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On Sale: 20% Off At Big W This Weekend

If you had plans this weekend you may need to re-evaluate your priorities – the Big W Facebook page has just confirmed 20% off all full priced LEGO this weekend until November 13th.

This could be the best possible time to pick up a Ghostbusters HQ or the Porsche 911 (which is already cheap at Big W).


The offer is unlikely to apply to anything ‘on sale’ in last week’s catalogue.

20% off isn’t the best offer but Big W does have regular prices lower than RRP, which makes things interesting.

Update: I originally missed that this ran for two weeks. As of 4am AEST prices on the online store are not reduced, I’ll keep an eye on this during the day.

Update 2: Online prices have now been updated. You can view the range here.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

BigW 200x200

The pre-Christmas rush continues to heat up with another catalogue full of discounted LEGO.

The latest offering from Big W is a range of selected sets on sale. Big W prices are usually a bit lower than RRP so the final price on some of the featured sets is quite good.

The sale kicks off today (October 27th) and runs until November 9th 2016. You can check out the catalogue for yourself here or see the list of included sets below.

On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

BigW 200x200

Don’t you hate it when there is something interesting happening and you aren’t able to tell people about it? While I’ve been preoccupied with some personal stuff the September school holidays kicked off and we all know that means toy sales!

This offer from Big W isn’t amazing but there are plenty of City and Friends sets on sale and those are two themes that are always popular.

I’ve included a list of the sets below or you can check out the catalogue here. This sale runs from September 22nd to 28th.

On Sale: 20% Off Toys At Big W

BigW 200x200

Here’s an unexpected treat from Big W for anybody that missed out on the Toy Sale.

From today (July 18th) until Sunday July 24th Big W are offering 20% off all toys including LEGO.

It’s also been reported that Big W will adjust lay-buys for items that were less than 20% off during the toy sale. Of course there is no guarantee that every store will be aware of that but I have seen it posted on the Big W Facebook page.

This offer is in store only.

Update: Here is the lay-buy adjustment information that was mentioned.


2016 Toy Sales Price Matching: Big W vs Toys R Us

2016 Toy Sale Retailer Thumb BIGW TRU Price Match

The best thing about the toy sales is that retailers will usually bring out price matching policies designed to get you to spend money in their store, rather than going elsewhere. This year both Big W and Toys R Us are offering to beat advertised prices by 10%. Let’s make the most of that.

Below I’ve outlined sets that are featured in two catalogues. Myer wasn’t very helpful in this situation, but there are a few Big W vs Toys R Us prices to compare.

Everything is outlined in the table below. Here’s how to make sense of it…

  • Store A has the lower price
  • Go into Store B and show them the price from Store A
  • Pay the goal price (hopefully)

Admittedly some of these are a bit of a gamble – there is only $0.01 between the advertised prices. The policies do say “lower price” though. Good luck.

The full table of sets to price match is below.

2016 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Big W

2016 Toy Sale Retailer Thumb BIG W

Period: June 16 – July 6 2016

Big Ticket Items: 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier for $475. 75827 Ghostbusters HQ for $475

Christmas Lay-by: Yes

View catalogue

Big W’s Toy sale is always the first to launch and with some great offers this could be hard to beat for the other retailers.

The full list of sets included in the sale can be found below.

This year Big W are also offering a 10% price beat offer. Once some more sale details from other retailers are released be assured that you’ll have all the information to take advantage of that.

Big W Price Beat 2016 Toy Sale

On Sale: 10% Off At Big W With Family & Friends Voucher

Big W Family Friends May 2016Big W currently have 15% off on their online store but if you don;t want to pay for deliver, or they just don’t have what you are after, then this offer may be of interest to you.

Today and tomorrow (May 28th & 29th) you can get 10% off store-wide at Big W with their Staff, Family & Friends voucher.

You will need to print out the voucher or have it on your phone when you check out.

Click on the image for a larger version of the voucher.

On Sale: 15% Off LEGO At Big W Online

Big W May 26 2016 15pc Off

It seems that Big W’s online store are clearing out their LEGO stock. After their recent 10% off sale the site has just been updated with a new flash LEGO sale.

From today (May 26th) until Monday May 30th you can get 15% off all LEGO.

The Big W online range isn’t the same as their in store range, but there are still plenty of sets to consider. You can check out the range here.

Thanks to Basta for sharing this news.

On Sale: 10% Off LEGO At Big W Online


May is usually a pretty quiet month for sales as retailers prepare for the mid-year toy sales. Luckily for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on some new LEGO there is this offer from Big W’s online store.

For today and tomorrow only (May 17th & 18th 2016) you can get 10% off the regular price of all LEGO at Big W’s online store. Big W prices are usually a little less than RRP anyway, so a further 10% off isn’t too bad.

The Big W online store can be pretty terrible at times but at the time of posting there were over 150 different sets available to buy online. If you are having your purchase posted don’t forget to factor in shipping costs to your savings.

This is an online only offer so prices won’t be reduced in-store.

You can check out their range here.

Your Guide To The April Sales

April 2016 Sales Info

In case you haven’t already noticed – there are lots of sales on at the moment. Multiple sales running at the same time is a perfect opportunity for you to get those sets you’ve been contemplating.

In an effort to take things easier for you here are our tips on making the most of these sales.

First up, check when each sale starts and ends. There is plenty of overlap but you don’t want to get it wrong

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Read on below for our tips.