Myer Toy Sale Updates

The Myer Toy Sale has kicked off in-store today, and we have heard reports that a lot of stock is flying off the shelves. Online stock levels seem to be a little better but we suspect that a lot of the larger exclusive sets will not last until the weekend, let alone until the end of the sale.

In the interests of making sure our readers don’t miss out on a deal, we thought we would provide a quick update.

The Extra 10% Off

There have been reports that some buyers have been able to get the extra 10% off, even though this is supposed to exclude LEGO. We suggest that Myer One members take along a copy of the voucher with them, and try for the extra discount. Be prepared for the extra discount to be denied, but you never know what will happen. Remember that retail staff are just following instructions, so don’t get mad at them if they won’t apply the discount; after all the voucher does exclude LEGO.

Stock Levels

We have heard multiple reports that stock is selling out quickly, particularly the larger exclusive sets.

  • The Simpsons House – Sold out online, and we have received reports that most stores only received a few of these. We suggest calling your store in advance. Sold out online.
  • The Sea Cow – Again, limited stock of this one in-store. Still available online.
  • Parisian Restaurant – Limited stock in-store. Still available online.
  • Sydney Opera House – There seems to be better stock levels of this in-stores. Still available online.


We suspect that a lot of the larger sets will sell out before the end of the sale. We have had another look at the products that may be worth buying from Amazon if you can’t get them from Myer. The Millennium Falcon is actually cheaper from Amazon than from Myer.

 SetSale PriceAmazon PricePrice Difference At Amazon
71006 The Simpsons House$259.00$262.87 Link~ $5 More
10243 Creator Parisian Restaurant$199.99$208.47 Link~ $10 More
7965 Millennium Falcon$199.00$180.87 Link~ $15 Less

10 thoughts on “Myer Toy Sale Updates

  1. bradseco Reply

    I was at Carindale Myer at 2pm and all they had were SOH, MF, Town Square and VW. All the others were gone first up this morning.

  2. Glen Reply

    I would have recommended asking them yesterday to put the stock on hold for you until today, luckily I ordered online and managed to beat the crowds for sea cow was worried I wouldn’t get that so cheap…btw anyone know if any retailers will get the sandcrawler? Or if guardians of galaxy sets will be out for the sales?

  3. Jules Reply

    Thanks for the update, I’m going to pick myself up a T1 Camper, quite a bit cheaper than Amazon too.

    Just a note that the Super Star Destroyer is now pretty much guaranteed to be discontinued any time now (if it hasn’t already), so this might be the last chance to get it at a (relatively) reasonable price.

  4. Niki Reply

    For anyone chasing SOH; it’s currently cheaper through shopforme’s Daily Blitz at $299.99 vs Myer at $319.00 (unless you can sweet-talk them into giving you the extra 10% Myer One discount, that is).

    I ordered PR when the sale first started online, for ‘Click & Collect’ at my local store, so actually had it in hand yesterday (i.e. the day before it went on sale in-store), and I noticed that late last night, they were offering the same option for the Seacow, yet by early this morning (i.e. prior to the store’s opening time), it was showing as unavailable in store, or for ‘Click & Collect’, so I ended up ordering it online for home delivery. They still had plenty of stock of SOH, MF, VW, and Town Square at lunchtime today.

    I did notice that my local Target had 2 or 3 each of Simpsons House and Seacow, so if anyone’s desperate, I wonder if they’d price match to Myer’s catalogue…?

  5. Flumpf Reply

    What a con! I ordered first thing the morning The Simspons’ house went on sale, Myer happily took my money then only sent the swap cards. Four days after my first query as to what’s going on they ring and tell me they cannot supply, aren’t expecting more stock until Christmas and are refunding my money. Myer are now dead to me.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      We are really sorry to hear that. It seems that a few people have had similar problems with this sale.

      It might be a blessing in disguise though; did you see our most recent post? The Simpsons House is $259 at Kmart, which I believe is cheaper than Myer had it.

      • Niki Reply

        The Myer catalogue lists The Simpsons House at $259.00 as well, but it’s a moot point if they can’t fulfil the orders they took for it.

        As I mentioned above, I ordered the Seacow from Myer online on the first day of the sale, and I’ve since received an email to say ‘There has been a small delay in fulfilling the item(s) below. We apologise and will send updates as your order progresses.’ It’s now showing as ‘sold out’ on their website, and ‘Backordered’ on my account, but they’ve quite happily already charged my credit card. 🙁

        Fingers crossed the Seacow is more readily available and they will be able to fulfil my order at some point soon, rather than up and cancelling it on me like Flumpf’s Simpsons House.

        • Niki Reply

          Yep, after being ‘backordered’ for just over a week, Myer up and cancelled my online Seacow order today (they’ve had my money all this time mind you).

          What a debacle! 🙁 Add that to Flumpf’s experience with the Simpsons House, and I read on another site of a cancelled online order for Parisian Restaurant, not to mention their lack of extra discount on LEGO for Myer One members, and I think it’s safe to say they haven’t made a lot of AFOL friends this year.

  6. Owen Reply

    I just had the same thing happen to my order – both Seacow and Parisian Restaurant cancelled!
    Called – what a waste of time! – no idea if they will get more stock – not intention of honouring orders – they feel a little piece of fine print somewhere on the website removes all responsibility!
    I was told if I want to be sure I get an item I need to deal with a store directly – great!!
    Why do we have online stores then?????
    AFOL who’s no fan of MYER!!!!!

    • Niki Reply

      Myer’s catalogue claims PR is exclusive to them, so you might struggle a bit with getting it elsewhere, but if you’re desperate, I have seen it on the shopforme website for 10% off ($224.99).

      After Myer cancelled my Sea Cow order, I jumped on the Big W website and happily discovered that even though it’s listed in their catalogue for $328.00 ($19.00 more than Myer), they have adjusted their online sale price to automatically match Myer. I tested the theory in store today and after scanning my Everyday Rewards card, I was able to pick it up for $309.00! 😀

      The Big W website has also adjusted the Simpsons House price down from the catalogue price of $298.00 to match Myer’s catalogue at $259.00, so I would expect that would be the case in store as well (using the Everyday Rewards card to get it now, or once the sale officially starts).

      Now you just need to find a local Big W store with stock of what you’re after (or use their online layby service, but be aware they’re not releasing them for pick up or delivery until just before Xmas).

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