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Retail Release Schedule For The First Half of 2019


It’s become somewhat of a New Years tradition that I spend ages hunting down the newest retail catalogue so that I can share with you all of the details on what sets are released when.

Well here it is – the release schedule for the first half of 2019. These are all the sets coming to general retail.

Firstly there are a few observations from the catalogue…

The LEGO Movie 2 sets coming in March

Yes, they are available online now but the retail release is delayed just like the film itself. You won’t be seeing any of the sets in-store until at the very least late February.

No Benny?!

Benny’s Space Squad is probably one of the most highly anticipated sets of 2019, and it’s nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This means that it’s going to be some sort of retailer exclusive. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to find out who that set is going to until February.

First look at The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure series


This new Minifigure Series looks great and will be available to buy from February. There certainly doesn’t appear to be any sort of chase figure in this series which is great. I love the classic Wizard of Oz characters.

No Overwatch

A few people have been asking about the retail release of the Overwatch sets and they are nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This may mean they are a retailer exclusive but I haven’t heard anything about that at this stage.

Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets coming soon


No pictures yet, but a tease for new sets coming in April to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars

You’ll find the full release schedule information below.

Release Schedule For The Second Half of 2018

2HY 2018 Catalogue Cover

The latest LEGO Catalogue is out, which means we now have an official source on the release schedule for the the second half of 2018′s sets.

Considering that they are already in most shops it will come as no surprise that Creator is scheduled for June. This lineup includes the Pirate Roller Coaster as well as the other 3-in-1 sets.

LEGO Train fans will be hanging out for July when the new City range is released. The lineup includes the new Arctic sets as well as new trains, City Hospital and the new people pack.

July is also the month for new Friends sets. The 2HY 2018 Friends range focuses primarily on the racing sub-theme but there are also some interesting sets like 41346 Friendship Box or 41347 Heartlake City Resort.

Lastly for July is new Ninjago sets. Some great looking sets including 70652 Stormbringer that can be integrated with Boost.

You’ll have to wait for August for new Star Wars including the great looking 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room and an all new Sandcrawler.

August is also the scheduled month for new Technic sets such as the massive 42082 Rough Terrain Crane.

Unikitty! is another August release with both the sets and blind bags on the way.

Lastly for August is 4 new Juniors sets - 2 Disney Princess sets, a Friends one and 10764 City Central Airport.

The last sets on the schedule are the new Minecraft sets due in September.

You can check out the catalogue for yourself here or see a full list of the included sets below.

Release Schedule For First Half of 2018

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Cover Thumb

It’s the new year, which means that I have been constantly checking the LEGO 3D Catalogue app hoping that the new catalogue for the first half of 2018 had been released. Sure enough while checking today I got exactly what I was after.

I have gone through the catalogue and compiled an extensive list of the release schedule for every set featured in the catalogue. You can find that full list at the end of the article. It’s over 130 sets so I have made it sortable and searchable for you. You can search by month, set number or a specific theme.

Hopefully the sets that you are interested in aren’t too far off. Note that these sets are available online from LEGO if you are impatient.

The catalogue also features some additional information about themes that haven’t had their sets announced yet…

LEGO is going all out with the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sets – there will be Duplo, Juniors and regular sets all released related to the movie all in April.

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Jurassic World Duplo

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Jurassic World Juniors

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Jurassic World Regular

With the Han Solo film out this year the tie-in sets will also be released in April, specifically April 13th. Hopefully we’ll see these before then.


Speed Champions fans will be pleased to see that there are more sets coming in March.

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Speed Champions

March is also the month for Avengers Infinity War sets.

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 Infinity War

The catalogue also confirms a new series of Minifigures will be released in April to follow on from the Batman Movie series 2 minifigures.

CATALOGUE 1HY2018 April Minifigure Series

Release Schedule For Second Half of 2017

2HY 2017 Catalogue Cover

Over the weekend the LEGO Catalogue app on my phone was updated to feature the new catalogue for the second half of the year. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a PDF version online but I have gone through page by page to compile a list of all the release details.

I have also included the June stuff, even though it should already be in stores. While some of the City sets showed up for the Toy Sales, the full range should be released this month, along with the coast guard sets. The new LEGO Batman Movie sets should also be appearing soon.

The only hint of The Last Jedi sets is a page saying they will be revealed in September. There are also details of the three Justice League sets coming out in August.

If there is a set not in the list below that likely means that it is a store exclusive or not coming to Australian retail. The catalogue is for the general release sets.

You can view the full list of 90 sets below. The list is searchable and sortable if there is a particular set that you are looking for.

Release Schedule For The First Half of 2017

1HY 2017 Catalogue Front Small

It’s a new year, which means a whole heap of new LEGO sets. Any LEGO fan will already know that while new sets show up online January 1st, they are released to stores in batches. The LEGO Retail catalogue is always how we know what sets are hitting stores when. You can’t view the catalogue online yet but it is available via the LEGO Catalogue app on iOS or Android.

Most of the sets we already knew about but there is a teaser promising Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sets in March.

I’ve gone through the catalogue in detail and added the release month to my database of set information. Below you’ll find a list of just under 150 sets and when you can expect to see them on store shelves. There are a few sets with no images or pricing on the LEGO site so there are a few gaps in the data. I regularly update my set database so as soon as I know those prices I will update accordingly.

