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Amazon Australia Officially Launches

Amazon Australia Thumb

The media said that Amazon Australia would launch by Black Friday but that came and went without any word from Amazon. Instead they have opted for the momentous occasion of Tuesday December 5th to launch the Australian site.

So now that it has launched, are the prices amazing? Has it instantly killed local LEGO retail trade? The answer to both is no. If I had to summarise the Amazon.com.au for LEGO fans in one word it would be “Okay”. It’s not amazing but it’s also not terrible.

Really the only factor that people really care about is price. There are two sides to this – Listings from Amazon themselves all seem to be around the 20% off mark, the sort of prices you can either find on sale at Myer, Toys R Us and David Jones or often the regular shelf prices at Kmart, Big W and even Target.

I often tell people that 20% off RRP should be the price you aim to pay, if not better and Amazon does have some better prices – For example the LEGO BB-8 set for $99 is a good deal at around 37% off RRP.

This link should have all of the LEGO listings from Amazon.

Will Amazon’s Arrival Change The LEGO Buying Landscape?

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An interesting new job advertisement popped up on Seek the other day – LEGO Australia are looking for a Senior Key Account Manager. This normally wouldn’t be particularly interesting as LEGO Australia probably has a lot of account managers. What makes this position a little different is that is specifically relates to working to launch the LEGO and Amazon partnership in Australia.

We’ve known that Amazon is coming to Australia for a little while now, but this is confirmation that LEGO Australia are taking their arrival seriously and already starting work on supplying them with products.

Amazon’s arrival in Australia has got a lot of industry experts speculating about doom and gloom for local retail. As an online presence Amazon doesn’t have the same overheads, and can in theory offer better prices. They are also not above offering deep discounts to get customers to try their service.

Will Amazon become the go-to source of LEGO buying in Australia? It’s extremely difficult to predict this with any certainty but they are certainly facing a lot of challenges.

German Amazon Site Reveals Possible 2016 Set List


It seems hard to believe but we are already starting to get news about 2016 sets.

This news comes to us from the German Amazon site via The Brick Fan.

The set names were originally not in English, so the actual set names might be different when they are actually released.

The new Knights theme is rumoured to be a mix of traditional Knights and a steampunk aesthetic.

We have included the Euro prices below. While they don’t tell us the Australian price they can indicate size – bigger sets are more expensive.

Check out the full list below.

Amazon Offer Update

Amazon Logo

If you look over to the right of the page you may notice a slight change in our Amazon offers. At the moment we have switched out our Amazon US offers for two great deals from the UK version of Amazon.

There are two reasons for the change; firstly Amazon.com are blocking international shipping again and secondly the Amazon.co.uk deals are pretty great.

Here are the specific details of the two offers

60052 Cargo Train
Can currently be shipped from Amazon UK for AU$197.43. That is a saving of $102 off the Australian RRP of $299.99 (around 34% off).

42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
Can currently be shipped from Amazon UK for AU$281.73. That is a saving of $78 off the Australian RRP of $359.99 (around 21.7% off).

EDIT: As pointed out by Nick in the comments this set can be purchased from Australian retailer Shopforme for just $251.99. A much better offer and it supports an Australian business. You can view the deal here.

Prices are based on the Amazon currency conversion option (as on 18/11/2014) and delivery to our Brisbane address.

LEGO On Sale At Amazon UK

While the US site continues to mess with Australian shoppers their UK counterpart has decided to slash the prices on a huge range of LEGO sets.

Amazon.co.uk Offers

There is quite a decent list of sets included, and that link may not include all of the deals on offer. We strongly suggest having a look around.

Bricking Around reader Jules was able to get the LEGO City 60052: Cargo Train for $200. At the time of writing that particular set can be delivered to Australia for $208, a saving of around $90 over the official Australian RRP.

Note: Prices based on Amazon currency conversion as on 06/11/2014 and delivery to our Brisbane address.

International Shipping Available For Some LEGO Items

Amazon Logo

Amazon continues to play with our emotions by randomly enabling and disabling international shipping of LEGO products.

As of today (5th November 2014) we have found that there are quite a few sets that can be shipped to Australia.

We aren’t able to provide a full list as it is still quite hit and miss, but we suggest checking it out for yourself if there is a set that you are interested in.

We have also re-enabled our Amazon offers for the time being. In the hunt for sets that were available for international shipping we came across 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission which can currently be shipped to Australia for just $55.84. That’s a very decent 30% off the Australian price of $79.99.

