Village Roadshow Admits LEGO Movie Mistake

I think it’s fair to say that Australian LEGO fans were annoyed about the delayed release of The LEGO Movie. This delay lead to a lot of people obtaining the movie from illegitimate sources. It has taken a while, but Village Roadshow are finally owning up to their mistake.

At a Piracy Forum yesterday Graham Burke, the Co-CEO of Village Roadshow told the audience that they stuffed up when it came to The LEGO Movie;

We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO. It was made here in Kings Cross and because it was so important, we held it until the holidays which caused it to be pirated widely. No more. All of our movies we’ll now make all our movies day in date with the US.

It’s not exactly an apology, but it seems clear from his statement that we won’t have to deal with the same thing when The LEGO Movie 2 comes out.


3 thoughts on “Village Roadshow Admits LEGO Movie Mistake

  1. The Brickster Reply

    At least Village Roadshow have the dignity to admit to their mistakes. Not many companies have the guts to do that.

  2. Dave Reply

    Why don’t these lowlifes just buy DVDs the legitimate way? Sure, it was inconvenient and annoying that we had to wait longer than Americans for the movie, but that’s no excuse to do something illegal.

  3. The Brickster Reply

    Agree with you 100%. Waiting for little under two months doesn’t justify committing a crime.

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