What’s New For September 2014

Spring is here, and with it there is a new LEGO products available.

We were hoping that we would also see a new online offer, but it seems that Australia misses out on a bonus this month. The current rumour is Double VIP points in October, so it may be better to hold of.

Here is a list of all of the new sets that are scheduled for release this month

Mixels Series 3

41519 Glurt
Series 3 features the Glorp Corp, Spikels and Wiztastics. All 9 characters are due for a September retail release so should start appearing in-store soon.

They are also now available on the Australian online store. http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/LEGO-Mixels-ByTheme


Ultra Agents

LEGO Ultra Agents LOGO
These sets have been available online for a few months now, but they should start appearing in stores over the next few weeks.

Advent Calendars

60063 City Advent Box 75056 Star Wars Advent Box 41040 Friends Advent Box

Christmas is still a while away, but the Advent Calendar sets will appear in stores this month. There are the standard line-up of three; City, Star Wars and Friends.

All three are also available online

The Tumbler

76023 The Tumbler Thumb

Now available online for non-VIP customers. http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/The-Tumbler-76023



1 thought on “What’s New For September 2014

  1. MrBadger Reply

    Are we likely to get the Christmas bonus 1 of 2 in October like in the US lego calendar?

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