We will keep our eyes open for great deals, and if you spot anything let us know in the comments.

Prices based on Amazon currency conversion option as on 5/11/2014 and shipping to our Brisbane address.

Amazon Offers Are Back

Amazon Logo

We were pleased to discover that Amazon has started shipping some items to Australia again. This isn’t as comprehensive as it has been previously, but we will continue to monitor the availability.

Over on the right of the page we have re-enabled the Amazon Offers box, and selected two deals we felt worth sharing.

76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel

This set seems to be hard to find, and the Australian RRP is quite high. We know from our affiliate data that this set was previously quite popular.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $65.48, which is 18% off the Australian RRP of $79.99.

10218 Creator Pet Shop

This set had quite a high Australian RRP. Buying from Amazon works out a few dollars cheaper than a local 20% off sale, but this set may be hard to find in-store as it has been out for a little while.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $212.38, which is 21% off the Australian RRP of $269.99.

71006 The Simpsons House

We didn’t have room on the side bar for three offers so we left this one off in favour of the X-Men set with a better discount. We do know that this is a popular set that may now be hard to find in stores.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $282.16, which is 14% off the Australian RRP of $329.99.

All Amazon prices based on the Amazon currency conversion option (as on 15th October 2014) and shipping to our Brisbane address.

LEGO Blocks International Shipping From Amazon

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It can be tough being an Australian LEGO fan. We all know that Australian prices are higher, but there are also other issues that we have to deal with. Australian prices are not just higher, they are inconsistently higher with markups anywhere from 5% to 50%. There is also the recent increase in the free shipping threshold which has made the official online LEGO store practically useless for small orders, with delivery costing at least $25.

After years of dealing with higher prices Australian consumers got smart. In the harsh desert of Australian retail prices we found an oasis; a secret source of cheaper LEGO. That oasis was Amazon. It really was wonderful; the strong Australian dollar combined with low US prices and affordable shipping to create a situation where Australians could import LEGO for less than the Australian RRP. Unfortunately Amazon has currently blocked international shipping for LEGO.

If you try and by LEGO from Amazon today you will get the following message;

Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

We have been communicating with Amazon on the issue extensively, and today received the following response;

Due to certain restrictions by the manufacturer, this change has been bought and I can confirm that the change is not permanent.

We suggest everybody cross their fingers and hope that this information is accurate. The Amazon apocolapse may just be a temporary set-back. It is important to note that this information is coming from a support agent, so until we can start ordering from Amazon, we won’t know for sure.

If there are products that you do want to purchase from Amazon, we suggest getting in touch with them and letting them know that you aren’t happy with the restriction. The more people that complain, the more pressure they can put on LEGO.

We promise to stay on top of the issue and update as more information becomes available.

Amazon Sale: Buy One, Get One 40% Off

Amazon Logo

It looks like the toy sale mania has spread to the US. Amazon have just kicked off a Buy 1, Get 1 40% Off sale on a range of products including a range of LEGO. It’s not exactly the broadest range, but there are still some decent sets included in the offer. Of particular note is the new Guardians Of The Galaxy sets. These aren’t released in Australia until August, so it is very surprising to see such new sets included in a sale. Also included is the X-Men vs Sentinel set that we know people were interested in. That set is not in the Australian retail catalogue, so we don’t know when that will be showing up here.

Click here to view the offer – Buy One, Get One 40% Off

This is a limited sale, and we aren’t sure exactly when it will end.

We generally try and run the numbers on all of the Amazon offers that we post here, but with such a variety of sets available it is going to be impossible for us to check every combination. We suggest that before you hit that final confirmation button you have a quick look at the total in Australian dollars and compare that to the Australian retail price (which you can find here). With 20% off being fairly common in Australia, we suggest that as your baseline for saving money.

On Sale – Amazon Promotion 40% Off Second Toy

We know that we already posted an Amazon offer today, but this sale looks like a pretty good deal.

Buy One, Get One 40% Off on Select Toys
For a limited time and while supplies last, buy one, get one 40% off on select toys. Discount will be applied at Checkout

We saw this offer this morning but we were unable to get the discount to apply, but we have just got a tip that the deals are currently working.

You will need to go through the checkout process to see the sale details. You don’t need to actually place the order, just get to the final confirmation page as per the screenshot below.

Amazon Offer

This example is for two 7965 Star Wars Millennium Falcon sets. Be sure that the promotion is correctly applied.

Click here for the included sets