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Review: 75810 The Upside Down

When rumours first started surfacing of a Stranger Things LEGO set I immediately dismissed them as absurd. Stranger Things is a show with death and monsters. It’s not the sort of family friendly fair that LEGO will usually make a set of.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from LEGO asking if I’d like to review this set.

Flip it

I don’t usually start a review with a look at the end result – but look at this!


Overwatch Sets Now Listed At Amazon


If you were hanging out for the retail release of the Overwatch sets then you may have had mixed feelings about the news that they were going to be Amazon exclusives.

If you are still hanging out for these sets then you will be pleased to know that the full range is now listed on the Amazon Australia site.

Prices are, as expected, RRP or near enough to that. There’s a minor discount on the Bastion and Watchpoint sets.

I’ve included handy direct links to each set below.

Set #
75970Tracer vs. Widowmaker$19.99View
75971Hanzo vs. Genji$39.99View
75972Dorado Showdown$49.99View
75973D.Va & Reinhardt$59.99View
75975Watchpoint: Gibraltar$136.07View

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Benny’s Space Squad – An Update Update UPDATE!

Benny’s Space Squad is probably the most highly anticipated set of 2019. It’s $16 and contains 4 classic space minifigures and a whole heap of nostalgia.


It was a bit of a surprise then that this set wasn’t featured in the 1HY 2019 catalogue. A set missing from the catalogue usually means only one thing – retailer exclusive.

With the set still being sold out online I wanted to get an idea of where you’d be able to get this when it’s released in March. Well LEGO got back to me and was able to confirm exactly who is getting the exclusive on this set. And the answer is – nobody.

At the time of the catalogue being produced LEGO Australia was still deciding the fate of this set, so it wasn’t included, but since then they have decided that this set would be general release. That means that it should be coming to all your favourite retailers in March. Hopefully it won’t be as delayed as the January releases.

This is great news and I can’t wait to grab one of these sets myself.

Overwatch Sets Confirmed As Amazon Exclusives


The Overwatch theme was completely missing from the Australian catalogue, which meant one of two things – either they weren’t going to be released here at all, or they were going to be a retailer exclusive.

I have today received confirmation that these sets will be exclusive to Amazon Australia, with a February release.

This is probably a blow for anybody hoping to get these sets on sale. While Amazon does have some great sales, they very rarely include exclusives.

There are no listings for these sets on Amazon yet but I’ll be checking back at the start of February to see when they get listed.

These Chinese New Year Sets Look Amazing – And They’ll Be Available Here

Two Chinese New Year sets recently surfaced online and they got a lot of people talking. The biggest question was whether or not they are going to be widely available or if they are going to be exclusives. Well the official is answer is that they are going to be exclusive to the Asia Pacific region which does include Australia.

Availability will be limited but LEGO Australia have confirmed that they will be coming to Myer, David Jones, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne, Dreamworld LEGO Store and other specialty toy stores such as Outer Rim Trading Co (who have confirmed they’ve ordered stock). They will also be available at the Australian online store.

These are officially released January 1st 2019.

Here are the two sets…

80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner – $89.99


The set features 6 minifigures and some amazing decorative elements.

80102 Dragon Dance $79.99


This set features 5 minifigures and an internal mechanism to make the dragon dance up and down. Lots of fantastic elements in this such as a new heart shaped tile, new printed eye tile and the 3-leaf plant element in gold. It’s a gorgeous set.

Exclusive Overwatch Omnic Bastion Unveiled

LEGO and Blizzard have both been teasing a LEGO Overwatch theme for a little while now, but today the first set has been announced – and it is a Blizzard exclusive.

75987 Overwatch Omnic Bastion

lego-overwatch-omnic-bastion-75987-01 I really don’t know a lot about the Overwatch franchise so I don’t have an opinion on how the set has been done and how closely it matches to the source material. I can say that it’s a nice looking little mech, particularly the orange.

This set is the first Overwatch product but we do know that more are on the way with minifigures. This particular one is an exclusive that can only be purchased from the Blizzard store. You can find the product page here. The price is $25 USD with postage on top of that.

Check out the additional images below, and if you are an Overwatch player let me know what you think of this.

LEGO Announces New BlockHeadz Theme By Showing 8 You’ll Probably Never Own

LEGO have used their Facebook page to show off a new theme for 2017 – BlockHeadz. They’ve done so by revealing 8 BlockHeadz that look pretty great – the problem is that the 8 they chose to share just happen to be San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

Brickheadz SDCC Batman Joker

BlockHeadz are small brick built characters with exaggerated blocky heads (like a LEGO version of the popular Pop Vinyl toys). The theme will launch in 2017 but there are no details on what the final theme will consist of other than the fact that the BlockHeadz come in pairs. The 8 characters that LEGO shared are all SDCC exclusives.

If LEGO are using Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Captain America in sets that can only be purchased in San Diego then it’s going to be interesting to see what the actual theme looks like.

You can check out all 8 of the exclusives below.

Introducing 71040 Disney Castle

Disney is all about capturing a little bit of magic, and magical is certainly how I’d describe this massive set.

Updated with additional images below.

71040 Disney Castle

Based on the Cinderella Castle at Disney World this long rumoured set features 5 minifigures and over 4000 pieces. Don’t expect this one to be cheap when it arrives in Australia in September (with a possible VIP release in August).

71040 Disney Castle Minifigures

Click on the images for a larger version, and read on for the press release below.

Exclusive Offer – 10% Off At Toy Universe

Toy Universe Thumb

Online LEGO retailer Toy Universe have an exclusive offer for Bricking Around readers. Get 10% off their already low prices on LEGO.

Enter the code J53JR62 to get your discount

The code will work until May 6th 2016 and can be used on all LEGO products as well as the Pack N Play storage system.

Check out their LEGO range here.

Possible Leaked Details Of 71016 Kwik-E-Mart

We just spotted this image on Facebook, and asked if we could share this with our readers.

Update: We have changed the title of this article to more accurately reflect the details of the leak. See this post for further clarification.

Kwik E Mart

This is a preliminary image, which can be different from the final production model. UPDATE: The image appears to come from a LEGO Ideas submission, and is likely just a placeholder.

As for the price – this does seem quite high based on the picture we can see here, however this could be the New Zealand price. As an example 75060 Slave I is $349.99 in New Zealand and only $299.99 in Australia.
UPDATE: According to a Toys R Us employee, this set is listed in their system at $329.99.

As more information becomes available about this set we will be sure to post it.

Thanks to Mark H for allowing us to share this image.