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Win A 60th Anniversary Set Thanks to Australian Bricklink Store Aussie Brickster

Aussie Brickster Thumb

I know that there are plenty of Bricking Around readers that work on amazing MOCs, so this competition might be of interest to anybody looking to order some parts from Bricklink.

Australian store Aussie Brickster are giving away a 60th Anniversary set as well as two of the Building Bigger Thinking sets. To enter all you need to do is order from their store. In fact you can get entries if you have ever ordered from them. That’s right – you get  one entry for every order you have placed in their store. The competition is drawn April 1st so there is still time to get additional orders in.

There are bonus entries available too.

You can find all of the details on the Aussie Brickster Facebook page.

On Sale: 20% Off At Aussie Brickster Bricklink Store

While all of the big stores, and even the smaller online stores, get plenty of coverage here on Bricking Around I know that some people like to build something other than sets.

This latest news should be helpful for anybody looking for some parts for their own creations – Australian Bricklink store Aussie Brickster got in touch to announce that tonight (December 1st) a special 20% off offer will be going out the fans of their store. There is also free shipping available for orders over $250.

 Aussie Brickster Splash

Not a fan? Don’t worry, I’ve included instructions below on how you can get in on this offer.