LEGO Movie Sets Now Available

While Australia is one of the last countries in the world to get the actual LEGO Movie (boo!) it looks like we are one of the first to get the LEGO Movie tie-in sets.

The best news is that these sets look quite well priced. Our advice would probably be to hold off buying these sets from LEGO Online directly; we are expecting a lot of marketing for this movie so LEGO is going to want these sets in as many stores as possible. Chances are none of these are going to be hard to find. If you can wait for one of the frequent 20% off sales we have been having then the decent RRPs on these sets become even better value.

If you can’t wait for the retail release you can buy all of these sets from

Read more for all of the official prices. 

 SetAustralian PriceUS Price
70800 Getaway Glider$19.99$12.99
70801 Melting Room$19.99$12.99
70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit$39.99$29.99
70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace$29.99$19.99
70804 Ice Cream Machine$39.99$29.99
70805 Trash Chomper$39.99$29.99
70806 Castle Cavalry$39.99$29.99
70807 MetalBeard's Duel$49.99$34.99
70808 Super Cycle Chase$79.99$49.99
70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair$99.99$69.99
70811 The Flying Flusher$39.99$29.99
70812 Creative Ambush$59.99$39.99
70813 Rescue Reinforcements$99.99$69.99

1 thought on “LEGO Movie Sets Now Available

  1. BradSeco Reply

    I also see there are several 2014 sets for sale at Lego, even the new cuusoo NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover for $49.99 plus Star wars and City sets.

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