LEGO Masters Returns This Sunday At 7PM

LEGO Masters season one was a smash hit with LEGO fans and casual viewers alike. This Sunday at 7pm the show returns with new teams and new creations. Thanks to Channel 9 I got to check out the first episode – here’s everything you need to know before the show kicks off (no spoilers).

The Show


LEGO Masters seems like the exact thing we need at the moment – wholesome family entertainment. The show continues to be the lighthearted fun that made it such a hit last year. There is some clear talent among the teams with the first episode featuring some amazing builds and awesome story telling.

There’s definitely no easing in to things as the first challenge is a huge 15 hour build. The Golden Brick is back but this year there is also another surprise in store. I won’t spoil anything but it’s an unexpected addition that I thought was brilliant and hilarious.

Hamish is back and still the same as last year – I know not everybody is a fan but I find his humour works really well with the show. He seems to have a bit more opinion on the builds this year.

Judging duty is once again handled by Ryan McNaught. Ryan clearly knows his stuff but I’d still love to see a second judge or some guest judges.

Meet the Teams

Here are the 8 teams that will be competing to take out the LEGO Masters season 2

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all the Bricking Around community. I hope the Easter bunny was generous with the chocolate.

Easter 2020

With everybody at home it’s a perfect time to do some building. What is everybody working on?

LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure: A Very Expensive Craft Project


I asked LEGO to send me one of the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigures to review. My intention was to get the Bricking Around logo laser engraved on the torso. It was going to be awesome; there was going to be lasers involved. I was going to get the laser engraving done at The Edge at State Library of Queensland. The library is now understandably closed and I’m left with a chunk of wood that doesn’t have the Bricking Around logo on it.

So what do you do with an oversized wooden minifigure?

On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

I feel like David Jones has been rolling out the 25% off deal a lot lately. Not a complaint at all, just an observation.

Active again is 25% off all LEGO including the stuff others exclude like Creator Expert and Ideas.

This sale runs until April 14th.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

Please consider online shopping rather than going in-store. Stay home and stay safe.

Super Mario Starter Set Now Available For Pre-Order

LEGO have today opened up pre-orders for the Super Mario Starter Set.

The set is a key component of the new theme as it is the set that comes with the interactive Mario figure.

The starter set is officially released on August 1st 2020 and costs $89.99 here in Australia. You can pre-order yours here.

LEGO have also released a tease of the up-coming expansion sets Bowser’s Boss Battle and Piranha Plant Power Slide.

Check out the official Starter Set set description below.

My Wife Built My Modular

I have had the 2019 modular – Corner Garage – sitting in my room for over a year. My intention was that I’d build it and do a review telling you how great/terrible it is. As you will have noticed that didn’t happen. I got sent other sets to review, got busy and just never got to it.

After a year I figured the moment had passed for a standard review; I’m sure you’ve all already formed your opinions on this one. My wife offered me a bit of a lifeline though – she offered to build it to help me clear my backlog of review sets.

My wife is wonderful and supportive of my AFOL lifestyle but she is not an AFOL herself. There are limits to how much LEGO news I can spew forth before she tunes out, and I don’t really remember her ever building a set. It’s certainly not something she does for fun.


The modulars are not a soft introduction to the LEGO building experience. They are parts intensive with lots of intricate details.

So what did my non-AFOL wife think of the experience?

Pirates of Barracuda Bay Now Available

No, this isn’t an April Fools Day post. The LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set is now available to order.

I wouldn’t be surprised if stock of this runs out today, with so many people at home looking for awesome sets to build.


Get yours here for $299.99. [affiliate link]

LEGO Announces Dom’s Charger From The Fast & Furious Franchise

The Fast & Furious franchise is known for some incredible cars but there is one that stands out above all – Dom’s Dodge Charger. Now the iconic muscle car is getting the LEGO Technic treatment.

The 1:13 scale LEGO® Technic™ Dom’s Dodge Charger features 1077 pieces. You’ll be able to preorder yours today with the official release set for April 27th – thankfully this hasn’t been delayed like the latest film.


Read on for the press release and additional images.

On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

The late March LEGO sale Battle Royale has a new contender – David Jones is here with 25% off all LEGO.

It’s great that DJs are offering such a broad sale – nobody likes exclusions.

The sale is on now and runs until March 29th.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

Please consider using online shopping rather than going in-store. Stay home and stay safe.

Thanks to Trent for the heads up.

On Sale: Myer Toy Sale

Myer has a new toy sale from today, with a range of offers that are absolutely worth checking out. They’ve actually got discounts on Creator Expert sets!


First up is 20% off a range of themes:

Here are the Creator Expert offers – it’s not everything but there are two modulars on sale.

Sale Price
Discount %
Corner Garage$299.99$199.0034%Link
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy$159.99$129.0019%Link

The sale runs from today (March 27th) until April 26th.

Please consider using online shopping rather than going in-store. Stay home and stay safe.

This article features affiliate links.