For those who can’t see the table below here is a quick guide;

  • Disney Moana – January
  • Friends – January
  • City – January
  • Nexo Knights – January
  • Batman Collectable Minifigures – January
  • Star Wars – January
  • Classic – February
  • Duplo – February
  • Creator – February
  • DC Super Hero Girls – February
  • Ninjago – February
  • The LEGO Batman Movie – February
  • Disney Other – March
  • Elves – March
  • Technic – March
  • DC Comics Super Heroes – March
  • Marvel Super Heroes – March

Release Schedule For First Half Of 2016

1H 2016 Catalogue Thumb

There are lots on exciting LEGO sets being released this year and while some of them are now available online there are usually savings to be had if you can find products in a retail store. Thanks to the latest Australian retail catalogue we now know when the various themes and sets will be released, at least for the first half of 2016. This is a retail catalogue so no exclusives unfortunately.

We’ve included a full breakdown below with every set. It’s a comprehensive list with links to every set’s product page. It certainly looks like it’s going to be a busy start of the year.

You can check out the catalogue for yourself here.

Note: In the table below the links are automatically generated, and not every set will be on the LEGO site yet. There are also some sets with no thumbnail image yet. For a better look at those sets check out the catalogue.

LEGO Dimensions Release Schedule

We have received some information from Warner Bros games that, depending on your opinion of LEGO Dimensions, is either going to be great news or terrible news.

Rather than flooding the market on day one, the release of the various LEGO Dimensions packs is being spread out over 5 waves. With so many different packs announced there was some concern that picking up everything was just not going to be feasible – at least by spreading it out there is more opportunity for kids to save up their pocket money or add packs to their Christmas wish list.
LEGO Dimensions LOGO Small
The bad news may come in for those LEGO fans interested in the packs as LEGO products more so than gaming products – some of the more highly anticipated sets won’t be released until early 2016. For example the Slimer pack won’t be available until May next year. That’s a long wait for those looking to grab a Slimer to go with their Ecto-1.

We have included the image with this release schedule below. It’s quite large so click on it for a readable version. We’ve also included a text breakdown below.


Wave 1 - September 27, 2015

Level PacksTeam PacksFun Packs
71201 Back To The Future71205 Owen & ACU [Jurassic World]71209 Wonder Woman
71202 The Simpsons71206 Scooby & Shaggy71210 Cyborg
71203 Portal71212 Emmet
71213 Bad Cop
71214 Benny
71215 Jay
71216 Nya
71217 Zane
71218 Gollum
71219 Legolas
71220 Gimli
71222 Laval
71223 Cragger
71232 Eris
71221 Wicked Witch

Wave 2 - November 3, 2015

Level PacksTeam PacksFun Packs
71204 Doctor Who71207 Cole & Kai [Ninjago]71211 Bart Simpson
71227 Krusty the Clown
71231 Unikitty

Wave 3 - January 19, 2016

Level PacksTeam PacksFun Packs
71228 Ghostbusters71229 The Joker & Harley Quinn71238 Cyberman & Dalek
71230 Doc Brown
71234 Sensei Wu

Wave 4 - March 15, 2016

Level PacksTeam PacksFun Packs
71235 Midway Arcade71237 Aquaman
71236 Superman
71233 Stay Puft

Wave 5 - May 10, 2016

Level PacksTeam PacksFun Packs
71241 Slimer
71239 Lloyd
71240 Bane

Release Schedule For Second Half Of 2015

LEGO Catalogue 2nd Half 2015

With all of the sales taking place at the moment we almost forgot to post this exciting news – The LEGO retail catalogue for the second half of 2015 is now available online and via the LEGO Catalogue app.

The catalogue features the release details for all of the sets that will be broadly available at retail stores. As usual it does not include sets exclusive to a single retailer or LEGO online exclusives. There is still plenty to check out though.

Below is a table of all the new sets in the catalogue. It is sortable by month, theme or set number. You can also search for a particular set. Hopefully this will make it easy to find out when the sets you want will be released.

Updated Release Schedule For First Half Of 2015

LEGO Catalogue App Icon

Now that we have the official Australian version of the retail catalogue, we can update the release schedule for the first half of 2015. There are some differences between our version and the German version we saw; there is less released in January, and more in February.

We do get the Age of Ultron and DC sets a month ahead of the Germans though.

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the catalogue app


  • The new LEGO City Swamp Police sets
  • All of the LEGO City Construction sets
  • Various other LEGO City vehicles
  • LEGO City Starter sets
  • Series 13 Minifigures
  • More Chime “Fire & Ice” sets


  • New Duplo, but no mention of the awesome nature reserve sets.
  • More Duplo Disney Princess
  • Heaps of new Juniors sets; Pirates’ Treasure Hunt, Refuse Truck, Beach Excursion
  • There are also two new Juniors suitcase sets
  • The new CLASSIC range; lots of basic brick sets and baseplates
  • New Creator sets; Go-Kart, Sea Plane, Auto Transporter, Cargo Heli, Blue Racer and Vehicle Transporter
  • There is also a new Creator House; 31035 Beach House
  • Toy and Grocery Shop is also released; similar in size to the Bike Shop set from 2014
  • A heap of new Friends sets; more Heartlake sets rather than the Jungle theme
  • New LEGO Movie sets
  • The return of Bionicle
  • More Star Wars Microfighters
  • There are also more prequel trilogy Star Wars sets
  • Star Wars Rebels sets


  • Series 4 of the Mixels; Space style Orbitons, Glow in the dark Glowkies and a new batch of fiery Infernites
  • New Disney Princess sets; Including the Frozen set Elsa’s Ice Palace
  • The new Elves theme launches
  • The new Speed Champions theme
  • Age of Ultron sets; there are two different sets with Hulk, and a great looking Avengers Tower set
  • Not to be left out, the new DC comics sets also launch
  • New Ninjago sets


  • Non-licensed Pirates make their return to stores
  • The second wave of the Ultra Agents theme
  • Technic Pull-Back vehicles
  • Heaps of other Technic


  • A second batch of Chima sets for 2015