Toy Sale 2013 – All the deals from Myer

Myer 2013 Toy Sale

It’s toy sale time again. Bricking Around is going to go through the various toy catalogues and list all the LEGO deals for you to check out.

Myer. On sale from Thursday 20 June until Sunday 28 July 2013. Available online now.

Click here to view the catalogue yourself.




Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 

Lone Ranger

Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US
79111Constitution Train Chase$109.00139.99$30.9922%$99.99$9.01
79110Silver Mine Shootout$89.00119.99$30.9926%$69.99$19.01
79108Stagecoach Escape$54.9569.99$15.0421%$29.99$24.96
79106Cavalry Builder Set$17.9522.99$5.0422%$12.99$4.96


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US
79008Pirate Ship Ambush$109.00$139.99$30.9922%$99.99$9.01
79007Battle at the Black Gate$79.00$99.99$20.9921%$59.99$19.01
79006Council of Elrond$44.95$59.99$15.0425%$29.99$14.96

Star Wars

Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US
9516Jabba's Palace$149.00199.99$50.9925%$119.99$29.01
75005Rancor Pit$69.9589.99$20.0422%$59.99$9.96
75003A-Wing Starfighter$29.95$39.99$10.0425%$24.99$4.96
9493X-Wing Starfighter$99.00119.99$20.9917%59.99$39.01


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
93984 x 4 Crawler$219.00$289.99$70.9924%$199.99$19.01
42000Grand Prix Racer$119.00$159.99$40.9926%$129.99-$10.99


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
10556Duplo Creative Chest$44.00$59.99$15.9927%$44.99-$0.99
10663Boys Bricks & More$44.95$59.99$15.0425%??
5560Girls Bricks & More$44.95$49.99$5.0410%$29.99$14.96


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
7498Police Station$119.00$149.99$30.9921%$99.99$19.01
60007High Speed Chase$29.95$39.99$10.0425%$29.99-$0.04
4433Dirt Bike Transporter$23.95$29.99$6.0420%$19.99$3.96
60010Fire Helicopter$39.95$49.99$10.0420%$39.99-$0.04
60005Fire Boat$29.95$39.99$10.0425%$29.99-$0.04
60018Cement Mixer$23.95$29.99$6.0420%$19.99$3.96
60016Tanker Truck$23.95$29.99$6.0420%$19.99$3.96


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
10233Horizon Express$124.00$159.99$35.9922%$129.99-$5.99
10220Volkswagen T1 Camper Van$134.00$169.99$35.9921%$119.99$14.01
10226Sopwith Camel$99.00$129.99$30.9924%$99.99-$0.99
10230Mini Modulars$79.00$99.99$20.9921%$79.99-$0.99


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
10508Deluxe Train Set$124.00$159.99$35.9922%??
6157Big Zoo$119.00$149.99$30.9921%$89.99$29.01
10552Creative Cars$23.95$29.99$6.0420%$19.99$3.96
10558Numbers Train$23.95$29.99$6.0420%$19.99$3.96


Set #NamePriceAU RRPDiscount% OffUS RRPMarkup over $US 
3185Summer Riding Camp$119$149.99$30.9921%$99.99$19.01
41001Mia's Magic Tricks$12.45$15.99$3.5422%$9.99$2.46
41003Olivia's Newborn Foul$12.45$15.99$3.5422%$9.99$2.46
41007Heartlake Pet Salon$29.95$39.99$10.0425%$29.99-$0.04
41008Heartlake City Pool$44.95$59.99$15.0425%$39.99$4.96

Australian prices sourced from the Australian online LEGO Store. US RRP sourced from
If you find any mistakes please use the contact form to send those through.

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