Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

75060 UCS Slave I Price

As pointed out by Al in the comments of our last Slave I article, the Australian price for 75060 has been released.

According to the Australian online LEGO store the local price is $299.99

That is actually better than some people were expecting. After factoring in exchange rates and tax, the converted US price is $249.89. This means that Australian’s are paying a modest 20% markup; which is quite low for a licensed set.

Hopefully this set will show up in retail stores next year.

3 Responses to Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

  1. Mark says:

    Does anyone know why it is has been removed from the Lego Australia website? I hope they are not revising the price to reflect the weaker aussie dollar!

  2. Michael says:

    It’s on the “Australian” Lego site here, Says $299.99.

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks, it’s only just appeared on there again. I’m glad to see the price hasn’t changed!

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