the website. I’ve reached out to LEGO to find out what is going on with these, but I’m not expecting an immediate response.

You can find a full list of the new release sets at the end of this article but first an interesting new promotion…

Review: 21311 Voltron


I never saw the original Voltron TV show. It came out before I was born and it’s one of those pop-culture properties that while I was aware of it, I had never experienced it. When this LEGO Ideas Voltron set was announced I was clearly less excited than some hardcore fans. It was clear though that this was a particularly impressive model.

I’ve since binge watched the entire Netflix series (it’s great) and got a much better understanding of the Voltron concept.

Voltron has defeated some powerful enemies but can it overcome the toughest challenge yet – convincing you to part with your hard earned money?