75059 Sandcrawler Confirmed As Big W Exclusive (From October 30)

We had heard rumours that the massive 75059 UCS Sandcrawler set was going to be available at Big W, but we didn’t have any substantial evidence to back up the rumour. Now we have confirmation that the rumour is true…

Sandcrawler Big W

The set will be available at Big W from Thursday 30th October 2014 for the discounted price of just $398 (a discount of $50 or 11%).

This is part of a Christmas Toy Spectacular sale that will be running for two weeks. The catalogue is not currently online, but when it is we will post all the deals.

Thanks to Colin for sending us this awesome bit of news.

2 thoughts on “75059 Sandcrawler Confirmed As Big W Exclusive (From October 30)

  1. Niki Reply

    The catalogue is now available to view on the Big W website, but other than a few City sets (i.e. the RRP $29.99 & $39.99 Great Vehicles, now down to $20.00 & $29.00, respectively) and the RRP $49.99 Disney Princess sets (now down to $40.00), nothing LEGO-wise appears to be discounted beyond their usual Big W shelf prices (which is still generally a little lower than RRP).

  2. Niki Reply

    Sorry for the two consecutive posts, but I just remembered; Everyday Rewards members get early access to the sale (in-store) from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th October, before it officially starts on Thursday 30th.

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