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Sydney Harbour Icons With LEGO Bricks

Sydney Icons LEGO

We know that there is plenty of friendly rivalry between Australian cities but no matter where you come from it’s hard to deny that Sydney is home to some true icons of Australia such as the Sydney Opera House.

LEGO fans in Sydney will be able to check out the city’s most famous attractions in LEGO form at a new exhibition at the Museum of Sydney from this Saturday (November 7th 2015). Tickets start at $15 for non-members.

Certified LEGO professional Ryan McNaught has recreated Sydney Harbour’s most iconic and visionary structures, as well as some of its most famous moments. Ryan’s creations bring to life the spectacle of Sydney Harbour in LEGO with a series of playful installations incorporating world-first fireworks, lights, movement and almost 1000 minifigs.

The Politics Of Bulk Orders And LEGO Donations

Ai Weiwei instagram post small


Like most adults I have my own political opinions. I don’t share those opinions on this site because Bricking Around is a LEGO blog and I consider that to be a subject that can very easily remain apolitical. It appears that The LEGO Group has a similar view on politics, but it’s getting them in trouble.

LEGO has been in the news this week for rejecting a bulk order for artist Ai Weiwei. The bricks were intended to produce artwork for a show in Melbourne. After the order was cancelled the artist took to social media to blast the move as “act of censorship and discrimination.”

A lot of the news seems to be overinflating the issue; LEGO has not forbidden Ai Weiwei from using LEGO products to produce his artwork, nor have they stated any opinion on his political views. They have rejected an order in an effort to remain apolitical. They are well within their rights as a private company to do so. Discounted bulk orders are not a right that is being denied.

I do not want to weigh in on the artist’s work or views other than stating I don’t think LEGO have done the wrong thing. What I do want to address is all those people out there sending Ai Weiwei free LEGO.This story is about a well known artist wanting LEGO for artwork to be shown at the National Gallery of Victoria. If I was in a position to send free LEGO to somebody, that’s not who it would go to.

Christmas is fast approaching and there are kids who aren’t in a position to be finding LEGO under their Christmas tree this year. There are children in homes where they struggle to pay for food. Sending LEGO to Ai Weiwei will help him make his art and you can pay to go see it. Sending LEGO to a disadvantaged child can bring incredible happiness to somebody who may not have had something to smile about for far too long.

Below you’ll find some alternative suggestions for sending LEGO.

Book Review: I Love That Minifigure

I Love That Minifigure Cover

RRP $29.99
Available from most retailers

Be sure to check out the review of the exclusive Zombie Skateboarder minifigure at the end of the book review.

I don’t think LEGO would be as popular as it is today without the cute characters known as minifigures. The little people increase the play value of sets and help turn bricks into worlds from comic books, TV shows and movies. To celebrate the wonder that is LEGO minifigures DK have produced I Love That Minifigure, a book that celebrates all things minifigure.

The Book

ILTM Book Detail 01

The book has 11 chapters, each with a different group of characters. The chapters range from Everyday Heroes to All-Time Icons. Other chapters include You’re History, Out of This World, You’re My Hero, Spooky and Scary, The World’s A Stage, One of A Kind, Wild at Heart, Rotten Rouges, and We Have The Power.

Happy Father’s Day

image Happy Fathers Day to all the LEGO loving dads out there.

Hopefully you all got spoilt with some LEGO sets!

LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Set Buying Guide

So today is Force Friday and for those of you who didn’t make it out to a midnight launch, we have an overview of everything you need to know about getting your hands on the Force Awakens sets. This article will be updated as we get more information.

75099 Rey’s Speeder – RRP $39.99

75099 Rey’s Speeder

  • LEGO Online – Link currently inactive. Link
  • Target – Introductory price of $35 online (reports that this price is currently being offered in-store too. Regular price $35 Link
  • Kmart – Regular price of $39. Link
  • Toys R Us – Online pre-order at RRP, with 50% off second item offer. Link
  • Big W – $35. Link
  • Outer Rim Trading Co – Available at RRP. Link
  • Shopforme – Special price of $31.99. Link

Force Friday Details: Toys R Us

Force Friday Thumb

Force Friday is just over a week away and the retailers are starting to share details of how they are getting involved.

First up we have the details from Toys R Us. As expected from a dedicated toy retailer, there is plenty going on. Toys R Us will be opening 17 stores around the country at Midnight on Friday September 4th (Thursday night). There are also two different offers available.

Here are all the details:

Midnight Openings
South Australia – Gepps Cross
Victoria – Chadstone, Doncaster, Fountain Gate, Highpoint, Knox City
New South Wales – Bankstown, Campbelltown, Castle Hill, Erina, Moore Park, Parramatta, Penrith, Shellharbour
Australian Capital Territory – Majura Park
Queensland – Aspley, Mount Gravatt

The Secret World Of LEGO Documentary Now Online

The UK’s Channel 4 recently aired a documentary called “The Secret World of LEGO” that takes a behind the scenes look at our favourite toy brand.

While the official on-demand site for Channel 4 appears to be region locked, we have found a YouTube copy of the video. This does not seem to be official, so it may get taken down.

For those of you who have watched it, let us know what you thought in the comments.

Is It Time For Retailers To Limit Quantities During Sales?

In case you didn’t know already the Myer 2015 Toy Sale has kicked off today. It looks like a pretty decent sale, with 20% off all LEGO and a few items with a slightly better percentage discount. The flagship sets are the new Detective’s Office modular building, and the Myer exclusive UCS Slave I. The Myer sale officially runs from June 10th to July 12th 2015, though if you were planning on picking up one of those flagship sets you may already be out of luck. Stock is disappearing fast, and it’s a phenomenon not exclusive to the Myer sale.

Recently LEGO has been more popular than ever. This may still be an after effect from the LEGO Movie, or may just be a general increase in popularity. Regardless of the source – the increased popularity means that there are more people out in the shops looking to save money on LEGO.

“What’s the problem?” you may be thinking. Surely a large company like LEGO can easily meet demand for their products. They’re one of (if not the) largest toy companies in the world. Unfortunately the delicate balance between supply and demand is easily messed with.

Myer Slave I Superfan Cropped

On Sale: Catch Of The Day LEGO Sale


Online deal site Catch of the day currently have a large selection of LEGO sets for sale. As with all Catch of the day sales this is a limited offer, and stock is already limited for some of the sets listed.

We have run the numbers on a few of the discounts and there are savings of 20% or greater on some sets. If you are looking at the prices don’t forget to factor in delivery costs – there isn’t much point saving $10 if delivery is $20.

You can check out the products on sale here https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/46724/

Thanks to Brad for letting us know about the sale.

Greenpeace Take On LEGO Over Shell Partnership

LEGO City Arctic Featured

It will certainly come as no surprise to learn that Greenpeace has a problem with Shell. Environmental groups and oil companies are never usually in agreement, but now our favourite toy brand has been dragged in to the battle.

At Bricking Around we try and avoid topics that are known to cause comment sections to descend into chaos – such as politics – so we are going to do our best to keep this discussion factual. We don’t want to get into a climate change debate; that’s not what Bricking Around is about. It is also worth pointing out that this is a LEGO blog and our opinions are going to be somewhat biased. We will do our best to look at this objectively.