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21137 The Mountain Cave Now Available For VIPs

Minecraft fans get your credit cards ready, because the massive 21137 The Mountain Cave set is now available for VIPs.

At $399.99 the set features 2 minifigures and 13 mobs. With 2863 pieces this set is the biggest Minecraft set to date.

21137 The Mountain Cave VIP

Will you be picking it up? Let me know in the comments.

You’ll need to be signed in to your VIP account to add this to your cart.

Introducing 21137 The Mountain Cave

The LEGO Minecraft theme is a bit of an interesting one. It originally started out as a single small LEGO Ideas set and has now grown into a long running theme. A theme that now has a huge new set in it’s lineup – introducing 21137 The Mountain Cave.


This massive 2,863 piece set is the largest Minecraft set to date, featuring 2 minifigures (Steve and Alex) and a lineup of animals and mobs; a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper™.

Designed around an lengthy mountain minecart track the set features a heap of play features such as TNT blasting and even a Creeper explosion.

The included light brick can be placed in one of 7 different locations to highlight your prefered feature whether that is the redstone wall or the furnace.

With a modular design you can easily reconfigure the layout of the set in multiple ways.

You will be able to purchase this set online from July 1st, with a VIP pre-release from June 15th. No Australian RRP at this stage but with a US price is $249.99 expect this to be around $400 locally.

There really is a lot packed in to this set, so I suggest checking out the press release and huge gallery of images below.

21128 The Village Now Available For VIPs

Have you been hanging out for the release of LEGO’s largest Minecraft set 21128 The Village? If so you may want to head over to the official online LEGO store right now.

As of tonight (May 18th 2016) LEGO VIP customers should see the option to add the set to your cart. With an Australian RRP of $349.99  this one might be just for the serious LEGO Minecraft fans.


The VIP part of the online store was playing up earlier today, so if you can’t access the buy button please try logging in again.

Australian Price For 21128 The Village

LEGO have updated their online store with a page for the upcoming Minecraft set 21128 The Village, which means that we now know the official Australian RRP. At 1600 pieces the set was never going to be cheap but $349.99 may be more than some Minecraft fans wanted to pay.

21128 Minecraft The VIllage Australian Price

The price seems quite high – but is it overpriced or reasonably priced? Read on for a look at the price in more detail.

LEGO’s Latest Exclusive Is This Massive Minecraft Set – 21128 The Village

LEGO’s latest large exclusive set is from a theme that few people probably expected – Minecraft. LEGO Minecraft has come a long way from a single LEGO Cuusoo (now Ideas) project –  the announcement of 21128 The Village shows that the theme has grown enough to support a $200+ set with 1,600 pieces.


It’s always been difficult to gauge the popularity of the Minecraft theme – themes like Star Wars have major events that create a huge level of awareness and sets regularly fly off the shelves. Minecraft, from an outsider’s perspective, doesn’t seem to generate the same level of excitement. It will be interesting to see how this set is received by the LEGO community and the LEGO community.

The set features 4 minifigures (Steve, Alex, Zombie, Zombie Villager) as well as a Creeper, Enderman, Pig, Baby Pig, Iron Golem and 2 villagers (and yes the villagers aren’t minifigures – they have an odd new torso element). It will be available on May 18th for LEGO VIPs and everybody else on June 1st. No Australian RRP at this stage.

Check out more images and the full press release below.

On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Target (Selected Sets)

Target 200x200

Unfortunately Target’s Boxing Day offer isn’t great for LEGO fans. There are only a few sets included and they seem to be there more by luck than a real attempt to discount LEGO.

Target are offering “Buy One, Get One Half Price” on selected toy brands – including Minecraft and The Avengers. This means that the LEGO Minecraft sets and the Age of Ultron sets are included. All up there are 7 sets (based on the Target website).

This sale runs from today (December 26th) until Wednesday January 6th 2016.

You can check out the included sets here.

On Sale: 20% Off City, Minecraft And Friends At Target

Target Logo 2014

With two other sales on this week, this offer from Target sort of falls in the middle.

From today (22nd January 2015) until Wednesday 28th January Target are offering 20% off all City, Minecraft and Friends sets.

If you are planning on buying multiple products then the Myer sale may work out to be the better discount, however if you are after only a single set then 20% off is still a solid discount.

You can check out the catalogue here

On Sale: 2015 Sets In New Big W Catalogue


There is a new Big W catalogue online that features a quite  a few new City and Minecraft sets.

The sale starts on Thursday 22nd January 2015 and runs until Wednesday 28th January.

The included City sets are reduced by 20% off full RRP ($4 off the regular Big W price). The Minecraft items appear to be listed at the regular Big W price, which is only slightly below RRP.

We have heard reports that Target will be offering 20% off City & Minecraft later this week, so it may be worth checking back over the next few days before heading in-store. The new Target catalogue should be online tomorrow.

You can check out the listed sets below, or check out the catalogue here.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
10668Princess Castle$28.00$29.99$1.997%
41036Jungle Bridge Rescue$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41034Summer Caravan$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41038Jungle Rescue Base$72.00$79.99$7.9910%
41058Heartlake Shopping Mall$148.00$159.99$11.997%
60082Dune Buggy Trailer$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
60081Pickup Tow Truck$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
60073Service Truck$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
60084Racing Bike Transporter$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
60083Snowplow Truck$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
60075Excavator and Truck$48.00$59.99$11.9920%
21114The Farm$48.00$49.99$1.994%
21113The Cave$28.00$29.99$1.997%
21116Crafting Box$75.00$79.99$4.996%
21118The Mine$128.00$139.99$11.999%

Minifigure Scale Minecraft Sets Now Available

LEGO Minecraft Logo

It would be a massive understatement to say Minecraft is popular. The building game has absolutely taken the world by storm. It’s therefore no surprise that LEGO Minecraft was the first product produced by the international version of LEGO Cuusoo (now Ideas).

The first few Minecraft sets were all Microscale, and while they had their fans there were also a lot of people that wanted something more. As of November 1, LEGO and Minecraft fans can now get 6 different Minifigure scale sets.

All of the sets are currently available on LEGO’s Australian online store

Here are all the details

21113 The Cave$29.99$19.99$25.1319%
21114 The Farm$49.99$29.99$37.6933%
21115 The First Night$59.99$39.99$50.2619%
21116 Crafting Box$79.99$49.99$62.8327%
21117 The Ender Dragon$99.99$69.99$87.9714%
21118 The Mine$139.99$109.99$138.241%

Note: Converted price based on the exchange rate at 10am on Monday 3rd November 2014. 10% is added to the US prices before conversion to factor in GST (US prices do not include tax).

Official Pictures Of Minifigure Scale Minecraft Sets

LEGO Minecraft Logo

We have known for a while now that LEGO Minecraft sets would be making the leap from the micro-scale to a range of minifigure scale sets later this year.

Now, thanks to the LEGO Minecraft Facebook page, we have official pictures of the sets in the range.

I am not exactly the biggest Minecraft fans, so I have asked our resident Minecraft expert for her opinion on the sets.

Check out the full range below