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Rogue One Set Details

Star Wars Rogue One LOGO

The first of the Star Wars Anthology films – Rogue One – hits cinemas in December and any LEGO fan knows that no Star Wars property can exist without related sets.

After leaks and speculation we finally have details of the sets including pricing and release dates. These 8 sets will all be available on September 30th.

I’ve included the main image of each set but you can also find a gallery of additional images for each set at the end of the article.

75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso – $39.99

75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso

Opinions On The New Death Star

75159 Death Star Leak Thumb

You may not be aware of this, but right now there are images floating around online that claim to be the new 75159 Death Star set. I’m not going to repost the images, but for those interested they can be found on reddit, in various threads.

The images may be fake but they do seem to line up with other reports about the set – 75159 is nearly identical to the most recent Death Star set 10188.

It seems that LEGO and Disney are using the same logic as Emperor Palpatine himself – just build the same thing again.

If you talk to any adult LEGO fan long enough there will always be one set that they wish they’d been able to get, and the conversation often goes to remakes or re-releases. AFOLs seem to be generally in favour of remakes but the online reaction to 75159 has been really negative. Should we be happy that LEGO seem open to reproducing a set, or is this just a lazy cash grab and a bad sign for the future? I think there are a few issues at play here…

10% Off Star Wars At LEGO Online To Celebrate May The Fourth

Despite earlier indications that we were only getting the Stormtrooper promotion, LEGO have just updated their store with 10% Off all LEGO Star Wars sets.

May Fourth LEGO Online 10pc

The 75098 Assault On Hoth set is excluded.

You’ll need to get in quick as this offer is only valid May 4th 2016.

Thanks to Mark for letting us know about this offer

Free First Order Stormtrooper Available Now

LEGO have updated the Australian store with their May The 4th offer. While we get this exclusive minifigure there doesn’t seem to be any discounts on offer (like other regions).

May 4th 2016 Promo

To get your bonus offer you will need to spend $100 or more on any Star Wars product between now (April 30th) and May 7th.

For those interested 75098 Assault On Hoth is also now available.

75098 Assault on Hoth Box

Australian Price For 75098 Assault On Hoth Confirmed

The product page for 75098 Assault On Hoth has just gone live on the Australian online LEGO store – which means that we have an official Australian price.

The latest LEGO Star Wars UCS set will cost Australian LEGO fans $399.99 from April 30th 2016.

75098 Assault On Hoth Australian RRP

Click on the picture above if you’d like to check out the product page.

What do you think of the price? It’s what we expected for the theme and part count.

Official Details Of 75098 Assault On Hoth

The New York Toy Fair press release gave us the first information on the newest UCS Star Wars set and now that the show is underway we have a huge gallery of pictures as well as the official press release.

Introducing 75098 Assault On Hoth – 2,144 pieces, 14 minifigures

75098 Assault on Hoth Box

Hoth is one of the most iconic planets in the original trilogy and 75098 attempts to capture the entire rebel base with a selection of smaller builds that can be connected together. The modular builds include an Ion Cannon, Wampa cave and Snowspeeder among others. There seems to be a lot of people disappointed with the modular approach the designers went with.

As soon as we know the Australian RRP we will be sure to share it. The set will be available from the online LEGO Store on April 30th – so we shouldn’t have to wait too long for local pricing.

Check out the full image gallery and press release below.

Assault on Hoth Base Set Confirmed

Assault on Hoth Base Tease Thumb

While having a look for information about the New York Toy Fair we spotted confirmation that LEGO’s rumoured large scale Hoth set is on it’s way.

There have been plenty of hints and teases but now we have something official. Fingers crossed we will get pictures once the Toy Fair kicks off.

The set is officially called Assault on Hoth Base and it will feature 2,144 pieces and at least 6 minifigures including Luke and Han. From the description it sounds like the set will be made up of several sub-builds that can connect together in various ways to create your own Hoth Base layout. The press release specifically mentions a Wampa cave as part of the set.

With a US price of $249.99 this set is likely to be around $400 in Australia.

LEGO Assault on Hoth™ Base will Challenge Even the Most Skilled Fan Builders
Experienced builders can recreate the Rebel Force’s Echo Base from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back in an unbelievably detailed recreation of one of the most iconic scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy. The 2,144-piece building set inspires fans to build their own scouting missions with the Snowspeeder, armed with twin spring-loaded shooters, and get back to base on the speeder bike to help Luke, Han and the other Rebel heroes. The modular design enables fans to customize their Rebel base configuration, including a Wampa cave and Wampa figure.  The set features LEGO minifigure versions of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Toryn Farr, Wes Janson, Wedge Antilles, K-3PO, and more. Available May 1 for $249.99.

Via prnewswire.com

New Star Wars And City Sets In Latest Big W Catalogue

BigW 200x200

The latest Big W catalogue doesn’t really count as a sale – it’s more of a highlight of the fact that new sets are in store now.

The catalogue reveals the everyday price for a range of Star Wars and City sets. As we’ve come to expect from Big W these prices are all a little lower than the regular RRP. While the catalogue only features a few items there should be some other items from the January release in stores now too.

We mentioned that this isn’t really a sale, but there are two Friends sets reduced…

41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon $28.00 (RRP $44.99, RRP Discount $16.99 or 38%)

41093 Heartlake Hair Salon $25.00 (RRP $44.99, RRP Discount $19.99 or 44%)

Both of these are great prices, so stock may sell quickly.

You can check out the full list of items included in the catalogue below, or view the catalogue yourself here.

30278 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Promotion At LEGO Online

At this stage there are no details of this offer on the Australian online LEGO store, but if add over $100 worth of LEGO Star Wars products to your cart you should see a nice little bonus – 30278 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter.

30278 X-Wing Fighter

There aren’t even a lot of details of the actual set, just a few pictures from the US.

30278 Poes XWing

Thanks to Amy for letting us know about this.

Additional image via Brickset.com

On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Target (Selected Themes)

It seems like ages since we last saw a good “buy one, get one half price” sale, and we don’t see them from Target very often either.

As pointed out by Spengler in the comments on the other Target sale, the Target website is currently promoting a Buy One, Get One Half price offer that runs from today (December 10th) for one week (likely makes the last day December 16th 2015). This offer only applies to LEGO Star Wars, City and Friends products.

Target B1G1 Half Price Offer December 10 2015

We have spoken to Target via their Facebook chat program and they have advised that the offer is online and in-store.

If you can’t make it in-store you can check out the LEGO range available online here.

This offer is also available on the Target eBay Store