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New Details On 4 Former Toys R Us Exclusives

When Toys R Us closed down the question that I got asked most of all was what is happening with the Toys R Us exclusives. I can assure you that I have been doing my best to keep on top of this including regularly bugging LEGO for information.

Thankfully we now know where four of those former exclusives are going. Here’s the list…

Set #
Exclusive To
75205Mos Eisley CantinaStar Wars$69.99Myer
75933T-Rex TransportJurassic World$99.99Myer
60196Arctic Supply PlaneCity$99.99Costco, Toyworld
41345Heartlake City Pet CenterFriends$79.99Costco, Toyworld

The two Myer exclusives are currently listed on the website

I can’t find an online listing for the other two exclusives.

What you may need to know is that according to the information provided by LEGO these exclusives are single drop. Once they are gone then you are likely going to have to resort to LEGO online to get them. Obviously plans can change though.

I know that isn’t all of the exclusives that Toys R Us had. I have been told that negotiations are on-going for anything not mentioned above.

Toys R Us – A Eulogy

Toys R Us Australia is no more.


After 25 years serving Australian toy fans the company has now closed all of their Australian stores.

Growing up my closest store was at Garden City in the Brisbane suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt. I used to go up that shopping centre almost every weekend, but I went to Toys R Us less frequently. My parents weren’t the type to take me toy shopping every weekend, and even when I did have some pocket money to spend I usually found myself at Big W.

Toys R Us always had a perception of being expensive. They were the fancy dedicated toy store. Their stock and range was amazing but you paid a bit extra for that.  I know that I got plenty of toys from there over the years.

One thing that I loved Toys R Us for was that they tried to be a destination for toy fans. One of my most clear memories of the store is when my older brother drove a friend of I up there so that we could play in a Pokemon Trading Card competition. They were the place that organised these sort of events. They did more LEGO Make and Take events than anywhere else.

When I grew up and had a child of my own I got several things from the Babies R Us part of the store. My son spent the first few months of his life in a fantastic Toys R Us bassinet.

The downfall of Toys R Us may have been that people became smarter consumers. With the internet they could research their purchases and find the best prices. It no longer became a case of if you wanted a hard to find toy you went to a dedicated toy store and paid whatever they asked.

The thing is that Toys R Us did have regular sales. Some weren’t great but plenty of times they were good. I know this because I posted about them for 5 years. Almost every Tuesday you’d see if the new Toys R Us catalogue had LEGO on sale. Almost every second catalogue had some discounted LEGO. Checking the past posts reveals that there were over 130 about Toys R Us, most of those sales of some description.

I am not going to pretend that Toys R Us was the best toy retailer because they weren’t. They were one of the few stores that charged more than RRP for some sets. But they were an option, one that isn’t there anymore. Less competition is never good for consumers. The Toys R Us stores were also staffed by real people who lost their jobs.

Farewell Toys R Us Australia and good luck to all of their former staff.

Got a fond memory of Toys R Us? Share your story in the comments.

Toys R Us Closing Down Sale Increases To 20% Off

Toys R US Logo 200px

Toys R Us (or to be more specific, the administrators of Toys R Us) have sent out an email this morning to announce that in-store discounts are now 20-40% off everything.

Based on the LEGO discounts they were offering so far, I am going to assume that the LEGO will be part of the 20% off.

Today is also an important day for anybody with an outstanding lay-by or gift card. Both need to be finalised by the end of today.

To use your gift card you will need to spend an additional equivalent amount (i.e. to utilise a $100 gift card, the value of the transaction must be at least $200). 

For lay-bys; the Administrators will complete sales under a lay-by if the outstanding balance is paid, subject to stock availability. If for some reason the stock is not available then the money you have paid can be used following the same rules as a gift card (i.e. to utilise a $100 worth of lay-by credit, the value of the transaction must be at least $200).

Remember that this is a closing down sale and the staff in stores are not the ones responsible for setting prices or policies.

Toys R Us Australia To Close

Toys R US Logo 200px

The Toys R Us brand has had a dark cloud over it since the US arm first announced they were filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy back in September 2017. As we know the US didn’t recover and has now closed all stores. The same fate befell other countries shortly after.

Now, after administrators failed to find a buyer for the company,  all Australian stores will now be closing.

Regardless of how you feel about the company this is sad news – over 700 staff will be made redundant. Less competition is also bad for consumers.

The online store will be taken offline tomorrow and open online orders will be delivered to customers in cases where they have paid in full and stock is available. Gift cards must be used by July 5th, but in order to do so you will have to spend the equivalent amount yourself. For example to use a $50 gift card your purchase will need to be at least $100. Lay-bys will also be honoured until July 5th.

