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On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

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The latest Big W catalogue doesn’t seem likely to get people rushing to their local Big W store, but there are a selection of smaller sets at reduced prices. Check out the list of the sets at the end of this article because there may be something you’ve had your eye on.

The catalogue offers start tomorrow (March 10th) and run until Wednesday March 17th 2016.

You can check out the catalogue here, or see a list of the sets below.

LEGO Dimensions On Sale At Big W

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It looks like Big W are getting in on the LEGO Dimensions sales action. We’re not sure if they are just clearing stock for before the next wave is released or if it’s a sign that the game has stopped selling well. Either way it’s a great chance to pick up some of the items for a great price.

We’ve included a breakdown of all of the products on sale below.

You can check out the range here, or if you are just interested in the products that are available to purchase online you can click hereicon

Set #
71170Starter Pack: PS3$84.00
71171Starter Pack: PS4$84.00
71172Starter Pack: Xbox One$119.00
71173Starter Pack: Xbox 360$84.00
71174Starter Pack: Wii U$119.00
71201Level Pack: Back To The Future$39.20
71202Level Pack: The Simpsons$22.00
71203Level Pack: Portal 2$39.20
71205Team Pack: Jurassic World$31.20
71206Team Pack: Scooby-Doo$31.20
71207Team Pack: Ninjago$31.20
71209Fun Pack: Wonder Woman$15.00
71210Fun Pack: Cyborg$15.00
71211Fun Pack: Bart Simpson$19.20
71212Fun Pack: Emmet$15.00
71214Fun Pack: Benny$15.00
71216Fun Pack: Nya$15.00
71217Fun Pack: Zane$15.00
71218Fun Pack: Gollum$19.20
71219Fun Pack: Legolas$15.00
71220Fun Pack: Gimli$15.00
71221Fun Pack: Wicked Witch$19.20
71222Fun Pack: Laval$15.00
71223Fun Pack: Cragger$15.00
71227Fun Pack: Krusty the Clown$19.20
71232Fun Pack: Eris$15.00

Thanks to Wade for sharing this.

Three Friends Sets On Sale At Big W

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Before you ask – no, that headline isn’t an error. The latest Big W catalogue kicks off tomorrow and features three Friends sets on sale, as well as some City sets that are shown at their ‘everyday’ price of just $10 (still cheaper than RRP).

The catalogue runs from tomorrow (Thursday February 25th) until Wednesday March 2nd 2016. You can check it out for yourself here, or view a list of the included sets below.

Note that this is a Big W sale so the discounts will be different than what the catalogue says – it’s based of RRP rather than Big W’s everyday price.

On Sale: 20% Off Dimensions At Big W

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The latest Big W catalogue has a heavy focus on baby stuff but just like Target’s recent baby catalogue there is a little something in there for LEGO fans.

Unfortunately there aren’t any LEGO sets on sale in the catalogue but Big W are offering 20% off LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs, Team Packs and Level Packs. Unfortunately the Starter Packs are not included in the offer.

This could be a good chance to add some new packs to your Dimensions collection.

The sale runs from tomorrow (February 4th 2016) until Wednesday February 17th. You can check out the catalogue here.

There are also a few Duplo sets featured in the catalogue. The details of those are below.

New Star Wars And City Sets In Latest Big W Catalogue

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The latest Big W catalogue doesn’t really count as a sale – it’s more of a highlight of the fact that new sets are in store now.

The catalogue reveals the everyday price for a range of Star Wars and City sets. As we’ve come to expect from Big W these prices are all a little lower than the regular RRP. While the catalogue only features a few items there should be some other items from the January release in stores now too.

We mentioned that this isn’t really a sale, but there are two Friends sets reduced…

41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon $28.00 (RRP $44.99, RRP Discount $16.99 or 38%)

41093 Heartlake Hair Salon $25.00 (RRP $44.99, RRP Discount $19.99 or 44%)

Both of these are great prices, so stock may sell quickly.

You can check out the full list of items included in the catalogue below, or view the catalogue yourself here.

On Sale: 20% Off At Big W Online

In yesterday’s Big W post we mentioned that they were going to be having an online sale on LEGO but we didn’t know the full details. Well the Big W website has been updated and the offer is now live.

From today (January 7th) until Wednesday January 13th 2016 you can get 20% off Big W’s online LEGO range. This reduction is off the regular Big W prices, so will end up being a bit more than 20% off RRP.

Big W 20pc Off LEGO Online

The online range isn’t amazing, but there are around 80 products across various themes. Hopefully you can find something that interests you.

You can check out the products available online here.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

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For younger LEGO fans it’s almost back to school time, which for some reason usually means we get a few small LEGO sales. We’re not sure why, but we certainly aren’t complaining.

This offer from Big W is for a range of selected sets, including some of the Force Awakens Star Wars sets.

The catalogue offers run from tomorrow (January 7th 2016) through until Wednesday January 13th. You can check out the catalogue here, or view the list of included sets below.

Big W are also using the catalogue to promote an online sale on ALL LEGO. We’re not sure what the specifics of the offer are but be sure to check out the Big W website tomorrow. UPDATE: The online offer is 20% off the online LEGO range. You can view the LEGO available for online purchase here.

Big W Online Sale January 2016

Woolworths Rewards – 20% Off LEGO At Big W

We’re not sure if this offer went out to every Woolworths Rewards cardholder, but it might be a good idea to check the email linked to your account. We have received an email from Woolworths Rewards offering 20% off all LEGO at Big W online.

Big W 20pc Off Rewards

The offer runs from today (December 27th) until January 2nd 2016. You will need to activate the offer via the email to receive a code to use at checkout. It’s unclear if the code that is provided is unique, or if everybody gets the same one.

You can check out the Big W online range here.

10% Off At Big W This Weekend With Family & Friends Voucher

Still got list minute LEGO gifts to buy? Big W are helping out with a new offer.

This weekend (19th & 20th December 2015) Big W are offering 10% Off store-wide with a Family & Friends voucher.

Big W FF Dec 19 2015

You can download your copy of the voucher here.

There are some exclusions but they shouldn’t affect LEGO purchases.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W, Plus Dimensions Discounts

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There is a new Big W sale kicking of that could be the last one that we see before Christmas; unfortunately it’s only a few selected sets. There is also a LEGO Dimensions offer that should appeal to owners of the game.

The catalogue runs from tomorrow (December 10th) right up until Christmas Eve (December 24th 2015).

There are 14 sets on sale in the catalogue as well as the LEGO Dimensions offer we mentioned – 20% off all LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs, Team Packs and Starter Packs.

You can check out the catalogue here or view the list of sets included below.