Ipswich Brick Event 2014 Review & Photos

On a cold Saturday morning I resisted the urge to stay in bed and made the trip out to the 2nd Ipswich Brick Event. Organised by QLUG and BrickEvents Pty Ltd the Ipswich Brick Event brings together builders from all over Brisbane to show off their creations.

Be sure to view our collection of photos from the event below.

Pre-purchased tickets to the event were available over the phone, but there was no simple online ordering process, like the system used by other groups. Luckily this didn’t prove to be an issue. When I arrived at around 11AM there was only one family before me in line, so I got in almost straight away. I am not sure how busy it got at other times of the day, but I didn’t have any problems.

The Venue
This year the event moved to a new venue, closer to the heart of Ipswich. As somebody who doesn’t live close by, I didn’t have any issues locating it. My only (very minor) issue would be parking; the venue did not have a large dedicated carpark like some other venues, and when I arrived the nearby metered spots were occupied. I was able to find a spot to park fairly quickly though.

Once inside the venue worked well for the type of event. There were a few spots that were slightly dark, but overall it was well lit. The size of the venue enabled the displays to be well set out.

The chosen venue is primarily used for performances, and the organisers very cleverly utilised the stage for the building area. It created a clear distinction between the play area and the display areas.

LEGO Sales
There were several retailers with items for the inspired fans to spend their money on, but only a single retailer selling a range of new sets. It’s not really a complaint, but I personally prefer when there are a few different options, as it means people have a chance to compare prices. I didn’t spot anything that was particularly cheap – it all seemed to be RRP or higher.

Beyond the sale of new sets, there were also some other options. Firstly there was a stand selling bulk parts and minifigures. I got a $3 lucky dip and scored a small bag of basic bricks.

There was also a great range of LEGO jewellery on sale. Prices seemed reasonable for custom made item, and there was a good range with options for boys and girls.

The MOCs
Despite being a regular attendee of events in the Brisbane region I was still amazed by the creations that I saw. As you will see in the gallery below there are some exceptional builders in Brisbane. Here are just a few of the highlights;

  • The Country Fair – This display really captured the atmosphere of a fair (Pictures 015 – 021)
  • Rubik’s Cube Machine – A machine that can solve a Rubik’s Cube, something I can’t even do myself. (Picture 052)
  • Medieval/Fantasy Display – Lots of dragons, and an Ewok Village modified into an elf village. (Pictures 068 – 076)
  • LEGO City – Lots of modified modulars. (Pictures 114 – 127)
  • Hogwarts – It’s hard to go past a build this big (Pictures 146 – 153)
  • Robinhood – Lots of beautiful landscaping, and a great moving waterfall (Pictures 159 – 164)

All of the other builds were impressive too. Be sure to look through all of the photos.

It was nice to be recognised by a few of the builders, and to be able to introduce myself to new people. Part of a successful LEGO event is friendly people who love talking about their passion, and that is definitely what I experienced today. It was a fantastic day out, and I can’t wait for the next show on the Gold Coast.

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  1. maerskfan Reply

    Haha I thought it was a different Ipswich which I live near… I was getting so excited – still lloads of great pictures

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