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Boxing Day Sale: Cheap Ninjago City Docks From Target or Amazon


Target’s Boxing Day offer is quite narrow – they are offering Ninjago City Docks for $199 in an online only offer.

It’s a great price for a really fantastic set. If you’ve got some Christmas money already burning a hole in your pocket then this is a tempting buy.

You can find the Target product page here.

In a blatant attempt to steal the thunder from Target, Amazon have already matched the Target price on this set and are offering it for $199 too. If you are looking for something else from Amazon’s Boxing Day sale then it makes sense to do your shopping in one place. Also handy if the Target offer sells out.

You can find the Amazon listing here.

70657 Ninjago City Docks Now Available

Now that June has started the new sets are starting to become available online.

I’ll do up a full list of everything new when I get a chance but I know there were a few people interested in Ninjago City Docks in particular.

Ninjago City Docks

The set will set you back $349.99. You can get yours here.

At this stage I’m not sure when this is coming to retail or who will be stocking it. I have heard that it will at the very least be coming to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne and Dreamworld.