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The LEGO Movie 2: New Trailer! New Sets!

A heap of new information has been revealed about The LEGO Movie 2 overnight, including a heap of new sets.

First up, here’s the new trailer featuring new characters including Rex Dangervest.

Now on to all these awesome looking new sets. These are all up on the Australian online store, so we actual have local pricing. These sets are officially released on December 26th, so we should be seeing them in-store around then too.

10895 Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from the DUPLO® Planet – $44.99

70820 LEGO® Movie Maker – $79.99

70821 Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop! – $29.99

It’s Happening Again – The LEGO Movie 2 Delayed In Australia


48 Days. That is the difference between the US release date (February 8th) and the current Australian release date (March 28) for The LEGO Move Part 2.

I’d love to pretend to be shocked by this, but I’m not. Village Roadshow co-CEO Graham Burke continues to make a mockery of his own statements on Australian release dates - ”Our policy go forward, is that all of our movies will release day and date with the United States”. On September 9th 2014 Mr Burke told the Online Copyright Infringement Forum that holding the LEGO Movie back 54 days was a mistake. It’s a mistake they keep making.

Village Roadshow is one of the most active participants in the battle against piracy here in Australia. Their strategy is simple – get stuff blocked. If sites are blocked then there is no way at all people will able to access pirated content according to their logic. The problem is that blocks are incredibly easy to get around.

People in Australia will pirate The LEGO Movie Part 2. I am willing to put money on that. Then Village Roadshow will come out and say that piracy really hurt the release and that more needs to be done. They might even say that they made a mistake. They won’t mean it. Not really.

The Australian release date is listed as March 28 in the Warner Bros media portal. This is subject to change but Roadshow also told me via Facebook that it will be March or even possibly April.

Your First Look At The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

The LEGO Movie Facebook page has just shared this first look at the highly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel.

The poster for the film has also been revealed.


What do you think so far? I’m liking the post-apocalyptic setting. That could lead to some interesting sets.

The LEGO Movie Sequel Gets A Name and Logo

The official title of the highly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel has been revealed on social media overnight, along with a fancy logo.

LEGO Movie 2 Logo

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is scheduled for release in February 2019, but from past experience I am not going to be at all surprised if it is further delayed here in Australia.

What do you think of the name and logo? I like that the logo built on the first one, that’s what LEGO is all about.