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LEGO Ideas Review – Two New Sets On The Way

LEGO has just released the results of their latest Ideas Review, and the results may be a surprise.

LEGO Ideas #009 LEGO Bird Project

We are so glad to see this project pass review. The designs from DeTomaso are amazing and we can’t wait to see the final versions. This set should be a great display piece at a reasonable price.

LEGO Ideas #010 The Big Bang Theory

This one is a bit of a shock to us. We really didn’t expect that LEGO would produce a licensed set based on a U.S. sitcom with occasional adult themes. While the characters on the show do love LEGO we weren’t sure this would qualify as a brand fit.

As usual we have to wait to see the final design.

Doctor Who

While these sets didn’t pass review they are still under consideration. It is possible they are still working on a deal with the BBC. After explicitly stating that Doctor Who projects are allowed we suspected that these would pass.

Announcement Video

Official Statement On Exo Suit and Research Institute Availability

21109 Exo Suit Thumbnail

As most of our readers will know 21109 Exo Suit and 21110 Research Institute are both currently sold out on the Australian online store.

There has been a lot of rumours around about what that means for these sets. Some sites were initially reporting that these both had a single production run, and when gone would be gone for good. Other sites then reported that LEGO would be producing more sets.

The LEGO Ideas team has taken to their blog to comment on the situation. Here is the statement that they have made;

On August 1st, LEGO Ideas launched two sets: #21109 Exo Suit and #21110 Research Institute. Currently, both sets have sold through their initial stock and are back-ordered. This means that more sets are on the way, so we hope you will be able to secure these and other special sets from LEGO Ideas.

Emphasis added.

Having two sets sell out within a week, it seems only logical that LEGO would produce more of those sets. LEGO are a business after all.

Via https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/1-blog/post/17

Final Design Of LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109 Revealed

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109

Following on from the earlier video teaser, LEGO has released a longer three minute video that shows us the final model for the Exo Suit set.

We are big fans of the original project, and it appears that the final model is just as epic. Of course an Exo Suit needs a pilot, and LEGO have been generous and provided not just one but two classic space style minifigures – in green! We are expecting this set to be a huge success.

Official set details (price, part count etc) are expected soon.

The image included above comes via the updated Ecto-1 instructions. The larger version can be found at Brickset.


Final Design Of LEGO Ideas 21110 Research Institute Revealed

When we found out that the Research Institute had passed the review, we were excited to see what the final design would look like. LEGO has given Alatariel Elensar, the LEGO fan behind the project, a copy of the final set to review. Alatariel has taken a heap of photos and done a full review, and we are really impressed with what we see. LEGO seems to have stuck pretty close to the original fan project. The LEGO T-Rex skeleton is fantastic.

This is the official box front of the set, but be sure to check out Alatariel’s blog for more pictures and her full review.

21110 Research InstituteVia Alatariel Elensar


LEGO Ideas Winter 2014 Review Results

LEGO have just announced the results of the latest LEGO Ideas review and we have a new LEGO Ideas set on the way. The female minifiigures project will become LEGO Ideas Research Institute. According to the announcement video we should see the final set released in August 2014.

LEGO Ideas Research Institute

We are really pleased to see this project become a set. The original idea had a lot of merit, and managed to gain a fair bit of media interest. The issue of gender inequality in the available range of minifigures has always been a topic of discussion. There is also an under-representation of women who undertake science careers. If young girls can be inspired to have an interest in science from

The fact that the final sets has been titled Research Institute, along with what was said in the announcement video, indicates that we will see three different female scientists coming together in a single set. Our hope is that the final set brings the three separate vignettes together into a single cohesive product.

Our take on the unsuccessful products is below the announcement video

LEGO Cuusoo becomes LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas

The LEGO Cuusoo website has officially closed down, but don’t worry; LEGO has transformed the Cuusoo experience into a new site called LEGO Ideas. The site works the same way as the original, but focuses on a more LEGO-like experience such as using existing LEGO IDs.

The site is now live at http://ideas.lego.com and all existing projects have been moved across.

There is a blog post on the site with more details of the change, but here is a quick overview

What’s different on LEGO Ideas?

  • Your project now has one year from the day you post it to reach 10,000 supporters. Projects that don’t reach 10,000 supporters within 365 days of being posted will automatically expire and no longer accept new supporters. If this happens, you’re welcome to re-submit the project and work to gain 10,000 fresh supporters again within a one year period. Projects carried over from LEGO CUUSOO will keep their existing supporters and have until May 1st, 2015 to qualify.
  • If you are between 13-18 years old you can now create and submit projects. If your project reaches 10,000 supporters, we will require written permission from a parent or legal guardian before your project is considered in the LEGO Review.
  • Introducing “Clutch Power.” As you participate on LEGO Ideas, you will earn points and badges that become your “Clutch Power”. The more you support, share, or create, the higher your Clutch Power points will be, and the more badges you will earn.

Via https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/blog