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WALL•E Purchase Limit – Good or Bad?

Today 21303 WALL•E became officially available on the online LEGO store. It’s a highly anticipated set and we suspect that lots of LEGO fans rushed to the site to pick one up. However those looking to pick up more than one got a bit of a surprise – LEGO has placed a limit of one per customer on this particular set.


Reaction seems to be mixed to this, so we thought we’d look into both sides and then see what you think in the comments.

Is It Time For Retailers To Limit Quantities During Sales?

In case you didn’t know already the Myer 2015 Toy Sale has kicked off today. It looks like a pretty decent sale, with 20% off all LEGO and a few items with a slightly better percentage discount. The flagship sets are the new Detective’s Office modular building, and the Myer exclusive UCS Slave I. The Myer sale officially runs from June 10th to July 12th 2015, though if you were planning on picking up one of those flagship sets you may already be out of luck. Stock is disappearing fast, and it’s a phenomenon not exclusive to the Myer sale.

Recently LEGO has been more popular than ever. This may still be an after effect from the LEGO Movie, or may just be a general increase in popularity. Regardless of the source – the increased popularity means that there are more people out in the shops looking to save money on LEGO.

“What’s the problem?” you may be thinking. Surely a large company like LEGO can easily meet demand for their products. They’re one of (if not the) largest toy companies in the world. Unfortunately the delicate balance between supply and demand is easily messed with.

Myer Slave I Superfan Cropped