Toys R Us was home to several exclusive LEGO sets, with more that were scheduled for June. I have spoken to LEGO Australia about these but as of now there is no official statement on what will be happening in regards to these sets. As soon as I know more I will share that information with you.

There is likely to be liquidation sales happening soon and I will do my best to share those with you as they happen.

Toys R Us Enters Voluntary Administration

Toys R US Logo 200px

Sad news tonight for Toys R Us Australia. Following the fall of the US and UK counterparts the Australian branch has also now entered into voluntary administration.

Insolvency and restructuring firm McGrathNicol was appointed voluntary administrator of Toys ‘R’ Us Australia (TRUA) and Babies ‘R’ Us today. McGrathNicol intends to keep both businesses operating while it investigates options for a sale of the businesses.

After what happened in other regions I think the odds of a last minute savior would be minimal, but not impossible.

My thoughts are with the staff during this uncertain time. Toys R Us employs over 2700 people nationally.

Initial reports are that the appointment of administrators has had some immediate and significant impacts on the business. Firstly, Toys R Us stores will no longer be offering refunds on items. This is not a huge concern for LEGO products as you can go directly to LEGO for issues like missing parts.

The change that will have the biggest impact is that gift cards and vouchers will only be honoured if you spend an additional equivalent amount. That means if you want to use a $50 gift card your purchase must be at least $100. While this sucks for anybody with a high value gift card it is better than nothing which legally the administrators could do.

If you have a gift card I suggest using it immediately. If you have existing lay-bys I would also be either cancelling those or paying them out. As bad as it is for Toys R Us, administration can also be messy for customers.

Toys R Us have been an iconic brand for so many years it would be a shame to see them go completely. At this stage I think it’s too early to be thinking about what sales may eventuate from this situation.

Via https://thewest.com.au/

On Sale: 20% Off At Toys R Us

A bit of an unexpected surprise came through from Toys R Us tonight via email.

From today online or tomorrow in-store, until Sunday May 20th Toys R Us are offering 20% off all full priced items.

Toys R Us 20percent off May 17 2018

To take advantage of the offer online you will need to use the code WEEKEND at checkout. If you are going in-store you’ll need to have a copy of the barcode for staff to scan.

The UCS Millennium Falcon is specifically excluded, but it might be a good time to pick up a Ninjago City.

Thanks to Trevor and Chris for both making sure I didn’t miss this.

On Sale: Toys R Us Drops Price of Joker Manor For Click Frenzy

Toys R US Frenzy Mayhem Joker Manor

If Click Frenzy Mayhem was a competition I don’t think Toys R Us would win. Their offering isn’t a flat discount on everything, it’s just a discount on the Joker Manor set.

If you are after this set it isn’t a bad price at all.

You can view the set here.

As this is a Click Frenzy price, don’t expect it to be the same in-store. As usual Click Frenzy is for 24 hours only so get your order in by 7 PM AEST tomorrow night (May 16th).

All The 2018 Star Wars Day Offers

Star Wars Day is here again!

Sure May The 4th may not have the same mainstream appeal as something like Christmas, but for LEGO Star Wars fans it’s still a great day.


Here is a quick round-up of all the offers I’ve found so far.

LEGO Online – Double VIP Points, Y-Wing and Mini BB-8

For most people the best offer is going to be going to LEGO’s online store. You aren’t going to get discounts but you will get some bonuses.

75181 Y-Wing Starfighter is officially released at 8am AEST. The set will cost you $299.99 and you can get yours here.


Double VIP Points will apply on all LEGO Star Wars purchases.

Free Mini BB-8 set with LEGO Star Wars orders over $100 this runs from May 4th to May 7th or while stocks last.


On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

Toys R US Logo 200px

Toys R Us have just released details of a new LEGO Lovers sale – with over 50 sets now reduced.

Overall the discounts aren’t going to blow anybody away but the range itself is fairly extensive with a good variety of themes covered.

This sale starts today (May 2nd) online or tomorrow (May 3rd) in-store. Discount prices are valid until May 8th.

You can view the whole selection here, or see a list with additional details below.

On Sale: Toys R Us Slashes Prices of Two Large Sets

I understand that a sale with two sets is pretty terrible but the prices make this sale worth sharing.

Toys R Us has a catalogue out today that features two large sets with deep discounts…

  • 70912 Arkham Asylum for $169.96, or $100 off the regular price.
  • 75188 Resistance Bomber for $129.99, or $50 off the regular price.

Toys R Us Price Reductions April 2018

The sale starts tomorrow (April 18th) in store but should be online tonight. I am not sure how this offer will stack with the current buy one, get one half price offer. Fingers crossed they do stack.

The sale ends May 1st.