Amazon Sale: Buy One, Get One 40% Off

It looks like the toy sale mania has spread to the US. Amazon have just kicked off a Buy 1, Get 1 40% Off sale on a range of products including a range of LEGO. It’s not exactly the broadest range, but there are still some decent sets included in the offer. Of particular note is the new Guardians Of The Galaxy sets. These aren’t released in Australia until August, so it is very surprising to see such new sets included in a sale. Also included is the X-Men vs Sentinel set that we know people were interested in. That set is not in the Australian retail catalogue, so we don’t know when that will be showing up here.

Click here to view the offer – Buy One, Get One 40% Off

This is a limited sale, and we aren’t sure exactly when it will end.

We generally try and run the numbers on all of the Amazon offers that we post here, but with such a variety of sets available it is going to be impossible for us to check every combination. We suggest that before you hit that final confirmation button you have a quick look at the total in Australian dollars and compare that to the Australian retail price (which you can find here). With 20% off being fairly common in Australia, we suggest that as your baseline for saving money.

Here is a quick example that we did up;

2 x 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush

Order Total: AUD $183.79 (shipped to Brisbane)
Australian RRP: $139.99 each, $279.98 Total (link)
Total Discount: $96.19 (~ 34.36% discount)

We have added a saving calculator so that you can work out your percentage discount. You will still need to work out the Australian RRP for your order, but this form should do the rest.


For quick reference here is a list of everything that we saw

Set #Set NamePrice ($US)
76000Batman vs Mr Freeze$17.99
79008Pirate Ship Ambush$81.22
6860The Batcave$67.45
79012Mirkwood Elf Army$25.99
75030Millenium Falcon$9.97
76018Hulk Lab Smash$49.95
76001The Bat vs Bane: Tumbler Chase$34.49
76022X-Men vs The Sentinel$49.99
76017Captain America vs Hydra$19.97
75032X-Wing Fighter$9.97
76013Batman: The Joker Steamroller$49.95
75038Jedi Interceptor$24.97
75040General Grevious' Wheel Bike$24.97
76021The Milano Spaceship Rescue$74.97
76020Knowhere Escape Mission$39.99
76010Batman: The Penguin Face Off$12.97
76019Starblaster Showdown$19.97
75035Kashyyk Troopers$12.97
75037Battle on Saleucami$14.97
75033Star Destroyer$9.97
76016Spider-Helicopter Rescue$44.41
70108Royal Roost$6.83
71026Crocodile Legend Beast$9.97
70005Laval Royal Fighter$33.44
75041Vulture Droid$24.92
75042Droid Gunship$49.97
70008Gorzans Gorilla Stricker$44.36
70137Bat Strike$12.97
70105Nest Drive$8.98

1 thought on “Amazon Sale: Buy One, Get One 40% Off

  1. Jules Reply

    Got myself 2x Batcaves. These prices are crazy good when comparing them to Australian RRP.

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