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On Sale: 20% Off At The Myer eBay Store

I’m not sure exactly when this sale started but a couple of people have emailed about the offer.

From now until 11:59 PM July 17th the Myer eBay store is offering 20% off LEGO. This offer seems to match their in-store toy sale, and unfortunately has the same exclusions: any Myer exclusive sets. There is still plenty of LEGO to check out though.


You can view the range of sets on offer here.

Thanks to Peter and Amir for sharing this.

Spend $200 At eBay, Get A $50 Voucher


There are no shortage of sales on at the moment, but this offer from eBay is so broad that there should some people that can take advantage of it.

For today and tomorrow (June 28 & 29th 2016) if you spend $200 in total at eBay you’ll receive a $50 voucher to spend in August. It’s not so much a sale as a cashback offer – you are getting a voucher that you still have to spend at eBay.

Head over to eBay now and see what you can find

This offer doesn’t just apply to retailer’s eBay stores it’s side wide. If you are looking at private listings be sure to do your homework first – you don’t want to get caught up in the promotion and get ripped off on that used set you’ve always wanted.

View the terms of the offer here

On Sale: 20% Off At Selected eBay Retailers

To celebrate Hump Month (I’m pretty sure they made that up) eBay are having a 20% off sale at selected retailers. The range isn’t the most extensive but there are some LEGO sets included.

To get 20% off you will have to use the code CLICK20 at the checkout. The offer starts today (June 1st) and runs until June 10th 2016.


Instead of wasting your time look for LEGO through the list of retailers, here are some quick links…

As this is an eBay offer be careful that retailers haven’t inflated prices prior to the sale. There’s no guarantee that the pre-sale prices were RRP or below. Also don’t forget to factor in postage.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer eBay Store

After their Super Weekend sale, Myer are giving their eBay store a little bit of the sale action today.

From today (Monday May 23rd) until Sunday May 29th 2016 get 20% off everything in the Myer eBay store with code CMYER20.


But here’s the catch – at the time of publication all of the LEGO in the Myer eBay store is already 20% off. Enter the code for a FURTHER 20% off. That works out as a very impressive 36% off. It’s unlikely that this is supposed to be the case, and stock is probably going to go quickly at those prices so hurry if you are planning to buy. For a few brief minutes a lucky few managed to get 36% off LEGO. Myer have fixed the site now so it seems we’ll have to settle for 20% off.

Check out the Myer eBay LEGO range here.

Thanks David for telling us about this offer.

Myer eBay Offer – Spend $200, Get A $100 Voucher

Myer Logo Generic 200px

Here is an offer that may be of interest for those of you with some large sets on their wishlist. Over on the Myer eBay store you will receive a $100 voucher if you spend over $200. This isn’t specifically a LEGO offer but what else would you spend your money on?

There are a few conditions with the offer: It runs from today (April 14th) until April 20th 2016. The voucher you receive can only be used during the month of May and it can only be used on the Myer eBay store. If you are happy with those terms then you are potentially getting $300 worth of LEGO for just $200. Luckily your $200 qualifying spend doesn’t need to a single item, just a single transaction.

View their range here or if you’d like to read the full terms and conditions they can be found here.

On Sale: 20% Off At The Myer eBay Store

There are already sales going on, include existing offers from Myer, but we’ve just learned that the Myer eBay store is currently offering 20% off all toys.


The store features a range of sets including a few larger ones. It’s definitely worth having a look.

This offer runs from today (April 6th) until Sunday April 10th 2016.

View their range here

Thanks to Laura for letting us know about this offer.

On Sale: 20% Off At Target eBay Store

If you missed out on picking up something from Target’s eBay store during the recent 10% off sale then we have so good news – they are now offering 20% off.

From today (Monday February 16) until February 21st 2016 Target are offering 20% off all items on their eBay store – including their LEGO range. Just enter code CTARGET at checkout.

Target eBay 20pc Off Feb15_2016

You can check out their LEGO range here

20% Plus 10% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

Myer Logo Generic 200px

We already posted about the eBay 10% off sale but it just got a little more interesting for the Myer eBay store.

Myer are reportedly having a 20% off LEGO sale starting today (Wednesday February 10th). This isn’t live on the Myer site but it is active on their eBay store.

Spend over $100 and use the coupon code CRUSHONYOU and you will be able to get 10% off the prices that are already reduced by 20%. For example a $100 set would go down to $72.

Details of the full Myer sale to come.

You can check out the Myer eBay range here.

On Sale: 10% Off At eBay

It’s been a slow start to the year in terms of LEGO sales. While we wait to see if there are any new catalogues out later this week with decent sales there is an offer from eBay that might have something worth grabbing.

From today (Tuesday February 9th 2016) until 23.59 (AEDT) on Friday February 12th eBay are offering 10% off store-wide with coupon code CRUSHONYOU. The minimum spend for this offer is $100 (excluding postage).

eBay 10pc Off Everything Feb 09 2016

Your best bet to take advantage of this offer is likely to be an established retailer; Toys R Us, Target and Big W eBay stores do have some LEGO products available.

Be sure to check the price before purchasing anything from eBay – there is no guarantee that people will charge fair prices.

You read the T&Cs for this offer here.

On Sale: 15% Off At eBay

To celebrate the end of 2015, eBay are offering 15% off all purchases over $150. The minimum spend is a little high but it’s still a good opportunity to check out what they have. The minimum is also for your total, not per item.

The offer runs from today (December 29th) until midnight on December 31st 2015. You will need to use code CELEBRATE2015

eBay End of 2015

As always with eBay sales be sure to check that prices are reasonable. eBay is an open marketplace and people are free to overcharge.

You can also check out the Big W and Target stores.