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Review: 10273 Haunted House

Since 2014 LEGO has been releasing amusement rides under the Creator Expert range. This year LEGO has killed the Creator Expert theme but introduced a new name for all of their amusement ride sets -The Fairground Collection. The latest addition is 10273 Haunted House.

Should you add this one to your collection or give this a miss? Read on to hear my thoughts.


When I first heard that LEGO was producing a Haunted House set I thought it would be a standalone set, possibly even a remake of 10228 Haunted House from 2012′s Monster Fighters theme. That would have been cool but the fact that this is actually a fairground ride is actually a more interesting take in my opinion.

The Build

This set is an 18+ set with 3231 pieces so as you would expect it’s a complex build, here split over 18 sections. I think the breakdown of the set is fairly good with each section containing enough parts to be engaging, but each bit won’t take too long.

10277 Crocodile Locomotive Coming July 1st

The last Creator Expert train set was the Horizon Express, released all the way back in 2013. Sure train fans have had other sets to help keep them busy but now there is something new. Coming soon under the new 18+ categorisation is…

10277 Crocodile Locomotive


The Crocodile locomotive comes from Switzerland and according to the included plaque was in operation from 1918 – 1986.

You will be able to add in Power Functions elements to turn this from a display piece in to a fully functional train, including app control.

I didn’t get a full press release for this just confirmation that it will be released on July 1st. Australian price is $169.99 and according to LEGO Australia will be a David Jones exclusive (and probably the LEGO certified stores).

What do you think of this one?

Should you buy it – 10271 Fiat 500

While LEGO Technic gets a heap of praise for their expensive reproductions of supercars, the Creator Expert line has been pumping out amazing versions of iconic cars for years.

The latest addition to the Creator Expert car range is an icon of Italian motoring, the Fiat 500.


Dovresti comprarlo? Read on to find out (Google translate tells me that’s Italian for Should you buy it?)

Review: 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop

On January 1st LEGO officially released the latest modular building – 10270 Bookshop. Today I will be having a look at this beautiful addition to the modular collection.

Despite only being a few months old the Bookshop feels like it belongs to a different era. Enter a world where you can casually browse a bookstore without worrying about social distancing and how many people can fit inside based on how many square metres it is.


Like 10218 Pet Shop before it the Bookshop is a split modular, meaning that you get two smaller buildings rather than the single 32×32 build. I really like split modulars as they give you a lot of flexibility in your modular layout, assuming of course that you’ve already got a few of them.

LEGO Announces 10273 Haunted House

Today LEGO has officially confirmed the latest addition to the Creator Expert Fairground Collection. Oh, you didn’t realise the Fairground Collection was an official thing? Well that’s the official terminology LEGO are using in their press release now.

Introducing 10273 Haunted House


Coming in at 3231 pieces this set features a fantastic haunted house fairground attraction. This isn’t just a haunted house though – it’s actually a working drop ride. Think Dreamworld’s Giant Drop but on a slightly smaller scale. Out of the box the set is hand powered but it can be upgraded with Power Functions elements if you happen to have them.

The overall design is amazing, modelled on the fictional Manor Von Barron, the spooky home of one of the world’s greatest villains – Samuel Von Barron. There are lots of little ancient Egyptian touches and a fantastic brick built organ.

I also really love that this ride includes a character in a wheelchair, highlighting that unlike other rides this one is wheelchair friendly.

The set is labelled as 18+ and has the more subdued style that LEGO has started using for the 18+ sets such as the Star Wars helmets.

I hope to get my hands on this set soon for a full review, but in the meantime check out the product description and images below.

The set will be released for VIPs on May 20th, with general release on June 1st. Australian RRP is $349.99.

Gingerbread House – Not Just For Christmas

In November last year I sent a request to LEGO for a review copy of 10267 Gingerbread House. The set was released as the latest addition to the Winter Village theme. I got my copy of the set in March and it posed a bit of a dilemma – Do I review this Christmas set in April, wait and do a Christmas In July type thing or just bite the bullet and review it now. After looking at the completed model I knew I didn’t want to wait to tell you about this one.


Purists who love the aesthetic of the Winter Village that LEGO has crafted may not love the fantasy/fairytale setting of this model but if you are looking at it as a standalone set it is unmistakably charming. It’s also really weird when you think about it too much. Really weird.

My Wife Built My Modular

I have had the 2019 modular – Corner Garage – sitting in my room for over a year. My intention was that I’d build it and do a review telling you how great/terrible it is. As you will have noticed that didn’t happen. I got sent other sets to review, got busy and just never got to it.

After a year I figured the moment had passed for a standard review; I’m sure you’ve all already formed your opinions on this one. My wife offered me a bit of a lifeline though – she offered to build it to help me clear my backlog of review sets.

My wife is wonderful and supportive of my AFOL lifestyle but she is not an AFOL herself. There are limits to how much LEGO news I can spew forth before she tunes out, and I don’t really remember her ever building a set. It’s certainly not something she does for fun.


The modulars are not a soft introduction to the LEGO building experience. They are parts intensive with lots of intricate details.

So what did my non-AFOL wife think of the experience?

LEGO Announces 10271 Fiat 500

When it comes to the Creator Expert line, LEGO loves to recreate iconic vehicles. The latest addition to the collection is this little yellow beauty.

Introducing 10271 Fiat 500


This Creator Expert set features 960 pieces. Beyond the body of the car you also get a luggage rack, suitcase, detailed interior, engine, spare wheel and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. There’s even a ‘painting’ of the car by the Colosseum to complete the Italian feel.

As regular Bricking Around readers will know, I am not a huge car fan. But I think this model looks pretty cute and will obviously go well with the other Creator Expert vehicles.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

The Fiat 500 will be available March 1st for $139.99 here in Australia.

Check out the image gallery and product description below.

Old Trafford – VIP Release, Bonuses and Other Options

The new Creator Expert Old Trafford set is now officially available but there are actually a few different options if you are keen on this one.

LEGO Online

The first option is to get this set from LEGO.com – assuming you are a VIP. If you get in quick you will also get the bonus United Trinity statue set. You’ll also qualify for the Year of The Rat promo.

5006171-united-trinity 40355

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre – Pre-order

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne are currently taking pre-orders for the set, with it officially available from February 1st. The first 50 people to pre-order between January 16-21 will get the United Trinity set as well as a Manchester United soccer ball as bonuses.

LEGO Certified Stores

The various LEGO Certified Stores (excluding Dreamworld) will are taking pre-orders from today until January 31st for pick-up on February 1st. They have the United Trinity set included with their offer.

Dreamworld LEGO Certified Store

The Dreamworld store is also taking pre-orders for this set from today until January 31st. You’ll also get the United Trinity set as part of your purchase. The set will be available to pick up on February 1st.

LEGO Announces 10272 Old Trafford

This is a bit of a weird one. LEGO has today announced a surprise new Creator Expert set, but there’s a high probability it’s going to be divisive…

Introducing 10272 Old Trafford


This mammoth tribute to Manchester United comes in at a whopping 3898 pieces. The finished model measures 18.5cm high, 47cm long and 39cm wide.

Available January 16th for $449.99

Check out the product description and additional images below. Let me know in the comments if this is one you’ll be getting.