BrisBricks Pine Rivers 2013 Review & Photos

BrisBricks Pine Rivers

This is proving to be a great year to be a LEGO fan in Brisbane, with 3 separate shows scheduled. The first event of the year was the BrisBricks Pine Rivers show, which was held this weekend. I made the trip to the north side of Brisbane on Saturday morning for the 10:30am session.

By selling pre-paid tickets online the organisers managed to avoid lengthy queues. When I arrived for my session a few minutes before it was due to start I walked straight through the door as my ticket was scanned. If there were ticketing issues they didn’t show when I was there. After getting inside I realised I had the wrong lens on my camera, but I was allowed to leave and re-enter without any issue.

The Venue
The chosen venue for the event allowed for the displays to be reasonably spread out. This helped keep people moving while still giving people enough time to soak up all of the little details present in the MOCs. All of the retailers were located in a slightly separate part of the venue. I think having people selling LEGO right beside a great MOC is a little distracting, so I quite liked the way it was set out. Some parents may not have liked having to go past LEGO (and confectionery) that was for sale to get to the exit, but as an AFOL it wasn’t a concern for me.

The MOCs
I never cease to be blown away by the building skills of others. Words don’t really do the creations justice, so be sure to check out the photo gallery.
The largest display was definitely a highlight. Containing a huge selection of different scenes – A racecourse, airport,  a superhero battle on the tower bridge and a winter village (just to name a few).

While I am not a big collector of Star Wars, it would have been nice to see some more “scenes” created, rather than just a collection of ships on a table.

My “Best in Show” was the Ski Village. There is just something hard to resist about a snowboarding Santa and minifigures in a hot-tub.

BrisBricks Pine Rivers 2013 was a fantastic day out. Everybody involved should be really proud of the show that they put on. I’d also like to give a special shoutout to the organisers for the special Autism session they put on. I am sure it was appreciated by the parents, but more importantly the kids.

The Photos



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