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LEGO Dimensions Wave 3 Details

Dimensions Wave 3

LEGO Dimensions has been out for a little while now and it’s possible that things are getting a bit stale for some people. Luckily the third wave of LEGO Dimensions products are hitting Australian stores tomorrow (January 20th 2016).

We’ve included a breakdown of the prices for each item in the new wave. Pricing is based on the existing range from each retailer (except Big W and EB who have these new items listed).

Note: The included instruction links are automatically generated and may not be active yet.

Set #
Big W
JB Hifi
EB Games
Instruction Link
71228Level PackGhostbusters$49.99$38.00$38.00$49.00$49.00$49.95Link
71229Team PackJoker & Harley Quinn$39.99$30.00$30.00$39.00$39.00$39.95Link
71230Fun PackDoc Brown$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71234Fun PackSensei Wu$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71238Fun PackCyberman$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link

You can check out some images and details of each of the new items below.

21304 Doctor Who Now Available

Quick! The highly anticipated 21304 Doctor Who set is now available for purchase on the Australian online store.

21304 Doctor Who 05

Head over to http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Doctor-Who-21304 to grab your set. There is a limit of one per person so hopefully it won’t sell out too quickly.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 2 Launches Today


Today is an exciting day for fans of the LEGO Dimensions game. The second wave of packs officially go on sale in Australia today.

The second wave features the highly anticipated Doctor Who Level pack, which is likely to be popular even with people who don’t have the game. As well as the Doctor there is also a Ninjago team pack, two Simpsons Fun Packs and a Unikitty Fun Pack.

Update: WB Games have sent through some screenshots so you can check out all of the Doctors in more detail.

We’ve prepared a list of the various products in this wave below.

Set #
Big W
EB Games
71204Level PackDoctor Who$38.00$38.00$38.00$44.00$49.95Link
71207Team PackCole & Kai$30.00$30.00$30.00$39.00$39.95Link
71211Fun PackBart Simpson$20.00$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.95Link
71227Fun PackKrusty the Clown$20.00$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.95Link
71231Fun PackUnikitty$20.00$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.95Link

Not all retailers have the sets listed in a catalogue or their website. In those instances the prices listed are based on prices for the same pack type.

Australian Price For 21304 Doctor Who

21304 Doctor Who AU Price

It looks like the product page for 21304 Doctor Who has just gone live.

The page confirms that the Australian RRP for the set is $79.99.

With the Australian dollar the way it is at the moment that price seems pretty good.

The page also confirms the December 1st release date.

Thanks to Daniel for letting us know the page was up.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Doctor-Who-21304

Official Details Of 21304 Doctor Who

After sneak peeks and a leaked picture earlier today, LEGO have officially unveiled the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set.

21304 Doctor Who 01

According to the LEGO Ideas blog post this set will be released on December 1st, in time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, for a recommended retail price of USD $59.99 / EUR €59,99. Based on that pricing the Australian price is likely to be around $89.99 considering it has three minifigures, the DALEKs and a Weeping Angel. That price would match The Big Bang Theory which also has a USD RRP of $59.99.

Here is the official set description:

Construct a stunningly detailed LEGO® version of the iconic TARDIS® and role-play the Doctor’s time-travel adventures! Created by fan-designer Andrew Clark and selected by LEGO Ideas members, this set is based on the BBC’s popular and long-running television series about a Time Lord – the Doctor – exploring the universe in a blue police box. Due to trans-dimensional engineering, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside and this cool multifunctional set includes the console room that houses all the flight controls. Regenerate the Doctor and defeat the evil Daleks™ and a Weeping Angel with the help of his extraordinary companion Clara. Then close the doors of the TARDIS and launch into another dimension! Includes 4 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald and a Weeping Angel, plus 2 Daleks™.

This set looks absolutely fantastic and is likely to be a huge hit. Once we have Australian pricing we’ll be sure to share it.

Additional images below.

Second Doctor Who Sneak Peek

We got a glimpse of the TARDIS exterior yesterday and today we are taking a look at the inside. LEGO have released this picture of the console that will be part of the set. So far this set looks great inside and out. Hopefully we get an official announcement soon.

Click on the image for the full size version.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who TARDIS Console

Via Facebook

Doctor Who Ideas Set Sneak Peek

The Doctor Who Facebook page has just shared this image of the Doctor Who LEGO Ideas set (click on the image for a larger version).

21304 Doctor Who Sneak Peek

We’ve already seen the Doctor’s appearance in LEGO Dimensions but this is our first look at the LEGO Ideas set.

Hopefully there will be official details of the set available soon.

It appears from this picture that a lot of the detail on the exterior of the TARDIS will be done with printed elements. Fingers crossed that’s the case.

Via Facebook

New LEGO Dimensions Trailer Is All About The Doctor

The Doctor has always been limited to exploring time and space. Sure it doesn’t sound like much of a limitation, but haven’t you always wanted to see what would happen if he could team up with Batman or maybe even Homer Simpson?

LEGO DImensions Doctor Who Trailer

The latest LEGO Dimensions trailer shows off the Doctor helping out the three main characters (Wyldstyle, Batman and Gandalf) take on some classic Doctor Who villains.

The Doctor Who parts of game will feature Peter Capaldi voicing the Doctor as well as Jenna Coleman voicing Clara.

New LEGO Dimensions Sets Uncovered

LEGO Dimensions may still be a few months away, but thanks to a discovery by Brickset we have some details of new sets that will coming out.

The biggest news is a completely new IP – Portal 2 will be making an appearance in LEGO form with a Dimensions Level Pack. A level pack means you won’t just get to play as Chell, you will also get to be able to play with all of the other characters in a Portal 2 inspired level. Have you always wanted to see LEGO Batman in Portal? Well now you can (probably).

Portal and Doctor Who Levels

The other really exciting news is a Doctor Who Level Pack. We knew that Doctor Who LEGO was coming soon, but to have him as a playable character in LEGO Dimensions is awesome. The level may be based on Victorian London, but it’s a bit hard to tell from the small image. What we do know is that there is a LEGO TARDIS.

Simpsons Level

We also have a third new Level Pack confirmed – The Simpsons. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but still looks like it could be a fun level.

Bart Fun Pack Krusty Fun PackSpeaking of The Simpsons, we also have two new Team Packs confirmed – Krusty The Clown and Bart Simpson.

Scooby and Jurassic World Team Packs

Last but certainly not least we have two previously unannounced Team Packs featuring Scooby-Doo and Jurassic World. We knew that LEGO had the rights to both of these, but its great to see them appear in LEGO Dimensions. We can’t decide what we like more; the brick built raptor or the micro Mystery Machine.


First Doctor Who Project Reaches 10,000 On CUUSOO

LEGO Cuusoo Doctor Who

The first Doctor Who Cuusoo project, simply called “Doctor Who”, has made it review.

After the recent announcement that Cuusoo would start accepting Doctor Who projects the question was never if one would reach review, but when.

This project’s review is going to be an interesting situation. If LEGO decides not to produce a set based on the project then there are going to be a lot of very confused fans out there. When LEGO explicitly said they were now allowing Doctor Who projects many people took this as confirmation that they had already secured the license. While this does seem plausible, it also isn’t confirmed.

One thing going against this project is that it isn’t quite as focused as other Cuusoo projects have been. There is no clear indication of what exactly is being proposed, with the project creator organising a poll for which characters people would like to see. With 13 different incarnations of The Doctor, at least 5 different companions (just in the modern series) and countless villains it is unlikely that everybody is going to be happy with the final set.

Interesting times ahead for fans of The Doctor.

Via http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/16291