Exo Suit And Research Institute Back Online [Updated]

If you head over to Ideas section of the Australian LEGO store you may notice that two sets have made a re-appearance.

That’s right, both 21109 Exo Suit and 21110 Research Institute are listed as “Available Now”.


Since posting this article the status of both products has already changed

  • Exo Suit – Out of stock, expected ship date 24 Sep 2014.
  • Research Institute – Sold Out

We hope you were able to get in an order before they disappeared again.

Original Information below

Ideas back in stock

It seems that LEGO just can’t keep up with demand for this set. Based on this information it is possible the same thing will happen to the Research Institute.

We currently don’t know if this is an accurate reflection of new stock or just a glitch in the site. Fingers crossed that LEGO has been able to pump out some more of these in-demand sets.

After the stock issues with both of these sets it might be time to buy if you were previously on the fence.

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Ideas-ByTheme

8 thoughts on “Exo Suit And Research Institute Back Online [Updated]

  1. Jules Reply

    This is very strange, as I’ve had a Research Institute backordered since August 13th which has not shipped yet. Makes you wonder if Lego are just letting people order what they want then will produce based on that?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Have you checked your order today? I have an Exo Suit on backorder and the status has changed to “In Process”.

      • Jules Reply

        No update yet – if I don’t hear anything today I’ll contact Lego tonight.

  2. Flumpf Reply

    White page and that’s it for me. They really need to get a website with grip. :\

  3. Nick Reply

    Lego seem to have completely lost the plot recently. As per my comment on the recent Amazon post, I ordered exo suit and research institute on 1 Aug whilst they were in stock, however DHL/Aus Post have between them managed to lose the parcel which arrived in Australia a week and a half ago and is still sitting at the Alexandria lodgement centre according to online tracking. I have spoken to Lego 4 times in the last week about this including today and they will not mail me out another set, claiming they are out of stock – even though they were in stock today just hours after I spoke to them!
    In addition to this, their website keeps on crashing, their contact centre wait times have gone through the roof (they now have just a single person servicing all Australia calls between 11am and 4pm all week – poor lady!), the increase in the free shipping threshold to $200, the banning of Amazon sending Lego to Australia. They seriously need to sort their act out.

    • Harrison Reply

      I have had the same problem with the Alexandria Bulk Lodgement Centre!!:(

      • Nick Reply

        It’s happened to me 3 times in the last 9 months. At least the last times it happened they express mailed replacements and threw in a freebie. But they don’t seem willing to do that anymore.

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