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First Wonder Woman Movie Set Unveiled

I spotted this over the weekend but didn’t get a chance to post it, as I have had to pixelate part of the image. Why? Well because this set contains some information about the Wonder Woman film that hasn’t previously been shown at all.

Some people don’t care about that sort of thing but I don’t want to be the one to spoil the film for you.

Here is the censored picture of 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle.

LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics

The set features a new version of Wonder Woman (with optional blue cloak), Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) and the films villain. Also included is a great World War I plane. LEGO are very much against military themes but I think they have created a great plane here.

Below you’ll find more pictures and the spoilery information.

Official Pictures of Brick Headz Sets

The Brick Headz concept was first unveilled at San Diego ComicCon with a series of exclusive sets. While the exclusivity of the sets annoyed many we were promised that a full release was coming in 2017. Well LEGO have just uploaded pictures of the final sets to their server. There are 8 sets that we know of so far, and there are a few differences to the SDCC sets.

While the Marvel sets are based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of the characters, The DC side of things is going LEGO Batman Movie over more traditional representations.

Overall I like the concept. Some sets seem to work better than others but I hope this succeeds and we see more. No word on pricing at this stage. Click on the image for larger versions, and click READ MORE to see the full list of 8 (if you can’t already).

41585 Batman (91 Pieces)


41590 Iron Man (96 Pieces)


Three More DC Super Hero Girls Sets Unveiled

The first wave of the DC Super Hero Girls theme is supposed to have six sets, and so far LEGO have only shown off 3. Well now that New York Comic Con is just hours away from starting the final three sets have been shared on social media. You can also find a press release for the theme at the end of the article.

Here are the sets…

Lashina Tank

Lashina Tank

Bumblebee Helicopter

Bumblebee Helicopter

Wonder Woman Dorm Room

Wonder Woman Dorm Room

2017 DC Mighty Micros Revealed

The Mighty Micro sets released this year have been a bit of a hit. They are reasonably priced sets with a great sense of fun and well known characters. It’s no surprise then that LEGO are producing a new range for 2017.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter we now have details of three new DC Mighty Micros sets, and it’s the big three – Batman, Wonderwoman and Superman.

Batman vs. Killer Moth

2017 DC Mighty Micros Batman vs Killer Moth

Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday

2017 DC Mighty Micros Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

Superman vs. Bizarro

2017 DC Mighty Micros Superman vs Bizarro

With San Diego Comic Con on soon, we should start to see more 2017 news come through.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 3 Details

Dimensions Wave 3

LEGO Dimensions has been out for a little while now and it’s possible that things are getting a bit stale for some people. Luckily the third wave of LEGO Dimensions products are hitting Australian stores tomorrow (January 20th 2016).

We’ve included a breakdown of the prices for each item in the new wave. Pricing is based on the existing range from each retailer (except Big W and EB who have these new items listed).

Note: The included instruction links are automatically generated and may not be active yet.

Set #
Big W
JB Hifi
EB Games
Instruction Link
71228Level PackGhostbusters$49.99$38.00$38.00$49.00$49.00$49.95Link
71229Team PackJoker & Harley Quinn$39.99$30.00$30.00$39.00$39.00$39.95Link
71230Fun PackDoc Brown$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71234Fun PackSensei Wu$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71238Fun PackCyberman$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link

You can check out some images and details of each of the new items below.

DC Super Hero Girls To Become New LEGO Range

It’s been a bit of a slow period for LEGO news, but we have come across this potentially interesting announcement from Warner Bros and DC Entertainment;

A New Super Hero Universe Designed Just For Girls

When they say universe, they really seem to mean it; this new concept will include “Digital Content, TV Specials, Made-For-Videos, Publishing, Toys, Apparel and Other Products.”

