The Police Officer Is Stupid And I Didn’t Even Want One Anyway

The newest collectable minifigure series is out now. It features 16 wonderful party themed minifigures, each with a fantastic costume. It also features a 17th minifigure that is stupid and I hate. That minifigure is a recreation of a classic 40 year old police officer. There is only one of these minifigures per box. That’s dumb.

CMF Series 18 Police Officer Boo

When Mr Gold was released you knew that it was incredibly unlikely that you’d find one. It was easy to put it out of your mind. This police officer though – there is one in every box. That is tantalisingly possible. All you have to do is find an unopened box and feel your way to that elusive figure.

After a nice Easter break I was back at work and by lunch time I had already had enough of the Tuesday  pretending to be a Monday. I decided that I’d duck to the shops and try much luck at finding an unopened box.

I went to Big W and found only a half full box of Series 2 Batman minifigures. The shelves were fairly bare so I suspected that there was stock out the back.

On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us

It’s school holiday time so we should be on the lookout for sales this week, and right on schedule Toys R Us is back with a new offer.

From tomorrow (tonight online) April 4th Toys R Us are offering buy one, get one half price on all LEGO except the UCS Millennium Falcon. This sale ends Tuesday April 24th.

Toys R Us April 4 2018

It’s great that this is a nice and broad sale that will allow you to mix and match across themes.

Remember that these sales always work with the lowest priced set being the one reduced. You may need to split your purchases to get as close as possible to the maximum 25% discount.

As an added bonus if you spend $200 or more you’ll get the opportunity to get a LEGO brick storage tub for $15.

You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

New Promotion and Sets For April

Now that April Fools is done^ lets get in to some real LEGO news for April.

First up is an interesting new online promotion:

Free Minifigure Factory with purchases over $85


The Minifigure Factory set features one minifigure in a great LEGO employee shirt as well as a collection of decorated trophy elements. The trophy elements represent an interesting lineup of minifigures. You will also get a small trolley and factory build. The set for the box also folds out to create a diorama factory scene. You can learn more about the promotional set here.
The set goes nicely with the Series 18 minifigures which are also out now. I wouldn’t recommend getting CMF from the online store though. It’s not the cheapest option and you can’t feel the packets.

New BrickHeadz

A new range of BrickHeadz have just been released – 2 from Solo, 4 from Infinity War and the interesting looking Go Brick Me set. I’m hoping that Go Brick Me will be coming to retail at some point because I really want to get that one.

Here’s the full list:

Set #
41597Go Brick Me$39.99View
41604Iron Man MK50$15.99View
41608Han Solo$15.99View

Introducing Premium SMS Alerts

SMS Logo

Have you ever missed out on an awesome sale because you didn’t see it posted? I understand that you can’t check Bricking Around constantly and sometimes subscription emails get missed too.

To help solve these issues I am launching an exciting new service – Premium SMS alerts.

For just $5 per month you will receive an SMS alert whenever a new sale is posted.

Details on how to sign up will be released in the coming days.

I look forward to helping you save more on your LEGO purchases with this new service.

21314 TRON: Legacy Now Available

Right on schedule the latest LEGO Ideas set – 21314 TRON: Legacy – is now available to purchase.


The set will set you back $49.99, so chances are you may want to get other items to hit the free shipping threshold.

Let me know if you plan on getting this one. You can grab your set here. icon

Reminder: Double VIP Promotion Ends Tomorrow

Double VIP Thumb New

Just a quick reminder that the current double VIP offer doesn’t run until the end of the month – it actually ends March 30th. With all the store sales on at the moment I know I forgot.

If there are some exclusives you’ve had your eye on you might want to make a call before the offer ends.

Head over to the online store before time runs out.

On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

David Jones Logo

If you were planning to rush out to Big W today for their sale, it might be worth doing a quick check of David Jones – they have just launched a 25% off sale that might be better value.

The 25% off appears to be on all items as there are no exceptions listed.

This is an Easter weekend offer and runs until April 2nd. There is no mention of it being an online only sale.

As always with David Jones you won’t see the discount until the item is in your bag.

You can view the David Jones range here.

Thanks to Eric for letting me know about this.

On Sale: 20% Off At Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

I had been hoping we’d see some good Easter sales and this one is really good thanks to Big W’s low everyday prices.

From tomorrow (March 29th) until April 4th you will get 20% off all of Big W’s LEGO range both online and in-store.

There isn’t really a lot more to say.

You can view the Big W online range here.

On Sale: Toys R Us Secret VIP Savings

I am really bad at keeping secrets – for example Toys R Us sent out the details to a secret VIP offer tonight and here I am sharing it with you.

Using the code SECRET18 you can get a discount off your purchase; the exact amount you will save will depend on how much you are spending.

Toys R Us March 27 Secret VIP

  • Spend $100 and save $20
  • Spend $150 and save $35
  • Spend $200 and save $50

These are set thresholds rather than a percentage off. If you spend $145 for example you will only get $20 off and your discount won’t go above $50, even if you spend thousands.

The email says that this VIP Secret sale starts Wednesday March 28th and ends Monday April 2nd, but the code is working online right now.

This offer should combine nicely with the online sale they currently have.

Thanks to those who made sure I hadn’t missed this.

On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

eBay 200

After a few one day or 12 hour codes eBay are back with yet another 10% off site-wide sale.

This offer doesn’t have a set end date and will run for as long as it advertised. This could be hours or it could be days, I really have no idea. If I had to guess I’d say it will run through Easter.

The code you will need is P10EASTER and there is a $75 minimum spend.

Head over to eBay to look around.