Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

As pointed out by Al in the comments of our last Slave I article, the Australian price for 75060 has been released.

According to the Australian online LEGO store the local price is $299.99

That is actually better than some people were expecting. After factoring in exchange rates and tax, the converted US price is $249.89. This means that Australian’s are paying a modest 20% markup; which is quite low for a licensed set.

Hopefully this set will show up in retail stores next year.

3 thoughts on “Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

  1. Mark Reply

    Does anyone know why it is has been removed from the Lego Australia website? I hope they are not revising the price to reflect the weaker aussie dollar!

  2. Mark Reply

    Thanks, it’s only just appeared on there again. I’m glad to see the price hasn’t changed!

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