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Australian Price For 10255 Assembly Square Confirmed

After 24 hours of speculation we finally know the price for the next modular set 10255 Assembly Square. When it becomes available January 1st this massive set will cost Australians $399.99.

10255 Assembly Square Australian Price

While the price is fairly high, so is the part count.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the price.

Australian Price For 21306 Yellow Submarine Confirmed

The product page for the latest LEGO Ideas set – 21306 Yellow Submarine – is now active, which means we now know the Australian price.

Getting your own LEGO version of the fab four is going to set you back $79.99 when the set becomes available November 1st.

LEGO Ideas Yellow Submarine AU Price

Via https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Yellow-Submarine-21306

Australian Price For 75159 Death Star Confirmed

While people are still divided on the set itself we now have the most important piece of information for anybody still on the fence – the Australian RRP.

75159 Death Star will cost us $799.99. VIPs can order it online from September 15th.

75159 Australian Price

The previous version of the Death Star (10188) was available for $598 during the 2014 Big W Toy Sale. $799.99 is quite the jump in price for a remake just two years later.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Death-Star-75159

Australian Price For 10254 Winter Holiday Train

LEGO have activated the Australian page for the recently announced 10254 Winter Holiday Train, which means we now have the official Australian RRP.

10254 Winter Holiday Train AU price

As per the initial reports the Australian RRP is $149.99.

Will you be picking up a set when it’s released for VIPs in September?

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Winter-Holiday-Train-10254

Australian Price For 21128 The Village

LEGO have updated their online store with a page for the upcoming Minecraft set 21128 The Village, which means that we now know the official Australian RRP. At 1600 pieces the set was never going to be cheap but $349.99 may be more than some Minecraft fans wanted to pay.

21128 Minecraft The VIllage Australian Price

The price seems quite high – but is it overpriced or reasonably priced? Read on for a look at the price in more detail.

Australian Price For 21304 Doctor Who

21304 Doctor Who AU Price

It looks like the product page for 21304 Doctor Who has just gone live.

The page confirms that the Australian RRP for the set is $79.99.

With the Australian dollar the way it is at the moment that price seems pretty good.

The page also confirms the December 1st release date.

Thanks to Daniel for letting us know the page was up.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Doctor-Who-21304

Australian Price For 70751 Temple of Airjitzu

Bricking Around has compiled a database of all the 2015 LEGO sets, and we use that to regularly check for prices for new sets. While doing one of our regular checks we spotted something new – the official Australian price for 70751 Temple of Airjitzu.

This impressive Ninjago set will cost Australian LEGO fans $299.99 when it becomes available in September (August for VIPs).

70751 Temple of Airjitzu Australian Price

This price is exactly what we predicted when the set was first unveiled.

What do you think of the price? Hopefully this set will make it to an Australian retailer and we can score it for 20% off.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Temple-of-Airjitzu-70751

Australian Price For 10247 Ferris Wheel

10247 Ferris Wheel Australian Price

After days of leaked details and images we finally have the official press release for 10247 Ferris Wheel. More importantly, we also have an official Australian RRP.

For those of you who can’t see the image – 10247 Ferris Wheel will cost $289.99 in Australia. We think that price is actually quite good.When you factor in currency conversion and GST we are only paying around $10 more than the US. With a 20% off sale this would be a great buy.

There should be a VIP pre-release of this set in mid-May.

You can check out the press release and designer video below

Official Australian Price Of 71016 The Kwik-E-Mart

71016 Kwik-E-Mart Box

As pointed out by John in the comments of the Kwik-E-Mart announcement, we now have an official Australian price for the latest Simpsons set.

71016 The Kwik-E-Mart will cost Australian LEGO fans $329.99 when it is released in May this year.

Based on various international prices and the current state of the Australian dollar, it looks like we haven’t done too badly on price - Converting the US price to the Australian price works out to $283.38 (when you factor in GST). That means the Australian price is only a 17% markup. If you can get this set for 20% off then you are coming out ahead of the US.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/The-Kwik-E-Mart-71016

Australian Details For 75095 TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter Box 200px

As mentioned by James in the comments of our original TIE Fighter article – we now have an official Australian price and release date of the 75095 TIE Fighter set.

The official Australian RRP is $299.99 and the set will be available online May 2nd 2015.

We don’t have any information about a possible VIP pre-release, but fingers crossed.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Australian price.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/TIE-Fighter-75095, additional information via Jay’s Brick Blog