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71348 Hermione Fun Pack Announced

LEGO Dimensions have used the Harry Potter celebration in Orlando Florida to announce details of the 71348 Hermione Fun Pack.

The pack will feature a Hermione minifigure wearing her outfit from Deathly Hallows and a brick-built Buckbeak. Fun packs are the cheapest of the packs on offer so this is a great chance for people to add the popular character to their game without having to spend a fortune.

71348 Hermione Fun Pack

A preview video has also been released showing off some of the gameplay you can experience with the character.

No information on Australian release date as yet.

LEGO Dimensions Super Cheap At LEGO Online, Maybe

Let me qualify this straight up – there is a fairly high chance that LEGO won’t honour these prices, but if you are LEGO Dimensions fan you might just want to give it a go.

Right now LEGO’s Australian online store has 6 different packs listed at ridiculously cheap prices. You can get the Ghostbusters Story Pack for $15. It’s $79.99 at EB Games. That should show you that these prices are not right.

LEGO Dimensions Glitch November 2016

Unfortunately the $200 free shipping limit still applies.

Once again – I am in no way promising that LEGO will honour these prices. Order at your own risk.

Via https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Dimensions-ByTheme

LEGO Dimensions Year Two Begins Today With A New Wave Of Sets

The highly anticipated release of LEGO Dimensions year two sets is finally here. That means that some fantastic new properties are joining the Dimensions multiverse for the first time.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is available in the first wave of year two…
Supergirl PS4 Starter Pack – from $99
First up for PS4 users is a new Starter Pack featuring Supergirl. It’s a shame that exclusive content is being released for a single platform but if you are a PS4 user on the fence this bonus may be enough to get you in the game. The pack can be found for $99 from Big W.

Supergirl Starter Pack PS4

LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Details

The official details are still a few hours away, but images of at least some of the next series of LEGO Dimensions sets have surfaced online.

The lineup includes an interesting mix of characters, from Adventure Time to The A-Team. Here are the details of what has been discovered. Click on an image to see a larger version.

71242 Ghostubsters Story Pack

A new feature of Dimensions Series 2 seems to be at least one “Story Pack”. Based on the wording of the box, a Story Pack contains an entire story – in this case the new Ghostbusters film. This seems more substantial than a Level Pack, so expect it to cost more too. Includes Abby Yates, the new Ecto-1 and the Chinese Restaurant setting from the film.

71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack B

Plenty more below.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 5 Now Available

While it seems like the hype around LEGO Dimensions is slowing down, today (May 10th) marks the official release date of the 5th wave of sets.

This wave features three new Fun Packs to add to your collection:

71239 Lloyd

71239 Llyod Fun Pack

71240 Bane

71240 Bane Fun Pack

71241 Slimer

71241 Slimer Fun Pack

Fun Packs have an RRP of $24.95, but it is quite easy to find these for around $20 at Big W, Kmart and Target.

Now that the last of the announced waves are in store news about what is next for the game shouldn’t be too far off.

Update: It seems that the information on the release date was incorrect – these sets are actually out May 11th. Sorry for the mix-up.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 4 Details

It’s time for a new wave of LEGO Dimensions packs to freshen up your game. Wave 4 isn’t as comprehensive as the earlier waves but there is a new level pack that might be of interest. Here are the details of the 4 items that should be in-stores today. Be sure to check out price details at the end of the article.

71235 Midway Arcade Level Pack

71235 Midway Arcade

Bring arcade gaming to the your LEGO Dimensions play experience with the Midway Arcade Level Pack. The pack includes a Gamer Kid minifigure, 3-in-1 G-6155 Spy Hunter and Arcade Machine models.

71233 Stay Puft Fun Pack

71233 Stay Puft

Were you disappointed that the Stay Puft LEGO Ideas project didn’t pass review? You’ll probably still feel that way, but at least you now have the option of getting a minifigure Stay Puft to add to your LEGO collection.

71236 Superman Fun Pack

71236 Superman

The man of steel finally makes his LEGO Dimensions appearance. Hopefully he can work with LEGO Batman rather than fight him.

71237 Aquaman Fun Pack

71237 Aquaman

Everybody’s favourite aquatic superhero is now available to add to your game.

We’ve included details on the best place to grab these sets below.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 3 Details

Dimensions Wave 3

LEGO Dimensions has been out for a little while now and it’s possible that things are getting a bit stale for some people. Luckily the third wave of LEGO Dimensions products are hitting Australian stores tomorrow (January 20th 2016).

We’ve included a breakdown of the prices for each item in the new wave. Pricing is based on the existing range from each retailer (except Big W and EB who have these new items listed).

Note: The included instruction links are automatically generated and may not be active yet.

Set #
Big W
JB Hifi
EB Games
Instruction Link
71228Level PackGhostbusters$49.99$38.00$38.00$49.00$49.00$49.95Link
71229Team PackJoker & Harley Quinn$39.99$30.00$30.00$39.00$39.00$39.95Link
71230Fun PackDoc Brown$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71234Fun PackSensei Wu$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link
71238Fun PackCyberman$24.99$20.00$20.00$24.00$24.00$24.95Link

You can check out some images and details of each of the new items below.

LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs: Buy Two, Get One Free At EB Games

It’s been a bit of a slow week in the lead up to Christmas. Thankfully regular Bricking Around tipster Wade has sent through an offer that may lift the spirits of those looking for last minute LEGO Dimensions gifts.

EB Games are currently offering “Buy Two, Get One Free” on all of the LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs. Unlike some retailers the packs are listed at RRP but that still works out as a 33% discount. The email that we saw mentioned this being a Christmas offer, but we’re not sure exactly when this ends.

EB Game Dimensions Fun Packs B2G1 Free

Previously the best Dimensions offer was 20% off at Big W but if you are grabbing three fun packs the EB deal works out slightly better. It’s important to note that EB are selling the starter packs for more than Big W ($119), Kmart ($129) and Target ($119).

You can check out EB’s online Fun Pack range here.

Happy Back To The Future Day

If you use the internet then there is a pretty good chance you have already seen that today is Back To The Future Day.

October 21st 2015 is the date that Marty and the Doc travel to in Back To The Future Part II. Sure the real 2015 may be a little less impressive than the one shown in the film (no hoverboards) but we do have Back To The Future LEGO products now, which nobody predicted back in 1989.

Back To The Future Day October 21st 2015

Unfortunately the 21103 DeLorean set is pretty hard to find these days. If you are looking for something to buy to get your BTTF fix the Back To The Future LEGO Dimensions pack is available from most retailers ($38 at Big W, Kmart and Target). If you don’t have the Dimensions game then maybe you’d be interested in buying some parts and building the micro DeLorean from that pack. You can find the instructions for that here.

LEGO Dimensions Instruction PDFs

If you plan on picking up a few of the LEGO Dimensions packs without the game, then you may be wondering where to find the instructions. Luckily LEGO have made the instructions available via downloadable PDFs.

To view the instructions you’ll need to find the product and then download the relevant file. We’ve compiled a list of links below. We haven’t tested all of the links but they should all work the same.

Once you are on the product page here’s what to do – Click the show more link, select the desired model and then click Download PDF.

LEGO Dimensions Instruction Download