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Official Details of 76 Upcoming Sets


LEGO has updated their store with official details of 76 sets that are listed as coming soon.

Some of these are things we already knew about like the Harry Potter sets, but there is a lot that we didn’t have official details or pricing on. We do now though! For example we now know that one of 2020′s most anticipated sets 31109 Pirate Ship will cost $159.99 here in Australia.

There’s a lot of info so I’ve enabled sorting and filtering on the table below. This info should help you plan out what you are going to be spending your money on soon.

No Current Plans For Bricktober Sets Here In Australia

Sometimes I have to bring you bad news rather than good news.

I have heard from LEGO today that there are currently no plans for the release of the Bricktober sets in Australia.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bricktober, it is/was an annual event at Toys R Us where promotional sets were given out when you buy LEGO. This year’s lineup includes 4 great looking minifigure collections; a Harry Potter collection, a Jurassic World collection, a Ninjago collection and a Marvel collection.

Unfortunately Toys R Us no longer exists in Australia. I, like others, had hoped that these sets would make their way to another retailer or be available online. It seems however that (at this stage) that won’t be happening. Hopefully LEGO will change their mind on this and we’ll see them available here in some capacity.