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70657 Ninjago City Docks Now Available

Now that June has started the new sets are starting to become available online.

I’ll do up a full list of everything new when I get a chance but I know there were a few people interested in Ninjago City Docks in particular.

Ninjago City Docks

The set will set you back $349.99. You can get yours here.

At this stage I’m not sure when this is coming to retail or who will be stocking it. I have heard that it will at the very least be coming to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne and Dreamworld.

Ninjago City Designer Video

We already know that Ninjago City is visually impressive, but this new designer video from LEGO shows off just how great the details and play features are on this set.

Will you be picking up the set on September 1st?

Introducing 70620 Ninjago City

The LEGO Facebook page has released details of an absolutely epic and completely unexpected new set from the Ninjago Movie.

70620 Ninjago City

70620 Ninjago City

At 4867 pieces this multi-level masterpiece is the third largest LEGO set ever produced and by far the biggest Ninjago set.

This set is absolutely packed with incredibly details and styling. The aesthetic is a wonderful blend of modern and classical Japanese-esque design.

The bottom level features translucent blue and green elements to create water. There is also a traditional fish market with fish and crab elements. A house with multiple rooms is also included on this level.

The second level features a fashion store, construction site and a comic book store. The star of level two may just be the crab restaurant with a brick-built crab entrance sign and a crab-grilling function.

Level three includes a radio tower and a rooftop sushi bar with a working sushi conveyor belt. Lloyd’s apartment is also included on this level.

There are an incredible 16 minifigures in this set Jay, Kai and Lloyd Garmadon (each with new-for-August-2017 high school outfit decoration), Green Ninja Suit, Misako, Jamanakai Villager, Sally, Ivy Walker, Konrad, Severin Black, Tommy, Guy, Juno, Mother Doomsday, Shark Army Gunner and Officer Noonan, plus Sweep the maintenance robot. A highlight would have to be the Galidor printed torso – a great reference for LEGO fans in the know.

There are so many details I urge you to check out the full set description and gallery of over 30 images below.

This set has an Australian RRP of $499.99 and will be available September 1st.