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Review & Giveaway: 40341 Xtra Sea Accessories


A new theme that went a little under the radar last year was Xtra. These small sets included a wide variety of accessories to add to your builds. The theme returns in 2019 with 40341 Sea Accessories a small polybag style set with 24 elements to add to your nautical play.

There isn’t a lot to this set so this is going to be a quick review but be sure to read to the end for details on how to win a copy of this set.


The set features three different animals. First up is the classic LEGO shark. You can’t have something LEGO themed with water and not have a shark.

Next up is a wonderful two-tone parrot, to add a little pirate style to any minifigure.

The final animal is a small fish.

Water Activities

The set features a few accessories to help your minifigures with their aquatic activities. There is a standard surfboard as well as some flippers – both in lime green.

You also get a spear for spear fishing and a single paddle, I guess to use with the board for stand up paddle boarding.

Treasure Hunting

The set features a great mix of treasures of the deep and the tools to find them. The treasure consists of a chest, three diamonds and a clam with a gold star in it (I’m not sure why either). As for the tools there is a printed treasure map tile and a pair of binoculars


Finally the set also includes an orange brick built buoy and a barrel. The buoy feels a bit like filler but the barrel is useful.


This is a fun little bunch of accessories. If you are building a MOC that has anything to do with the sea there should be some useful parts. If you have a younger builder then this pack can add some additional story telling options for their imaginative play.

At just $6.99 this is a great little extra to add to your LEGO Online orders. This set will be available from LEGO Online from January 10th.

This set was provided to me by the LEGO AFOL Engagement team for the purposes of review. Opinions expressed are my own.