70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow Buying Options

We are really excited for the 70810 Metal Beard’s Sea Cow set, which is slowly making itself more widely available. After learning that the set was now available on Amazon, we decided to look at the options.


LEGO Movie 70810 Metal Beard’s Sea Cow is now available for pre-order, with a shipping date of June 8 2014.

We have done the maths on the Amazon pricing, and  based on Amazon currency conversion (as of time of publication) and shipping to our Brisbane Address the set works out at AU$ 349.50. This is a saving of 10% off the Australian RRP. This is not as good as a local 20% off sale.


Australian retailer Shopforme have the set available for pre-order for $350.99. This price is on par with the Amazon price, and will possible have a quicker delivery time.

Other Australian Retailers

We have received reports of a few sightings of this set at other retailers. It looks like it is slowly making it’s way to stores. With toy sales (hopefully) just around the corner the best option could be to wait. We couldn’t find the set listed online anywhere at this stage.

If you have spotted the Sea Cow anywhere, let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow Buying Options

  1. Matt Reply

    Saw this one at Target Melbourne CBD last Saturday for that same price too. After a disappointing visit to the Myer ‘lego concept’ store this was like a shining beacon in a sea of old sets and half empty shelves.

  2. Niki Reply

    Shopforme had this set as their ‘Daily Blitz’ today, at 10% off (as you mentioned above), but also with a free blue baseplate. Not sure how long the offer is valid for though.

    I also spotted the set (at RRP) at Target in Camberwell, VIC on the weekend.

  3. Glen Reply

    Myer has it on their online stor at $389 wait for mid year toy sale or %20 and snap one up!

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