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Here Are The First LEGO Movie 2 Sets

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is out early next year^ and we are now getting an early look at three of the sets that will form part of the first wave.

These sets are all based on things seen in the trailer so probably aren’t huge spoilers.

Here are the three sets:

70830 Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship


I think this is the first set to ever come with minifigures and a minidoll. The set features Sweet Mayhem’s Starship with an opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, disc shooter and prison cell. It features Lucy and Emmet minifigures and a Sweet Mayhem minidoll. You’ll also get buildable Star and Heart figures.

70829 Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy


I love a good post-apocalyptic car and this would like right at home in a Mad Max movie. The escape buggy features seats for two minifigures, opening doors, arrow gun and suspension. The set features 3 minifigures; Emmet, Lucy and a female post-apocalyptic minifigure. You also get buildable MetalBeard, Star and Heart characters.

70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy


Unikitty has changed a lot since the last film. Here in her Ultrakatty form she looks a lot less cheerful than before. Ultrakatty features a spot for a minifigure to ride as well as lots of pose-ability. Three alternative facial expressions are included.

The set also comes with Lucy and Emmet minifigures as well as a Duplo style brick-built alien invader.


So what do you think of the sets? It’s great we are getting minidolls and minifigures together, I think that shows some interesting story possibilities. It also seems that Lucy and Emmet minifigures will be abundant.

Your First Look At The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

The LEGO Movie Facebook page has just shared this first look at the highly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel.

The poster for the film has also been revealed.


What do you think so far? I’m liking the post-apocalyptic setting. That could lead to some interesting sets.

The LEGO Movie Sequel Gets A Name and Logo

The official title of the highly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel has been revealed on social media overnight, along with a fancy logo.

LEGO Movie 2 Logo

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is scheduled for release in February 2019, but from past experience I am not going to be at all surprised if it is further delayed here in Australia.

What do you think of the name and logo? I like that the logo built on the first one, that’s what LEGO is all about.