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Interview: LEGO Masters’ Bilsy


Now that LEGO Masters is wrapped up for the year I wanted to have a chat to some of the contestants. I’ve sent a few questions off to Henry and Cade but Bilsy happens to be a long time Bricking Around reader (I’ve got it in writing that he owes me a drink for saving him money on LEGO). I had a chat to him about his time on the show. Including what it was like to work with his polarising partner Kale.

Let’s talk briefly about the journey to get on the show. You didn’t initially audition with Kale. What’s the story there?

I initially auditioned with a good friend from Queensland. We made it through but soon realised that filming took place the same time as his partner was expecting a baby. So we had to decline as a team, I then got a phone call a few days later telling me I would suit someone in Melbourne and am I interested. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m not throwing it away so I accepted.

There were a lot of moments in the show where you seemed to say “this is a bad idea”, but never actually managed to break through and be heard. Was there any particular instances where Kale did step back and say “I like your idea” or “you are right”?

There were many times Kale took the lead and didn’t listen. To his credit he wanted all my ideas at the start of every build. He wanted to know what I was thinking, what story did I have that could work. Just happens my stories were never loving enough, or didn’t tell a greater story than what you saw. Although he did let me pick what movie (Titanic) we designed.

Of the challenges on the show were there any where you felt you had a winning idea that you didn’t get to do, and if so can you share an example?

From the 1st one. Mega cities, I knew we didn’t need to go higher. Brickman told us a few times do not go higher go more creative. But Kale took that as a challenge and the rest is history. And with the last dinosaur build, from the second I saw it grow I knew that was our end. I mean we could have turned it into a Dino shaped volcano or something. But adding non genuine articles (pizza, bottle etc) I tried to remove and they turned back up. If we stuck to scale we would have crept through.

A lot of people say that reality TV is very good at editing people to tell a story, do you feel that your story got told well? Anything that wasn’t shown that you wish had been?

What you see is how it happened. I feel I came across the same as I felt I was on set. I mean there’s so many one liners, smart-ass calls and comments that haven’t been shown. But other than that nothing was scripted. We weren’t coached or guided in any way – I was very impressed. I wish they had shown more of me building if I had to find a complaint.

You were obviously there with Kale for every day of filming. Was the way he was shown accurate and fair, in your opinion?

Yep we spent pretty much every day together. I don’t build at a level Kale does, and this made him angry and stressed. And that’s what you’re seeing – a stressed and angry Kale. I mean that’s how he was, towards me and everyone else. Very blunt and full of confidence, but he was given a partner he didn’t expect and I guess the stress of it all got to him.

I have to ask, what is your relationship with Kale like now? Have you spoken since the show.

I’ve reached out to him a few times, to see how he is etc. He’s obviously angry how he is portrayed and I think blames me. But it is what it is and no I don’t think there will be shared drinks anytime soon.

Which of the final builds got your vote?

I loved Dave and G’s Pirate Ship but I absolutely loved the technical skill of Poseidon. Kale and I had to vote as a team not one each. Our vote eventually went to Dave and G.

What’s your LEGO dream? Do you want to one day become a designer for example.

My LEGO dream would be a tester. I love designing and I love creating, but how much cooler would it be to be the one who tests the playability. Tests the strengths and swooshability of the finished products. From here I will build MOCs and sets on YouTube and Twitch and see where that takes me. The support I’ve received on social media has blown me away!

A huge thanks to Bilsy for taking time to answer questions.

LEGO Masters TV Show Looking For Contestants

Television company Endemol Shine Australia got in touch with me earlier today with some exciting news.

The LEGO Masters TV show is coming to Australia and they are casting teams right now.


If you are unfamiliar with the show it features teams of two builders working together to create some amazing creations.

You can check out the trailer for the UK version below.

Teams fall under one of three categories – Two Minors, Adult & Minor or Two Adults.

Teams of two who are talented LEGO builders from all backgrounds around Australia.
Examples of teams: Father/Daughter, Mother/son, Grandmother/Grandson, Siblings, Work Mates, Uni Friends or Cousins.

Australian residents or Citizens
You must be available for one (possibly two) days between the 6th August – 3rd September 2018 for a potential audition with Producers.

You must be available for approx. 10-12 weeks for the shoot. At this stage, shooting will take place between October and December 2018.

If you want to be the first winner of LEGO Masters Australia you can find the application form at https://legocasting.com.au/