DC Super Hero Girls Artwork

Here is the initial description from the press release;

Beginning in Fall 2015, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel join forces to launch DC Super Hero Girls, an exciting new universe of Super Heroic storytelling that helps build character and confidence, and empowers girls to discover their true potential.  Featuring DC Comics’ most powerful and diverse line-up of female characters as relatable teens, DC Super Hero Girls will play out across multiple entertainment content platforms and product categories to create an immersive world.

Developed for girls aged 6-12, DC Super Hero Girls centers on the female Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Comics universe during their formative years—prior to discovering their full super power potential. Featuring a completely new artistic style and aesthetic, DC Comics’ icons such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy, Katana and many more make their unprecedented teenaged introduction. Each character has her own storyline that explores what teen life is like as a Super Hero, including discovering her unique abilities, nurturing her remarkable powers and mastering the fundamentals of being a hero.

So what does this have to do with LEGO? Well even though the press release mentions partnership with Mattel (who now own Mega Bloks) they have decided that The LEGO Group will be the Exclusive Construction Partner. This means that in early 2016 there will be a new line of female focused DC Super Hero Girls LEGO sets.

At this stage we don’t know anything about the range, but our guess is that these sets will feature minidolls rather than standard minifigures. This seems to be LEGO’s preferred option for female focused sets.

We can’t wait to see the products; the biggest complaint with the Friends line has always been the stereotypically feminine storylines and lack of action. A new female focused range with characters that kick butt can only be a good thing, right?

Via http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2015/04/22/wb-and-dc-entertainment-in-partnership-with-mattel-launch-dc-super-hero-girls

2015 Set Images Surface Online – Part 1: LEGO Movie, Bionicle, DC & Speed Champions

Every year in October, LEGO fans start to wonder what the following year will have in store. We have already seen leaks with set names, but now we have pictures to go with them. Over on YouTube a user by the name of Just2Good has uploaded several videos with what appear to be official images of various 2015 sets.

Here is what we have seen so far… (Click on any image to see a larger version).

The LEGO Movie

The film may have been a 2014 release, but the tie-in sets will continue in 2015. The Double Decker Couch seems to be the standout, with a great selection of characters in what should be an affordable set.

70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack

70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack

70818 Double-Decker Couch

70818 Double Decker Couch

New Sets Announced At San Diego Comic Con

It’s that time of year again – San Diego Comic Con. As usual LEGO are using the event as an opportunity to announce new sets. They have been spreading the news around to different media outlets, so here is a quick wrap-up of what we have seen so far.

75084 Wookie Gunship

Part of the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon, this set looks great. Wookie minifigures are always popular.

LEGO 75084-1 Wookie Gunship

Protect Wullffwarro and his Jedi friend, Kanan Jarrus, with the powerful LEGO® Star Wars Wookiee Gunship. As featured in the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series, this amazing battle-ready craft has loads of weapons to see off any invading force, like movable front cannons and an elevating top cannon. When the action really heats up, raise the wings into attack mode and unleash the never-before-seen rapid shooters! If you run low on ammo, open the side hatches to access the spare supply, then lower the rear bay door and unload the mobile gun post. Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapons: Wullffwarro, Kanan Jarrus and 2 Wookiees. Available January 2015, 570 pieces, $69.99 USD.


LEGO: The Hobbit – The Lonely Mountain

Our first LEGO version of the iconic dragon Smaug. Lots of interesting features, and as expected plenty of gold parts.

LEGO Hobbit Lonely Mountain

The Lair of Smaug will showcase a secret door, an Arkenstone-encrusted throne, golden nuggets, treasures, assorted mining tools, conveyor belt, chain pulley to raise and lower bucket, furnace with a light brick, melting pot and torches with translucent flames. RRP is $129.99 USD.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

The Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern takes on his nemesis Sinestro, with some help from his buddy Batman.

LEGO Green Lantern Set

Coming in January 2015, Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025) is Hal Jordan’s time to shine. Space Batman is just there to supervise. RRP $19.95 USD.

Via Kotaku