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Toy Story 4 Sets Available For 20% Off At Target

The new Toy Story 4 sets have just been added to the Target website.


Normally this wouldn’t be news but it seems that this is earlier than anybody else and more importantly all but 1 of the sets are included in the current 20% off sale.

New release sets for less than RRP is always a good deal.

You can find the sets in question here.

Here are the sets in question:

  • Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster 10771, $31.20, Was $39
  • Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show 10767, $39 (Not included in the sale for some reason).
  • Toy Story 4 Woody & RC 10766, $12, Was $15
  • Toy Story 4 Buzz & Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure 10768, $31.20, Was $39
  • Toy Story 4 Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! 10770, $63.99, Was $79.99
  • Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4 RV Vacation 10769, $47.99, Was $59.99

Thanks to Alyssa for the tip.

Review: Disney Minifigures Series 2

The original series of Disney Minifigures were super popular, so it’s no surprise that LEGO have released a second series.

There are 18 minifigures in the series, from a mix of Disney properties. Here’s my in-depth look at all of them.

But first – the all important box distribution. With a series of 18 basic maths hints at the possibility of three full sets and some extras. Unfortunately that is not the case here. There are only two full sets, with numerous minifigures appearing four times per box. This isn’t quite as bad as having a single chase minifigure, but it’s still annoying.

Minifigure Counts


Box Positions

Normally I’d include a breakdown of the box positions to help you out when looking for your minifigures. Unfortunately my box had about 5 packets that came loose during transit and I’m not sure exactly where they came from.

Now… on to the minifigures.

Steamboat Classics

Classic Mickey


If you are a massive Disney fan but feel that the Steamboat Willie set is a bit expensive then you are probably going to be thrilled by this minifigure. This vintage Mickey is essentially the same as the Ideas set version, just missing some silver accents. The printing is fantastic as is the moulded head. The hat is a seperate element that fits securely on. I like the addition of the steamboat steering wheel, but the technic pin connection detracts a little.

LEGO Announces New Series of Disney Minifigures

Exciting news announced overnight by LEGO – A second series of Disney Minifigures is coming to stores soon.

There are 18 characters in the line-up from a mix of Disney properties.


Read on for a look at each minifigure.

LEGO Announces 21317 Steamboat Willie

It feels like just yesterday that LEGO confirmed that Steamboat Willie had passed review, so I got a bit of a shock when I got the press release for this.

Introducing 21317 Steamboat Willie


This black and white set features a fairly faithful recreation of Mickey’s first official appearance in the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie.

The set includes iconic elements of the short, including the paddle wheel, whistles, crane, bird and potato bin.

I think the designers have done a brilliant job of adapting the original ideas submission. They even managed to integrate a play feature – rolling the set on a flat surface will make the paddle wheel turn and the steam pipes go up and down.


There are also some great printed elements including a Turkey in the straw tile, 1928 tile and S.S. Willie tile.

The set features 751 pieces and includes two minifigures – Mickey and Minnie. Unfortunately the real captain of the S.S. Willie isn’t included. While you can’t really tell from the pictures both Mickey and Minnie feature chrome detailing.


If you are a Disney collector then you may like the included display plaque for the minifigures.


What may turn a few people away is the Australian RRP of $129.99. The set is officially released April 1st.

Check out the additional pictures and official press release below.

Beauty and The Beast BrickHeadz Announced

It seems that the BrickHeadz theme could be an interesting addition to the 2017 lineup. While most people assumed that the theme was just super heroes LEGO have blown that notion out of the water with two new sets…

41595 Belle
41595 Belle

41596 Beast
41596 Beast

With a new live action re-telling of the Disney classic coming out this year these kind of make perfect sense. They certainly change what we could see with the theme.

This line in the product page certainly has me intrigued. “Have fun growing your LEGO® BrickHeadz collection with other classic characters, including 41595 Belle, from your favorite movies, TV series, games and comics.“. Emphasis added.

Who would you like to see added to the line-up?

71040 Disney Castle Now Available For VIPs

71040 Available Now

If you are an impatient Disney fan then today is a good day. The highly anticipated 71040 The Disney Castle set is now available for LEGO VIP customers.

For $499.99 the set can be on it’s way to your door. Head over to the store and log in to your VIP account to grab one.

Who’s ordering this set today?

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/The-Disney-Castle-71040?fromListing=listing

Introducing 71040 Disney Castle

Disney is all about capturing a little bit of magic, and magical is certainly how I’d describe this massive set.

Updated with additional images below.

71040 Disney Castle

Based on the Cinderella Castle at Disney World this long rumoured set features 5 minifigures and over 4000 pieces. Don’t expect this one to be cheap when it arrives in Australia in September (with a possible VIP release in August).

71040 Disney Castle Minifigures

Click on the images for a larger version, and read on for the press release below.

Official Pictures Of The Disney Minifigure Series

We may have already seen the lineup thanks to pictures discovered online back in February but LEGO has posted official pictures of the Disney Collectible Minifigure lineup. You can click on the image for a larger version.

Disney Minifigures Lineup

The lineup includes (top row) Syndrome, Ariel, Aladdin, Captain Hook, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Maleficent, (bottom row) Stitch, Ursula, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan, Mr. Incredible, Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Alien, Genie.

It’s an interesting mix of classic Disney and newer characters.

Via LEGO. Additional image below.

First Look At Disney Minifigure Series

The picture below was posted on the Brickset forum earlier today. This is our first look at the long rumoured Disney Collectible Minifigure series.

Disney Collectible Minifigures

The lineup is an interesting mix of classic Disney and some newer characters. Here’s the lineup: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Aladdin, Genie, Ariel, Ursula, Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Alien, Mr Incredible, Syndrome, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Stitch and Maleficent.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this series.

Disney Minifigure Series For 2016?

LEGO and Disney have been partners for quite a while now. It’s a partnership that has been responsible for a heap of LEGO related products; all of the new Marvel and Star Wars sets fall under the Disney licensing umbrella.

One thing that we haven’t seen is classic Disney characters making their appearance in standard LEGO form. There is Duplo Mickey and Minidoll princesses but no Disney Minifigures. That could be set to change next year with the release of a Disney Collectible Minifigure Series.

Disney Minifigures 2016

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of this rumour, but it has appeared via a few sources. The current reports place this for a May release with Captain Hook and Peter Pan included in the lineup.

What do you think of the idea of a Disney Minifigure series? Amazing or terrible?

Information via Twitter. Image is not an official logo, just a quick photoshop mock-up.